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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Venus Transit In Capricorn: Effects On You

In the afternoon of 5th December, 2013; Venus will transit into Capricorn. Capricorn and Venus share a friendly bond with each other. It is quite natural that with this transit happening, all the signs will get affected in one way or the other. Let’s read the effects this transit is bringing on all the 12 signs. 

Zodiac sign Capricorn

Venus will be moving to Capricorn on 5th December, 2013; in the afternoon. Venus is connected directly with the material happiness of an individual. All the comforts of physical body are also given by it. Benefic effects of Venus promote lavishness in a person. On 22nd December, it will turn retrograde after travelling around 4 degrees in Capricorn. On 1st February, it will get direct after moving back up to 19 degrees in Sagittarius. And, on 31st march, it will move to Aquarius after a long travel. When a planet stays in a sign longer than usual, it exerts its dominance over the attributes of the sign occupied by it. Capricorn is a friendly sign of Venus and Sagittarius is neutral. Since Venus owns benefic houses in Capricorn and Aquarius both, so the natives of this sign will be feeling the goodness in general. Venus will be travelling in constellations of Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mars, in direct and retrograde motion. There will be an interchange of signs by Saturn and Venus, for this long period.

Some unfortunate events and issues related to women liberty and freedom will make news. There may be increase in use of prohibited drugs and there could be seizure of big quantities of drugs. Administrative and political figures might be exposed on charges for doing wrong things. It could happen with religious and academic people also. Defamation to people sitting on high positions is also possible.

Probable Events

Aries: You will have gains through your efforts. Personal life may not go good; however, it will improve after 30th March, 2014. You may plan to renovate your residence or office. Health may give you troubles. You may suffer from irregular bowel and piles.

Taurus: You will be having dubious mind and inability in making quick decisions. You will socialize more.Your spouse may not be happy from you; however, things will improve later. 

Gemini: You will be travelling to nearby places. You will also be looking to change your residence. Owners of immovable properties may sell their assets at good price. You will be successful in competitions and job front will be good.

Cancer: This transit will be good for you and will give you gains. There will be new purchases. Due to the benefic effects of Venus, you will gain wealth and will make friends. Personal life will also be good. Work front will be favorable.

Leo: Initially, there may be unexpected expenses and losses. However, things will go smoothly with the arrival of New Year. There are indications of long trip. Your younger siblings may go through some hardships in the coming time. Your will socialize more and will get popularity.

Virgo: There may be disease and sickness in family. You may get troubles in teeth, jaws, digestive organs and nerves. Be cautious in eating habits. There will be happiness in family. Expenditures on medicines are also possible. However, money gain is also possible. 

Libra: You may take wrong decisions. There will be gains, but not up to the expectation. You will also do some religious deeds. Work front will be good.

Scorpio: You should take care of your eyes and eating habits. Opponents may trouble you. Conspiracy against you are possible, but you will sail through. Long travel is there for you. You may have an illicit relationship during this time.

Sagittarius: During this time, you may face opposition. Delays in your work are possible. You will try to get rid of your opponents. You may act dominant in your circle. Also, there may be few pleasantries in the family.

Capricorn: Romance is going in your mind, you will look for company of opposite sex. You will make new friends and family life will be good. You may spend lavishly and you may also try to show off for some time.

Aquarius: You will be having hidden relationships. There may be hurdles in your work. Defamation is also possible, so be careful. You will enjoy a good love life. You may start some new venture in the coming time.

Pisces: You may face health problems. Opposition, and setbacks in legal proceedings are also possible. You will make new purchases and will go on a trip. Luck may not favor you much, but it will improve after January. You may change your job in the coming time.

By Acharya Raman