Friday, August 18, 2017

Rahu Transit in Cancer, Beware of Malefic Nature

Career and Profession on priority during this transit. The astrological viewpoint of Rahu transit in cancer is here. Get to know how will it affect on your life, career and familial aspects.


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Rahu is considered to be a malefic planet in vedic jyotish. It is transiting in cancer sign on 18th August 2017 and will remain posited there upto 7th March next year. Let’s know the aftermath of this transit and its effects.

The given predictions are based on your Moon Sign. You can know about your Moon Sign by using our Moon sign Calculator

Aries: There are chances of change in residence and job. Familial life may witness some disturbances. You should pour some attention on your mother’s health... Read More

Taurus: A good news from your life partner is on the charts. You may go on small trips in this duration. Siblings may go for an abroad visit. Keep a tap on your father’s health… Read More

Gemini: Professional life may take you away from home. A lot of challenges are waiting for you. Your partner’s health may need your attention during this transit. Also, pay some extra attention while driving… Read More

Cancer: The period doesn’t seem to be favourable for marital life, but career will blossom. You may get into some disputes with acquaintances. Focus more on your decision making power… Read More

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Leo: You may go abroad or on some long trips. Students may face some big challenges. Your expenses may rise. Also, try not to be involved in frail affairs… Read More

Virgo: Your self confidence may get you success and prestige in the society. You may also witness some big achievements in life during this period. Try to spend as much time with your partner as you can… Read More

Libra: Disputes in official matters on charts. Your professional concerns may rise. Familial life may also witness some disturbances. You may need to stay away from home due to some official tasks… Read More

Scorpio: You’ll be blessed to get a great news during this transit. Long trips on charts. Your love life will blossom and you may spend a lot of quality time with your partner… Read More

Sagittarius: Disputes may kill your house’s peace. There are chances of welath loss but sudden gains may also happen. Drive safely in this particular period… Read More

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Capricorn: Promotions and profits on ncharts, especially for service class people. Your marital life requires more attention from your side. Lovers may get married in this duration… Read More

Aquarius: Judicial affairs may end in your favour during this transit. Students indulged into competition exams may get success. Career opportunities will also reach you… Read More

Pisces: Strong chances of rise in income. Your interest towards psychology may increase. Pregnant ladies should remain cautious in this duration. Mind your steps on professional grounds… Read More

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sun Transit in Leo, Know its effects on you

See your life changing with this event! The Sun is the bright luminary that is the major source of energy of the Navagraha. It is the significator of one's soul and father. The Sun represents power and authority in a person's life, and rules the Sign Leo. It will transit into its own sign Leo on August 17, 2017 at 01:01 A.M., and would remain posited there till 12:55 A.M. on September 17, 2017. This transit will bring about some major changes in the lives of people belonging to all the Zodiac Signs. Read on to know how it affects you!

The given predictions are based on your Moon Sign. You can know about your Moon Sign by using our Moon sign Calculator


With the transit, you might consider changing your job for your betterment. A steep rise in income would keep you on cloud nine. Gains from Government policies and schemes are bound to happen. Read more…


The transit would come as a blessing to your mother and cure her of any illness. The Sun will bring authority and power to you as well as your life partner. However, the two of you have to make sure that you stay away from ego clashes and avoid a raging war of words amongst yourselves. Read more…


The transit of Sun into Leo will serve as an adrenaline pump for you, and will pack you up with energy to overcome challenging situations. Your spouse will be your lucky charm during the period of this transit. Going on short journeys would yield fruitful results for you. Read more…


A harsh tone of communication and your temper would be your basic characteristics during this period. You might embroil yourself in heated arguments as a result of your nature. You need to pay attention to the health of your spouse, as it might deteriorate rapidly during the Sun transit in Leo. Read more…

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Your sign is ruled by the Sun, and with the Sun transit in your own Sign, major changes in your life are bound to happen. Your magnetic personality would fetch you a number of admirers. Any health problems that have been troubling you would not be able to trouble you anymore. You need to keep your words in check, otherwise you would be entangled in arguments. Read more…


