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Friday, July 26, 2013

Salman Khan’s Chances For Jail Term: Astrology Prediction

Salman Khan hit-and-run case has again came into action.
By Mrityunjai Ojha

Salman Khan hit-and-run case has again came into action. After eleven years, finally, charges against Salman Khan have been framed. Earlier, Salman Khan was trying to prove it a lesser offence calling it death by negligence because this would give him the punishment of maximum 2 years of imprisonment. However, now the court is acting strict calling it a culpable homicide under Section 304-II of IPC, which provides the imprisonment of upto 10 years. Apart from this, he has been charged under various sections mentioned below:

297 – Rash Driving
337 – Causing Minor Injuries
338 – Causing Major Injuries
427 – Negligence

Additionally, charges under Motor Vehicles Act, Bombay Prohibition Act, Damage or Loss to Property Act and the Prevention of Violence have also been slapped on him.

On September 28, 2002, Salman Khan killed one and injured four by running his vehicle over those pavement-dwellers. Astrology predicts the future of Salman Khan with the answer if he will go to jail and when...
  • Name: Salman Khan
  • Date of Birth: Monday, December 27, 1965
  • Time of Birth: 14:30:00
  • Place of Birth: Indore
  • Longitude: 75 E 54
  • Latitude: 22 N 42
  • Time Zone: 5.5

Salman has Aries ascendant and Aquarius Moon sign. In his chart, we can see the good and bad effects of Ruchak Yoga, Mars in Kendra from Lagna (ascendant) and exalted. This Yoga made him courageous, bold and famous but gave litigations and disputes too. For going jail and litigation, we have analysed 3rd house/ Lord (moving away from home), 6th house/ Lord (litigation, disputes and court cases), 8th house/ Lord (sudden loss, accidents, being under-ground, hidden activities, etc.) and 12th house/ Lord (jail, hospital, etc.). We will analyse D-1 (Lagna chart), D-9 (Navamsa) and D-30 (Trimshansa for Misfortune).

As per ascendant chart, Lord of 3rd house and 6th house is Mercury and Mercury is placed in 8th house with Ketu. In Navamsa, Mercury is placed in Capricorn (friendly sign). In Lagna (ascendant), 8th Lord Mars is in 10th house with Venus, that is a bit good. On the other hand, 12th house Lord is Jupiter and placed in 3rd house in Gemini, that is really bad but Jupiter is aspecting (7th Drushti) his own 9th house (Luck) and 5th Lord Sun. In Navamsa, Jupiter is placed in enemy sign, Libra of Venus with Ketu and Moon, and not in good condition. So, Lagna (ascendant) and Navamsa chart condition says about litigation and Imprisonment.

In Trimsamsa, we found Mercury (Lagna and 4th house Lord ) again in 8th house in Capricorn and 8th Lord Saturn placed in 1st house. It is a very strong indication for accidents and imprisonment, 6th Lord Mars is in 4th house of Mercury and Mars is under the axis of Rahu/ Ketu. Again, this chart is also indication for Imprisonment.

Dasha and Transit Analysis: He is going under Saturn-Sun Dasha (period), which will end in August 2013 and Saturn-Moon Dasha will start. As per our analysis, Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu should be in Dasha for a long imprisonment. But as per Lagna chart, these Dasha Lords Saturn, Sun and Moon are aspected by 12th Lord Jupiter. As per transit, Jupiter is in natal position in 3rd house with Mercury; and Ketu is in Lagna. This is the strong indication for going jail. But as we have seen Dasha Lords are not fully allowing for long imprisonment. Salman will be out within 6 months to 1 year as Jupiter will enter in his 4th house or before that.