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Mars Transiting to Gemini on 5 July 2013 - Effects on You!

Mars is transiting to Gemini on 4th July.
Mars will transit on 5th of July 2013 at 01:11 am to Gemini. Astrologers say that owing to the transit of Mars to Gemini, there will be a huge impact on the environmental conditions. Therefore, we will experience heavy rainfall this month. The transit will be excellent for people engaged in the agricultural industry as well. Those who cultivate crops like red chilli, mustard, linseed and sugarcane will greatly benefit. This is a blooming time goldsmiths and merchants who deal with copper. Since cash crop like cotton will grow in abundance, people engaged in cotton industry will also gain from Mars’ transit.

Now let us see the impact that transit of Mars will have on the horoscopes:


You will be very courageous during this period. You will go on a journey and it will be fruitful for you. Get ready to embrace some good tidings. Your family members, especially your brother will be in good health and happy. You may attain some material goods. This period will strengthen you to the extent that even your opponents will not be able to face you or stand up against you. Your hard work will give you success.


Transit of Mars, will prove to be very disadvantageous for you. This is not a good period for financial gain. You will be the victim of immense strain because of some family members. You may get involved in some argument that result from trivial talks. So please restrain control over your tongue to avoid any problem. You may have to depend upon people you generally disregard. Theft or loss in business will lead to financial crisis. Take care of your health.


Through this transit, you will achieve a mixed bag of results. Do not get over excited or enthusiastic about any anticipated event because it is most like that you will not approve of the outcome. Be very careful during this period as you may be targeted by a minor ailment or accident. I would advise you not to take any risks or get involved in betting as these are not your days. Family problems will keep you distressed and at unrest.


Owing to the transit of Mars to Gemini you may have to face a number of obstacles and predicaments. Your ego and obstinate attitude will also be responsible for your sorrow. Instead of handling situations wisely you make present your pride that will further complicate situations for you.


A friend who is there by your side, when you desperately require them, is a true friend and you have got plenty of them. You will gain from your valuable friends and supporters. Your desires will finally come true. You may have to go on a travel. Don’t hesitate as it will prove lucrative. Your financial condition will be soaring high. You will spend quite a bit on luxurious items and on entertainment. You will be blessed with a happy family atmosphere.


You will get benefit from trading. The benefit also seems to be coming from public or government sector. You will be in good terms holding higher positions, which will benefit you. Business will also expand soon. You will have enough confidence to handle the adverse situations. Enemies will not be able to hurt you.


You will get support from the elder people around. Long distance journeys will prove to be successful. Income will rise and new resources will arrive. Expenditures will also increase, but they won’t go beyond your income. Chances of income through betting are also expected. Try to utilize the best of this wonderful time.


This time is not at all good. So, beware! There are good chances of financial losses. Don’t take any risk in this time and avoid betting. Troubles may arise due to health. Relations in family seem to be on stake. You may get some bad news.


You may have to face troubles in daily routine works. Rivals will put try to ruin your reputation. A dispute with supporters as well as partners is also expected. Family life will also suffer. Take care of your health. Journeys will give you disappointments. You may stay stressed due to the health of your partner. During this time, your life will go through a hard time.


You will stay quite happy during this time period. Situations at work will improve. Immense profit is expected. Family environment will also be happy. You will desire to eliminate all the barriers and difficulties of your life. You need to stay alert while driving.


You need to stay alert because you may not be able to take right decisions. Troubles may sprout up because of the health as well as family members. Avoid betting. You may also have to do some expenditure that will come with the reasons beyond your understanding. You will get disappointed from friends and relatives. Journeys will exhaust you.


During this period of time, you will suffer from mental strains. You will stay deprived of happiness, immovable property, bliss of vehicle and relations with friends as well as women. This time is not good financially. Hence, the expenditure will also be high. You may also have to spend for some hidden activities. A sudden loss is also expected.

Saturn Changes From Retrograde To Direct

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

The Power of Saturn
Saturn Becomes Direct

As per astrology the position of Saturn in a Kundali is very important. When Saturn goes from retrograde to direct and vice-a-versa then its impact is huge. On 8th July 2013 Saturn in Libra is going to become direct. Retrograde means to move in opposite direction and direct means to move in the right direction. It changes its sign in every two and a half year.