The transit would give you an advantage over your enemies, and you would be able to win legal cases as well. You might have itchy feet during this period, and would thus go on journeys and trips. You are, however advised to manage your expenses so as to avoid a financial crunch. Read more…


A highly awaited period starts for you as the Sun transits into Leo. You would have deep pockets during this time, and your connections with people of the higher strata of the society and higher authorities would further add to your gains. A hike or promotion at your work front is on the cards. The health of your children might stress you up during this period. Read more…


The transit would increase your efficiency and determination for your work. You will work hard and would get positive results for the same. Due to your involvement in your work, there might be an imbalance in your life and you would not be able to give time to your personal life. You need to take care of your mother's health, failing which it might degrade. Read more…

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You would bask in glory during the period of the Sun transit in Leo. Money and accomplishments would fall in your lap, making you happy and content. A difference of opinion with your father would remain highlighted during this span of time. Read more…


The period would come as a surprise to you with various ups and downs. You need to stay away from unethical practices, otherwise your image in the society would be tainted. Also, do not indulge in spending money recklessly as it might put a pressure on you in form of a financial crisis. Read more…


Your spouse would be vainglorious during the period of the transit, and you are advised to reach in a mature manner rather than creating fuss about it. A partnership in business might bring good news for you. An escalation in status at your workplace is also indicated. Read more…


An aggressive behaviour of your spouse might trouble you, but as far as your opponents are considered, they have no way but to give up in front of you and your calibre. Success awaits for you at the educational front. You need to take care of your health during this period. Read more...

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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The year is going to be changed in India's horoscope from today. If you want to know how upcoming time is going to be for India, please visit: Independence day and Janmashtmi celebration


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Independence day and Janmashtmi celebration

Celebrating 70 years of independence, India has much more to achieve. Know the astrological aspects of Independence day and know the importance of Lord Krishna Janmashtmi (Vaishnava).

On 15th of August, 2017, India will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its independence. In these 70 years of freedom, India has progressed well in the fields of technology, economics, education, warfare, energy, etc. There is still more to achieve as India is still a developing nation. People still do not know what will be the conditions of the country after this independence day. To answer the questions that the masses have been pondering over, Vedic Astrology comes to our rescue. By applying the principles of astrology, we can discover what future lies ahead for the country, what will be the political conditions, if the problem of mass unemployment would be solved​, what will be the relations of the country with China and Pakistan. Let us have a quick look as to what is going to happen by using the birth chart (Kundali) of India.

India got independence on 15 August 1947, at 12 o'clock in midnight. Thus, the free nation of India was born at this moment. According to the given time, the birth chart of India is as follows:

According to this Kundali, India has Taurus Lagna and the shadowy planet Rahu is also posited in the first house. The second house is occupied by the fiery planet Mars. Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Saturn are present in the third house, while Jupiter is posited in sixth house and Ketu in the seventh house. Pisces is the Lagna in the Navamsa birth chart. Both the charts show happiness and prosperity for the nation. From the time of independence, India has faced the major period (Mahadasha) of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, and the luminary Sun. The country is having the Mahadasha of the Moon and Rahu from February 2017. According to the birth chart, the Moon is posited in the third house in the Zodiac Sign Cancer, and Rahu is posited in the first house under the Zodiac Sign Taurus. The third house represents courage, bravery, neighbours, changes, communication, aspirations, and mental inclinations. The Lagna house indicates the health, personality, and security of one's own self. The lord of the third house is posited in the third house itself, which represents a positive image at the international level and self confidence of the nation.

Is the economic condition of India going to improve?

India will witness a major turnaround in the field of economy from August 2017 to August 2018. The import and export business of the country will grow multifold, and many multinational companies and foreign companies would improve the prevalent conditions of the country. Things will get less expensive during the year, but the public might still not be convinced with the pricing. Employment would increase, but more unemployed youth would rise on the surface. This would be dealt in the parliament by passing new bills. Progress would be seen in the fields of technology, fashion, cosmetic products, etc.

