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Monday, August 19, 2013

Observe Shravan Somvar Vrat Today

Shravan Somvar Vrat for Lord Shiva
“Do you know who 'God' is? God is not Vishnu or Shiva or Brahma; not the wind, the sun nor the moon; nor the brahmana or the king; not I or you; not Lakshmi or the mind. God is without form and undivided (not in the objects); that splendor which is not made and which has neither beginning nor end is known as god, or Lord Shiva, which is pure consciousness. That alone is fit to be worshipped; that alone is all.” - Sage Vasishtha

Sawan, the month of Lord Shiva is here. Sharavan Somvar fast is the medium which will help us soak in the power, which Shiva stands for. Somvar summarizes the spirit of the entire month of Sawan. And the spirit lies in power which it holds. Somvars in Savan are considered highly auspicious as Lord Shiva grants all the wishes on these days. Though all days are good to worship Lord Shiva yet Somvar, especially Sawan Somvar carry a special Significance. This is the perfect time to begin Solah Somvar Vrat as well.

The month of love; the month of worship, it is believed that those who fast on the Sawan Somvar gets what he/she wishes for. Also, if you are in love and want to see that person as your life partner, then this is your chance to please Lord Shiva. Fast on Sawan Somvar and marry your beloved.

Seek to emulate the irrevocable and selfless love that Shiva and Shakti bond represents.

Bring in love, luck and prosperity into your life by pleasing Lord Shiva on Sawan Somvar. Close your eyes and see that Lord Shiva has been waiting for that one plea from you. It is just that so far you did ask properly.

“Prayers are answered; have a little faith”

Have faith that Shiva is listening to you and you will see that He wanted an excuse to fulfill all your dreams and desires just for you. Where there is Shiva there no place for skepticism and doubts. When you give, give yourself to Him; nothing less and nothing more.

Today you may observe Shravan Somvar Vrat. If you want to know about this fast in detail, you may click here - Shravan Somvar Vrat