The fact that Saturn is going to become direct from retro will make it rain at many places. The south western places of the country will receive heavy rainfall. At the same time it is predicted that some areas might face a few natural calamities. North eastern states will also see a plenty of rainfall in days to come. There will be inflation in the North eastern states. The prices of seeds will see a high rise. There are chances that crops might get infected by insects. Also, it is likely that the government will change. A few ministers will lose their positions while others will take their place. People will be more tilted towards spirituality and religion. They will also indulge in different religious activities.

Saturn becomes direct: The Effect on different Signs

Aries: Saturn’s change from retro to direct will be very fruitful for Aries. All your problems will end and those who are unemployed will get a good job. It is advised that you should chant Hanuman Chalisa as this will increase the good effects.

Taurus: You will face problems relating to health. A family dispute might spoil your mood. It is also likely that you will see financial troubles in the near future. You also might change the place where you live.  It is advised that you should water Peepal tree and take 7 Holy rounds (parikrama) around it.

Gemini: There will good news for the people of Gemini sign. You will get benefitted from an unexpected source. You get a lot of appreciation for your work and your colleagues will support you. To increase your benefit it is advised to donate a black blanket to a poor man.

Cancer: You will get a transfer at a place of your choice. However, the of pace of such things might be really slow. It is advised that you should donate Urad Dal (black pulses) to a poor man or to a temple.

Leo: For people of this sign it is likely that you will get great fame and success in business. Also, there is a high chance that you hit a good deal in your business. As a remedy, it is advised that you should see your face in the bowl. Also donate oil to the poor and needy.

Virgo: People belonging to Virgo sign will experience that happiness will be scarce. So it is advised to avoid any investments in the near future. Also be careful while driving any vehicle. Put sindoor (vermillion) mark on your forehead taken from the feet of Lord Hanuman’s idol on every Saturday and Tuesday.

Libra: You will face opposition from your own people. It will not be appropriate if you do some thing which beyond your authority. The remedy is that on every Saturday you should go to a Shani Dev temple and offer blue flowers.

Scorpio: You will experience a lot of obstacles in daily tasks. You will also face a lot of opposition from family and friends. As a remedy, offer water to Shiva linga and respect old people.

Sagittarius: You are advised to be very careful while undertaking any task, otherwise you will face losses. Be cordial to your friends and elders as it will bring you fruitful results. Do not invest your money right now and also avoid lending it to someone. As a remedy, offer blue flowers to Shani Dev on every Saturday.

Capricorn: You will experience a great deal of stress in terms your business. Beware of strangers as they might cause you harm. As a remedy, offer sindoor (vermillion) and jasmine oil to Lord Hanuman.

Aquarius: The time is favorable for the people of this sign. You will feel elated due to completion of a task. Transfer and promotion is also on cards. It is advised to feed grass to a black cow on Saturday.

Pisces: The change of Saturn is not very favorable for the people of this sign. Your thinking will be negative but the good news is that you see your children succeed. It is advised that you should offer black Urad dal (black pulse) to Shani Dev on Saturdays.

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Marriage & Astrology

Marriage & Astrology
A Hindu marriage is the formation of a sacred bond with 7 promises for the 7 lives of the duo. According to Hindu mythology, a person becomes complete after marriage. The wife is hence called the ‘Ardhangini’. Ardhangini is a Sanskrit word, which is formed by the conjunction of 2 words – Ardha + Angini. ‘Ardha’ means half and ‘Angini’ means body. When two people are tied together in the bond of marriage, they are considered to be complete with each other. Without a wife, a man cannot perform any Hindu religious ritual. In other words, a man is incomplete without a woman.

The process of marriage includes many steps; one of them is ‘Panigrahan’. It is a Sanskrit term, which means – to take the water. During this ritual, the bride and groom hold their hands together and the groom renounces – “I will hold this hand of yours always for happiness. May we live longer to cherish this bond! You are the Queen of my house from now. I am Rig Veda; you are the Sam Veda. You are Earth, I am the Sky. Let’s conjoin ourselves in the bond of marriage.” The next ritual is Saptapadi. It is a Sanskrit term, which means 7 steps. In this ritual, the couple takes 7 steps together. Let’s now understand the significance of each step.