Tension with China and Pakistan will continue

In the Kundali of India, the Lord of the third house is Moon and it is posited in the third house itself. This foretells that India will be able to stand out at the global level. However, tensed situations with neighbouring countries of China and Pakistan will continue. The nation needs to be careful of these countries and should not let its guard down. India will shine at the international level with its policies and ideas, and would gain importance in international forums.

Is the political condition of India going to change?

A dynamic change can be witnessed in the political condition of the country after August 15, 2017. This will take place due to the position of Rahu in India's birth chart. The public might begin to oppose certain political parties. Also, the ruling party might face some rebellion from the common masses. Communal issues would remain the highlights in the country, which might lead into the polarization of the society on the basis of communities.

Accidents and crimes

Due to the position of the Moon in Cancer and Rahu in Taurus, problems related to food and water might arise. Floods, famine, earthquakes, agricultural damage, scarcity of water, water borne diseases, etc. might hit the nation. Also, there are chances that violence against women might also increase, which is something that needs to be controlled at the earliest.

Now enlighten yourself with the importance of Janmashtmi that is being celebrated today

(Note- The Vaishnava sect is celebrating Janmashtmi on 15 August, while the Smartha sect celebrated the festival on 14 August.)

The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami. Lord Krishna is regarded to be the eighth incarnation of of Lord Vishnu. He was born as the 8th child of Devki and Vasudeva on the eighth day of Bhadrapada during the Krishna Paksha. Therefore, this day is celebrated as Janmashtami.

Janmashtami Fast and associated rituals

  1. Janmashtami celebration begins with a fast and Puja on Ashtami (eighth day) and ends on Navami (ninth day) after Parana. 
  2. Lord Krishna is duly worshipped on this day and his birthday is celebrated by the devotees with unfaltering devotion. 
  3. Consumption of cereals is prohibited during the fast of Janmashtmi. However, the observer can have milk and fruits. The fast is concluded at midnight after the birth of Lord Krishna.

Know in detail: Janmashtmi Puja Rituals

Importance of Janmashtmi 

The fast and Puja Vidhi for Janmashtmi hold immense importance according to the scriptures. It is believed that Lord Krishna is that special incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who can end your pain and suffering and bestow upon you his divine blessings. The fast of Janmashtmi is known as “Vratraj” in the scriptures, which mean the king of fasts. The people who observe the fast with unswerving zeal and devotion are blessed by Lord Krishna himself. Observing the fast also helps one in having good offspring and also helps in getting rid of Pitra Dosha. It is a golden opportunity to be utilised to appease Lord Krishna.

At AstroSage, we wish you happy Independence Day and Janmashtmi, and hope that these events will fill your life with peace and happiness!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Janmashtami - Celebrate the birth of Kanha

Know the most auspicious muhurat, stay blessed! Marking the birthday of beloved ‘kanha’, Janmashtami is celebrated by almost everyone round’ the globe. Amidst all the gaga, the mischievous kanhaiya is born and the glee spreads like a wildfire!

Janmashtami is the festival solely dedicated to the birth of the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, who brought peace and calm in this world of war and chaos. The 8th day of the Krishna Paksha of the Hindu Month Bhadrapada is commemorated as Janmashtami.
  • When is Janmashtami?
This year Janmashtami will be celebrated on the 14th of August, 2017.
  • Janmashtami Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Nishita Puja Time
24:04:21 to 24:47:33
0 Hour 43 Minute
Janmashtami Parana Time
After 17:41:42 on 15th August’17

Note: You can drink just water to end your fast for Parana. 

Know about Janmashtami Muhurat in your city: Janmashtami 2017

NOTE: The above mentioned muhurat is only for the Smaartas and not for the Vaishnavas. Vaishnavites will celebrate Janmashtami on the 15th of August.

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Janmashtami Fast & Spirituals

  1. The Janmashtami celebration begins with the fast and Pujan on Ashtami and ends with the Parana on Navami.
  2. People celebrate this day with full of glee and observe a special puja for Lord Krishna.
  3. The fast on this day ends at the midnight, after Lord Krishna is born.

