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Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/12/12: Auspicious or a Hint for Destruction?

By Punit Pandey
Is 12-12-12 signifies doomsday?
The date 12/12/12 has gained a lot of hype recently. Some people say that this is a special date which never occurred earlier. Others say that this is the start of doomsdays, which will be on its peak on 21st December 2012. Astrologers, Numerologists and Psychic readers - all are making all sorts of predictions related to this date. Some are also considering it auspicious and booking wards in hospital for baby-birth. They want to give birth to their babies on this auspicious day. Is it is really so? What is hidden in 12/12/12? Is it beginning of the end of the world or something good?

First of all we need to understand that all dates are special. No date ever repeats and that is the reason these are called date i.e. unique numbers. If any date will come every week, it cannot have any significance in measurement, which is the purpose of the date. In other words, all dates are unique. Just because a combination looks fancy and different, it doesn't mean that it is going to have huge impact on the world.