Importance of 7 Steps in Hindu Marriage

  • First Step: for food and sustenance
  • Second Step: for strength in home
  • Third Step: for keeping ideals and vows
  • Fourth Step: for a comfy life
  • Fifth Step: for welfare of cattle
  • Sixth Step: for keeping the bond strong in any condition
  • Seventh Step: for fulfilling the religious duties
So, these seven steps signify that the duo is now husband and wife.

In Sanskrit, marriage is termed as ‘Vivaha’, which means righteousness (Dharma). The right conduct of the house holder is Dharma, the material wealth is Artha, enjoying the love life is Kama and attainment of salvation is Moksha. Dharma is considered as of the highest priority amongst these 4 (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).

The Hindu marriage is the compilation of spiritual as well as social duties. Before marriage, the compatibility of the duo is tested by the science of Astrology. An astrologer is the person who studies this science and helps in Match-Making. If the birth charts of both the individuals seem compatible to the astrologer, then only the process is moved further to marriage.

Planets Affecting Married Life


Planet Venus is the significator of marriage, life partner and sex life. Also, it rules over the reproductive organs and processes of the males.


Mars is like the controller of all senses. It influences the senses through the medium of blood. In a female’s horoscope, Mars is the significator of marriage and sex life. It rules over the ovaries and reproductive organs of the females. Planet Mars and Moon rule over the menstrual cycle of a woman. Basically, planet Mars regulates the initiation of the menstrual cycle and Moon decides the duration. By the observations, it has been found that menstruation begins when the aspect of Mars is very powerful over the birth ascendant or Moon ascendant, in transit. If the Mars aspects radical Moon, it results in heavy flow. The first menstruation of a female is the result of Mars’s aspect over birth ascendant. 

Houses Affecting Married Life

Seventh House

7th house is the significator of spouse, reproductive organs and marital happiness. The 7th house from Moon and Sun also rules over the life partner and marriage. In case of males, 7th house from Venus looks after the marriage and spouse. On the other hand, in case of females, 7th house from Mars looks after the same. The lowest degree planet in the Kundli also signifies spouse. It is Pati-Karaka in case of females and Patni-Karaka in case of males.

Eighth House

8th house controls all the secretive things, like the feeling of longevity for the partner or urinary diseases. The house rules over the reproductive as well as urinary organs.

Twelfth House

Twelfth house represents the married love life of the females. Being 6th from the 7th house, the twelfth also represents the enemies of married life. If the 12th house gets afflicted, either by a malefic aspect or association, it gives troubles like extramarital affair. 

Zodiac Signs Affecting Married Life


The Libra indicates balance. So, this is the sign of balance. The sign shows balance in everything; however if the native doesn’t have deep interest in anything. In other words, the native will be shallow. Venus, the cool and watery planet rules over Libra sign.


In the Zodiac, Scorpio is the eighth sign. This sign is related to the sensual desires. Planets present in Scorpio sign decides the attitude of the native toward sensual desires. It happens only if the effect is pure (not impacted by any other aspect or association). Presence of Mars in the sign may result in the rise of sexual arousal for an instant; or Venus is the significator of sensuality.

So, this was all about the intricate factors of males and females that are important for a married life. With this description, you may now check the person’s compatibility with you via birth chart. Apart from Guna Milan, sensuality is another most important aspect of a married life. Hence, this article is concentrated on the least bothered factor while choosing a life partner.

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Retrogression & Combustion of Mercury : Effects on You

By Acharya Raman 
Mercury will be getting retrograde from 27th June to 22nd July 2013. From 2nd July 2013, it will stay combusted till 17th July 2013. Mercury rules over 3rd and 6th house in Kaal Purush chart and also rules over commerce, communications, negotiations and IT.

Since the period is not long enough to cause much trouble, there is no need to be worried but yes one need to be cautious in speculations and negotiations. 3rd house rules over sports activities and the IPL series was started when Mercury was debilitated. That time also I had said that there will be some unexpected results in this game and we have the reason in front of us in the form of players who took the bait and tainted the game.

For those who have Mercury Pratyantar in this period, be it of any sign, need to be cautious in speaking and listening both. Some people may find their skin itching more than usual and some may hear whistles in their ears. Your attention will be disturbed and your cell-phones, computers and internet connection will be malfunctioning. The internet line which comes to India from beneath the sea also could be hampered but the chances are low. The period of 2nd July to 17th July is most crucial when mercury will be retrograde and combust.