Know the legendand Puja Vidhi of Janmashtami in detail: Janmashtami Legend

Significance Of Janmashtami

According to the scriptures, the pujan and vrat of Janmashtami holds a greater importance. With just a glimpse of the Lord, all your tensions and stress drift away. Because that is his strength and power. Krishna holds to key to absolve all your sins and give you a chance to redeem yourself. THe scriptures accord Janmashtami Fast with the title of the king of fasts, due to its importance and the blessings it bestows upon you. The devotees who pay homage to Lord Krishna on this day with full of their heart get the fruits of this day in abundance. Apart from this, one can also do the pujan to get blessed with a child, to increase progeny, and to get rid of Pitra Dosh on Janmashtami.

AstroSage wishes you a prosperous Janmashtami!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weekly Horoscope to unravel the mysteries of this week!

A golden chance lies ahead for you! Know if the stars are in your favour and if you would be able to reach the heights you have always dreamt of. The Weekly Horoscope will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do, so that you don't lag behind others in the race of life.

Please keep in mind that all the predictions given below are strictly according to your Moon Sign. To know your Moon Sign, you can check our: Moon Sign Calculator

Aries: The week looks good for those born under the Moon Sign Aries. You might consider about purchasing land or a vehicle. Your siblings would do their best to support you financially. You might get entangled into legal issues and that might end up wasting your time. You would be required to give your best shot in order to get the desired results in an every field. Ebb and flow in your love life as well as your professional life must be dealt in a careful manner.

Love life: Love would need a mutual understanding between the two of you. You need to maintain proper communication with each other and if any kind of confusion or misunderstanding arises, you have to sort out the differences in a cordial manner. The beginning and the end of the week would be good for your love life, and you will hardly face any problems if you keep misunderstandings at bay.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Hoist a coloured flag on the temple of Lord Bhairava.

Taurus: The beginning of the week might tense you up, but eventually things will fall in their own place. The weekend might bring about some crests and troughs, but will be overall in your favour. You would be able to strike it rich and gains through foreign connections are also probable. Your siblings will lend their support to you. Your personal life might have some issues that you would need to sort out. You will get fruitful results at your workplace, but monotony might spoil your mood. Your spouse will achieve success at their workfront.

Love life: This week would be a mixed period for your love relationship. The beginning would be normal and as the mid week approaches, you will find things proceeding in a positive direction. The weekend would be favorable for you. It would be good for you to sweep your differences under the carpet and spend quality time with each other.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Keep jaggery in a Chapatti made up of wheat, and feed it to a cow.

Gemini: This week would be a progressive period for those born under the Moon Sign Gemini. You will develop a charismatic personality, which would bewitch the people you meet. However, you are advised to think twice before you speak in order to maintain cordial relations with others. An eye or throat related ailment might hit you, and thus you are required to take the necessary precautions to ensure your health and well being. Someone might unexpectedly bring good news to you. You will gain recognition at your workplace. You will receive profits during the beginning of the week, would spend a lot during the mid week, and would get a good income during the weekend.

Love life: Those who are married will get to spend a memorable time with their spouse, which will strengthen the bond between the two of you. The week also seems favourable for those who are in love relationships. The beginning of the week would be great, and you might consider going out on dates, movies, dinner, etc. The weekend will be tied with colours of love and passion.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Eat juicy fruits and drink fruit juice as much as possible.

Cancer: You would be focused and would concentrate on your career. There are probable chances that you will get success in your endeavours. During the weekend, you might indulge in extravagance. You might act aggressively, and are advised to avoid the same as it might adversely affect your life, especially your marital peace and harmony. You might consider going on a religious trip or on a pilgrimage.

Love life: The week would be have ups and downs when it comes to your love life. Married couples might face some problems during the weekend, while those who are in intimate relationships might find things going out of their hands. You are advised to stay away from controversial matters as it can tarnish your image. The beginning of the week will be average and it will get better as days pass by.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Wear a silver bangle/bracelet in your hand.

Leo: A long trip awaits for you during this week. You will gain recognition at your workplace and garner praise for all your efforts. The opposite gender will coordinate and cooperate with you. Your income will rise and so will your expenditure. Wise decisions would beget fruitful results. The week looks good for students as they will be able to come off with flying colours in any examination that they take. Children will be happy and blessed during this week.

