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Saturday, September 14, 2013

RahuKaalam - Your Time In Rahu’s Hands

Rahukalam, this word will have most importance when you are considering doing an important venture or an auspicious event. Why is this time of the day called Rahu Kalam feared so much?. Well, we give you answers to your question and much more. So, read on..

Before knowing what Rahukalam is, lets first know about Rahu. Who is Rahu? How does he influence Rahukalam? and the legend associated with the formation of Rahukalam. All this will be brought to your knowledge with this article.

Who Is Rahu ?

Who is Rahu
According to Vedic Astrology Rahu is the 8th planet, it is a shadow planet and is malefic in nature. Vedic scriptures say that Rahu was the son of Simhika and Viprachitti. Rahu was the eldest of 100 brothers, they are Nabha, Salya and Ilvala to name a few.

Rahu’s role is more prominent during the incident of Churning of the ocean of Milk according to Vedic mythology. We will get to this later, for now lets move onto the astrological part.

Rahu does not own any zodiac sign, but being a malefic planet its influence on one is strong. Rahu influences one's mental thinking like anger, ego, jealousy and lust. Everyday has this particular time period which is influenced by planet Rahu and this time period is called Rahu kaalam. Let’s discuss this in detail below.

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Rahu’s Influence, Rahukaalam

Rahu kaal is that time of the day which comes under Planet Rahu’s influence. Rahu kaalam can last upto one to half hour a day. Rahu kaal is of the eighth segment of the day. This is calculated by taking the total time from sunrise to sunset at a particular place and then dividing this by eight. According to Vedic astrology it is considered inauspicious to start any new venture at this time. Rahukaalam in Sanskrit means time of Rahu, Rahu is the planet name and Kaalam means time. As such auspicious event like marriage, house warming ceremony, buying property and anything related to good is generally avoided during this time. However, any activity done which is related to Rahu like puja’s and yagnas for Rahu is considered good.

Rahu is also one for the nine planets in the Navagraha. there are special temple dedicated for Rahu, one is in Tamilnadu, India, where special milk abhishekam is done everyday to please Rahu. It is said that milk turn its color into blue once it touches the statue. There are also several temple dedicated for Rahu (Phra Rahu) in Thailand.

You can chant this Rahu Mantra to appease Rahu.
“ Om Rang Rahuve Namah Om “

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According to legends, its is said that during Ramayana, all the Navagrahas were imprisoned by Ravana. Lord Hanuman was the one to fight Ravana and freed the Navagrahas, as such Rahu will not have any bad influence on Hanuman devotees. 

There are also many other remedies to appease the effects of Rahu on you,

Wearing Hessonite gemstone will reduce the malefic effects of Rahu, as the ruling planet for Hessonite is Rahu.

Moving onto the Legend associated with Rahu and Rahukaalam

Legend behind Rahukaalam

Legend behind Rahukaalam
According to the legends, during the battle between devas and asuras, the asuras being stronger made a pact with the devas to churn the Ocean of Milk to obtain the Amrit which will make them immortal. The devas also agreed to this on orders from Lord Vishnu. By churning the Ocean of Milk, out came many precious things which were taken by the devas and the halal poison that also came out was drunk by Lord Shiva to save the universe. Finally when the churning was over, all the Amrit was collected in a pot. This is when the asuras demanded a share of the Amrit which would make them immortal. Seeing the danger in this Lord Vishnu descended on Earth in the Mohini Avatar. As the devas and asuras were completely mesmerised by the enchanting beauty of Mohini. She asks the Devas and Asuras to give the pot to her and that she would distribute the Amrit equally. But Mohini would turn the Amrit into water whenever it was the turn of a asura to drink the Amrit. Seeing something fishy, Rahu disguised himself into a deva and took the Amrit from Mohini. But just when he was about to drink it, Sun and the Moon God saw his play and warned Mohini, who cut off Rahu’s head before the amrit could be swallowed. Rahu’s head that had tasted the Amrit became immortal, and as a revenge Rahu devours the Sun and Moon causing the the respective Solar and Lunar eclipse.