Incomplete deals might end up negatively and will upset your mind. Boardroom meetings will reach no-where, so will government decisions. Astrologers will see their predictions fail drastically. You should be careful with your cell phone as it can be lost or broken beyond repair. Sensex will behave senselessly and political leaders will be uttering sheer nonsense to abuse others and later will be saying I didn’t meant it etc., as usual. Matters of court will be prolonged and out of court settlement will be delayed. The results of games etc. will be getting reversed of expected.

The signs Gemini and Virgo should be most careful along with Aquarius and Taurus. But in general, all should be careful. That is all what is required. No need to think too much or worry. Mercury inherently is a good planet but changes according to the company it gets. No chanting, worship, Hawan or gemstone etc. is required to overcome this small time frame.

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Uttarakhand: Astrologically Prone To Natural Disasters

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
 Destruction all Around
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Nature’s fury has hit the beautiful mountains of Uttarakhand and has left each one of us terrified. It seems like faith of people is under attack. People who have come out alive from the dreadful experience do wish to go back to the mountains ever. However, they do feel thankful to God for giving them another chance to live. All the astrologers including myself are curious to know the Astrological reasoning for these events. Though I do not believe in predicting after the event yet I cannot ignore the curiosity of Astrologers.

Uttarakhand, previously known as Uttaranchal was formed on 9th November 2000. From 2000 to 2006 it was called Uttaranchal and after that it was changed to Uttarakhand. It was done to respect the religious sentiments of the locals. Also, the state was referred to as Uttarakhand in religious texts and scriptures. The literal meaning of Uttarakhand is the Northern part of a region. The Holy rivers like Ganga and Yamuna originate in the hill state. The banks of Gangotri and Yamunotri have many sacred places which serve as famous pilgrimages.

Moon Chart of Uttarakhand

The day on which the state was formed, the Moon was in Pisces; therefore the sign of the state will be considered as Pisces. The day had Revati Constellation, which indicates a Mool Sangyak constellation. It is the constellation of Mercury which is posited in the 8th House of Kundli. The 8th house indicates both the positive and negative aspects of water. In this way, the watery planet Moon is related to the 8th House. Also, the Lord of the sign is Jupiter, which is in constellation of Moon. At the same time, Pisces is considered to be the sign of water. So, the relation between the Uttarakhand and water is obvious.

There are other facts also which show the relation between the Moon and water. As you can see in the chart that the Lord of the 4th house is Mercury is also posited in the 8th house. It is in the constellation of Mars and sub-constellation of Moon. Posited in the 4th house, Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is in the constellation of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the constellation of Moon. The 6th, 8th and 12th houses in a Kundali creates challenging situations. The Lord of the 6th house, Sun is in the constellation of the Jupiter and Jupiter is in the constellation of Moon. Also, Sun is in the sign of Venus, which is a watery planet. Venus is in the constellation of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the constellation of Moon.

At the times of these devastation it is very common to the see Ascendant and Ascendant Lord afflicted by aturn and Mars. At the same time, Sun is also afflicted in some or the other way. As we can see in the Kundli that the ascendant Lord, Jupiter is with the Saturn and ascendant is being aspected by Mars. Sun is in 8th house and is debilitated. All these conditions are indicating that the place might suffer from recurrent natural calamities. And, like we all are well aware that before this Uttarkashi saw such devastation in the year 2012.

When will the hill state see such devastation? When Ascendant, Lord of Ascendant and Sun will be related to either Saturn or Mars. And, if Rahu also comes into the picture then the magnitude of the calamity will increase manifold.

Let us now see the day on which the calamity struck the state for the first time.

The Transit on the Day of Calamity

As you can see that, on that day, 4 planets were posited in the 4th house. Ascendant was not being aspected by any exalted planet. Ascendant Lord was combusted. Lord of the 9th house (representing religion and fate) Mars is combusted. Ascendant Lord was affected by Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node); and therefore it will also be affected by Saturn which is sitting with Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node). Hence, not only the ascendant Lord, Jupiter, but also the Lord of 4th house Mercury along with Sun and Venus are also afflicted by Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node). Sun is in the constellation of Mars. Jupiter is also in the constellation of Mars. In this way, we see that ascendant, Lord of ascendant and Sun have an effect of Mars, Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node). And, this is the time when Mars is in the constellation of significator of water, Moon. Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter also indicate that there is some calamity which is round the corner in a religious event. On that day, Moon was aspected by Mars, the sign of Sun. All these conditions are indicating that there is an impending calamity.