Love life: Couples involved in a romantic relationship will have a good time during this week. You will be able to understand each other in a better way, and as a result your love would grow multifold. You will get time to spend with each other and make memories.

Fortune Star: 3/5 

Remedy: Water a Shwetark plant and worship Lord Sun.

Virgo: Those born under the Moon sign Virgo might find themselves a little worried and stressed up during the beginning of the week. However, they need not to worry as the mid week will yield results in their favour and the weekend would be good for them. Family life will be blessed with peace and harmony. Students might not be able to concentrate well on their studies, and children might fall the victim to diseases. Therefore, utmost precautions are necessary to combat adverse situations. Your income would increase and you will spend a lot of money. Your social image would be good during this week.

Love life: The week would be challenging for you. You need to be very cautious regarding your love matters. A new relationship might blossom, but it will take its own sweet time. Those who are looking forward to marry their loved one will still have to wait to bring the task to fruition. The beginning of the week might be fun, but weekend would be exciting for you.

Fortune Star: 2/5

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.

Libra: The week brings benefits for you. You will bask in glory and praise at your workplace. You need to stay away from controversies and conflicts. Sudden gains will find their way to you. Take care of your father's health, as it might deteriorate. There might be chaos in your family. You need to have a frugal bent of mind and stay away from extravagance to avoid a financial crunch.

Love Life: The week would lit up the fire of passion in you. You will pour your heart out to your lover and they would reciprocate your feelings. You might plan to go for an outing too. While the beginning of the week would be average, the mid week might disappoint you a bit. However, you need not lose hope as the weekend would be amazing for your love life.

Fortune Star: 3/5 

Remedy: Wear a Sphatik Mala in your neck.

Scorpio: You might have to struggle a bit during the initial days of the week. All your efforts would prove to be fruitful and you will begin seeing positive results in the mid-week itself. Your personal life might face some ups and downs, but a sincere and mature approach would help you sail through the difficulties. You need to take care of your father's health. Your mother will indulge herself in religious and charitable deeds.

Love life: All the lovebirds are going to have a wonderful time during this week. Those who want to marry their love might get a chance to walk the aisle and do so. You might get a marriage proposal from your love partner. You will enjoy a lot with your love, but at the same time you should set your limits and do not cross them.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Wear Pearl in your little finger.

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Sagittarius: The week will help the Sagittarians to advance towards their goals. Peace would prevail at your home front and you will be satisfied. Your mother would be healthy and sound during the span of this week, but your father's health must be taken care of. You also need to prioritize your health over other things, failing which it might decline. You might spend recklessly and go on unfruitful journeys. You might receive unexpected profits during this week.

Love life: The period would be an amalgamation of good and bad for your love life. There would be various phases where your love and patience would be put to test. You need to be careful during the beginning of the week. You are advised to behave in an ethical manner and try to understand your partner instead of forcing them to do as you want.

Fortune Star: 3/5 

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun daily.

Capricorn: Monetary gains will fall in your lap during this week. Try to control your anger as it can give rise to misunderstandings and conflicts. You would feel less attached to materialistic comforts and luxuries. You might have a hard time in cooperating with your business partner or your life partner, which would eventually have a bad impact on your overall life. Hence, you are advised to avoid such kind of situations. Only hard work and patience will be the key to your success.

Love life: The week will be an excellent time for love relationships. Those who are married have to give their best to maintain the peace and harmony of their marital life. Lovers would have a great beginning and an average midweek. The weekend would be good for love and you would get plenty of time to spend with your loved one.

Fortune Star: 3/5 

Remedy: Feed wheat and jaggery to a cow.

Aquarius: The week will give an upper hand to the Aquarians, and they will be able to overpower their enemies. Also, legal cases would end up in your favour. You are advised to keep yourself away from arguments and disputes. Your health must be taken care of, otherwise it might get adversely affected. You will not be able to provide sufficient time to your family, and would lack satisfaction at personal front. You might indulge in a war of words with your spouse. Your siblings would have a good time. You need to be alert and cautious in order to avoid any kind of losses. You will develop interest in spiritual things.

