Thursday, June 27, 2013

Retrogression & Combustion of Mercury : Effects on You

By Acharya Raman 
Mercury will be getting retrograde from 27th June to 22nd July 2013. From 2nd July 2013, it will stay combusted till 17th July 2013. Mercury rules over 3rd and 6th house in Kaal Purush chart and also rules over commerce, communications, negotiations and IT.

Since the period is not long enough to cause much trouble, there is no need to be worried but yes one need to be cautious in speculations and negotiations. 3rd house rules over sports activities and the IPL series was started when Mercury was debilitated. That time also I had said that there will be some unexpected results in this game and we have the reason in front of us in the form of players who took the bait and tainted the game.

For those who have Mercury Pratyantar in this period, be it of any sign, need to be cautious in speaking and listening both. Some people may find their skin itching more than usual and some may hear whistles in their ears. Your attention will be disturbed and your cell-phones, computers and internet connection will be malfunctioning. The internet line which comes to India from beneath the sea also could be hampered but the chances are low. The period of 2nd July to 17th July is most crucial when mercury will be retrograde and combust.

Incomplete deals might end up negatively and will upset your mind. Boardroom meetings will reach no-where, so will government decisions. Astrologers will see their predictions fail drastically. You should be careful with your cell phone as it can be lost or broken beyond repair. Sensex will behave senselessly and political leaders will be uttering sheer nonsense to abuse others and later will be saying I didn’t meant it etc., as usual. Matters of court will be prolonged and out of court settlement will be delayed. The results of games etc. will be getting reversed of expected.

The signs Gemini and Virgo should be most careful along with Aquarius and Taurus. But in general, all should be careful. That is all what is required. No need to think too much or worry. Mercury inherently is a good planet but changes according to the company it gets. No chanting, worship, Hawan or gemstone etc. is required to overcome this small time frame.

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