Though it is ironic that we are discussing all these astrological aspects after the calamity yet it is necessary. We should discuss every aspect of this natural disaster to ensure that such events do not happen in the future. We pray for all the people who have been hit by nature’s fury.

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Ind vs Eng on June 23, 2013 : Champions Trophy Final Match Prediction

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra 
India Vs England final match
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

India Vs England

The Final ODI match of ICC Champions Trophy will be played on 23rd June, 2013 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Finally the match that all were waiting for is about to be played. The competing teams who have battled their way to the end of the competition are India and England. India has been the unerring team of the tournament and England on the other hand has been performing exceptionally well. This is the moment when both the teams will play for the coveted trophy and to have their nation exalted and jotted down in history. This year’s ICC Champions Trophy is the final one. So which team will be able to engrave their name forever in the tournament? Both the teams have been working hard and stand confident. The anticipation of the result is unbearable; so let us see which team's star will favor who and to what extent through Numerology. We will use Pythagorean method of Numerology to make the predictions.

Moolank 5 & India Vs England

India & Moolank 5

This match will be played on 23rd June, 2013. Moolank of this date is 5. As per Numerology, India's Namank is 1. 5 and 1 share a cordial relationship. This is a positive indication for the team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is leading the team as Captain and his Namank is 9. 5 and 9 share a neutral relationship and this is neither a negative nor a positive sign for the team.

England & Moolank 5

This match will be played on the 23rd of June, 2013 and the Moolank of this date is 5. As per Numerology, England has Namank 3. 5 and 3 share a neutral relationship. This is neither a positive nor a negative indication for the team. The team's Captain is Alastair Cook and his Namank is 8. 5 and 8 also share a neutral relationship. This is again neither an auspicious sign nor a negative one for the team.

If we analyze on the basis of Moolank then team India appears to be the winner. But this cannot be considered as the final result. We will now analyze the Sampoornank of the date, to draw a final conclusion.

Sampoornank 8 & India Vs England

India & Sampoornank 8

This match will be played on 23rd June, 2013. Moolank of 23+06+2013, which we will call Sampoornank here is 8. According to Numerology, India's Namank is 1. 8 and 1 share a hostile relationship, hence this is an inauspicious indication for the team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is the Captain of the team, has Namank 9. 8 and 9 also share hostile relationship.

England & Sampoornank 8

According to the Numerology, Namank of England is 3. Since this match will be played on 23rd June, 2013, Sampoornank of this date is 8. 8 and 3 share a neutral relationship. This is neither a positive sign nor a negative sign. Alastair Cook is the team's Captain and his Namank is 8. 8 and 8 share a cordial relationship and this is a positive sign for the team.

Thus, we can see that on the basis of Sampoornank, team England appears to be favored. There will be a tough competition between the teams as on the basis of Moolank India has an upper hand and on the basis of Sampoornank, England will be the winner. Yet I have to give one answer. After going into the depth of the calculations, I conclude that team England will emerge victorious and finally acquire the coveted trophy. Rest is all in God's hand. But bear in mind, these are mere possibilities. Any action or risk taken on the basis of these possibilities is not advisable. The consequences of it will be borne by the risk taker.

Friday, June 21, 2013

India Vs England (23 June 2013) – ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Final Match

By Acharya Raman 
Final match of ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is between India Vs England.
Much awaited tournament ICC Champions Trophy has begun. All are interested in knowing the winners of each game and for Astrologers also it is a good time to test their skills. I am using horary branch of Astrology and a system which is mix of traditional Astrology, KP and Numerology. The system used is quite similar to the one taught by Lt. Shree Suresh Sahasne.

The Horary question that I asked is who will win the match between India and England today. Here is the analysis:

Match 23/6/2013  

Time: 23:45:26
Place: Indore
Date: 23/6/2013
KP Ayanamsa: 23-56-44.94

I have used KP System Numerology which takes only the numbers of the signs into the account of the ruling planets and omit the signs whose Lord is retrograde.

Thus the numbers are:


The resultant remaining after calculation is 0 and so India should win. It is very tough choice as both teams are equally competent with batting and bowling. Stars are also equally confusing, so are the numbers. This is the last ICC Champions Trophy and the team with the cup in their arms will go in history forever.