Love life: Couples in love would have a wonderful time, while wedded duo might have some petty issues which would need immediate attention. The weekend would set things right. Lovers would spend quality time with each other, and might go out for dining together. They would be occupied by thoughts of love and might think about going for a wedlock.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Feed Chapatti to dogs.

Pisces: This week would be exceptionally good for the ones who are born under Pisces. Your family life will be blessed with happiness and prosperity. You might also acquire​a new house or a new vehicle during this week. Some issues might be encountered in your married life but they will eventually be settled down during the mid week. You will achieve success at your workplace and will garner praise due to the same. Monetary gains and some trips are on the cards. You are advised to take care of your eyes and get yourself proper sleep to ensure your well being.

Love life: The week might give you a tough time when your love affairs are considered. You might entangle yourself in arguments, which might sour the relationship between you two. You are advised to sort out things before they go out of control. The beginning of the week would be average, the mid week would be good, and the weekend might give you some good results too.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Use utensils made up of silver.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Celebrate Womanhood with Kajari Teej

Worship Lord Shiva this way, and stay blessed! Commemorated on the 3rd day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej is the festival of vibrancy and music.
Just like other Teej festivals, this one also has special importance in women’s life. Kajri teej will be celebrated on 10th of August 2017. 

When bifurcated, the word ‘Kajri’ stands for a ‘song of separation’. Befalling in the monsoon season, the festival alights the dullness with passion and vigour. Women sing songs and folk lores, ride boats and swings, and enjoy the different delicacies prepared for this day. Kajari Teej is popularised by different names, like Kajali Teej, Teeja in rural areas, and Buddhi Teej in some other parts. 
The day requires the women to observe a fast in order to celebrate the holy festival of Kajari Teej.

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  • When is Kajari Teej?

This year Kajari Teej will be celebrated on the 10th of August, 2017.

  • Kajari Teej Vrat Muhurat for For New Delhi, India


Tritiya Tithi Begins


August 10, 2017

Tritiya Tithi Ends


August 11, 2017

The above muhurat is for Delhi, India. Know the Kajari Teej Muhurat Muhurat for your city: Kajri Teej Muhurat

How to celebrate Kajari Teej

Since it’s a women centric festival, it’s full of colors and vibrancy. Swings are hung from trees and women are allowed to have fun. 

A Teej Vrat is observed on this day by women. The married ladies keep a fast for the longevity of their partners, and the maidens observe the Teej Vrat to get the husband of their dreams.

In rural areas, the boatmen sing the songs of ‘Kajali’ and enthrall the entire village with their mesmerising voice. 

Women on the other hand enjoy and have fun on the swings, dance to the beats of the music, and sing the olden songs. 

To mark this vibrant carnival complete, different food delicacies are prepared. The most famous one being the ‘ghevar’, which is a Rajasthani delicacy prepared with milk. Gujiya, besan laddoo, coconut laddoo, strawberry muffins all find place on this vast buffet of Kajali Teej.

Worship Lord Shiva with genuine Parad Shivling: Buy Parad Shivlinga

Types of Teej celebrated in India

There are four different types of Teej that have been celebrated in this country of diverse nature; Each falling on the Tritiya of different Hindu months; Akha Teej, Hariyali Teej, Kajari Teej, and Hartalika Teej.

Kajari Teej : Significance 

The festival of Teej also finds its roots in the devotion of a woman towards her husband. Gods and goddesses were the first ones to create the festival to celebrate this nuptial bond. 

Goddess Parvati has been linked to this Teej Vrat since forever. The legend has it that she longed to marry Lord Shiva; however, Shiva wanted to test the feelings of the goddess. To get the husband of her dreams, Goddess Parvati observed a fast for 108 years, before Lord Shiva understood her devotion towards him. The tying of the sacred knot took place during the Krishna Paksha of the hindu month, Bhadrapada. This day later came to be known as Kajari Teej, which is deemed auspicious to worship the Goddess and get her choicest blessings!

Know about the festival of fertility in detail: Kajari Teej

AstroSage wishes you a splendid Kajari Teej!