This is the story behind the origin of Rahu Kaalam. So, either falling for the inauspicious time or taking take not to by following the right precautions is in the respective individuals hands. May the Lord always look over you.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Convert The Negative Effects of Rahukaal in Your Favor!

Welcome to AstroSage's weekly newsletter. Today, we have brought you a very important topic.

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What Is Rahukalam?

Rahukalam is that time duration of a day, which is considered inauspicious for initiating anything new according to Vedic Astrology. Term Rahukalam has been derived from Sanskrit. Rahu and Kaalam are 2 different words that are conjoined to form Rahukalam. Rahu is the name of an astrological planet and Kaalam means time. Hence, Rahukaalam is the time of Rahu.

Everyday, a particular time is dedicated to the planet Rahu. One, who knows about Rahukalam, takes proper precautions during this time period.

During Rahukaal, it is advised not to perform any spiritual or auspicious activity too, including Puja, marriage ceremony, Homa, Yajna and many more. It is because Rahu interferes in everything during this time. However, if you perform anything related to Rahu in this time, you will be benefitted. Rahu gives benefit if any Puja or Yajna is performed during Rahukaal.

In order to make more of you aware about the facts related to Rahukalam, we have decided to collect some noteworthy stuff in this newsletter.

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Planet Rahu

Rahu is considered as a malefic planet. Hence, its time is also considered inauspicious. To know more on Rahu, click here..

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Rahu Remedies By Lal Kitab

As you know, astrology has various sub-systems of predictions. One of them is Lal Kitab. We have gathered all the information on Rahu from Lal Kitab here:

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Hessonite: Rahu's Gemstone

Hessonite is the gemstone for Rahu. In Sanskrit, it is known as Gomed. In modern times, it is difficult for a man to perform ancient remedies, chant Mantras, recite Shlokas or perform Pujas everyday. So, to overcome this time deficiency issue, gemstone remedy comes to the rescue. It is a one time remedy and you stay in effect all the time. Gemstone when comes in contact with your body, it directs the effect of a planet on you.

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Gemstones & Effects

We suggest you to consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone. Hessonite may suit you according to your birth chart. But, its effects may also be contradicted by some other planetary conjunction. If you will fetch benefits on one hand, then you may have to lose because of wearing a wrong gemstone. Hence, consulting an astrologer before wearing any gemstone is always recommended.

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Rahu Yantra

Another strong remedy for Rahu is worshipping Rahu Yantra. This is the most effective remedy for Rahu. But, it takes efforts and time. You will have to follow a proper procedure of worshipping the Yantra. If you can manage that, then it will be quite beneficial for you. However, a single mistake can give you tough strike backs. So, if you are sure on your part, get one Yantra for you and start worshipping.

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Rahu Transit

In 2013, Rahu has transited in Libra and will remain the same throughout the year. If you want to know how this transit will affect you, please click here - 

So, this was all about Rahu, Rahukalam, Rahu Remedies and Rahu Peyarchi. With this, we hope you will make your life better.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Secret of Rahukaalam Revealed!

Rahukaal is the inauspicious time of the day.
Rahukaal is a particular time of the day that is considered inauspicious for initiating anything new, as per Vedic Astrology. During this time, if you start doing anything, the outcome may not be as per your expectation. You will put equal efforts, but all in vain.

The time span of Rahukaalam in a day is generally 1 to 2 hours at the most. This time duration is not so big that one cannot skip. In an entire day, you can initiate your important work at any moment. You just have to skip the span of Rahukalam.

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Logic Of Rahu Kaal

Rahu and Kaal are two different words that are conjoined together to form the term Rahukaal. As you know, Rahu is the name of an astrological planet and Kaal is a Sanskrit term which means ‘time’. Hence, Rahukaal is the time of the planet Rahu. It is also known as Rahukalam, Rahukaalam, Rahukal, Rahu Kal, Rahu Kalam, Rahu Kalaam and many more.

As per Vedic Astrology, a day is considered from sunrise to sunset. So, the time between sunrise to sunset is divided into 8 segments. Then, a particular time is taken from a place, which is further divided by 8 to find the Rahukalam of the day. Hence, the Rahukaal of each location is different.

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Rahu – The Astrological Planet

Rahu is considered as a malefic planet in astrology. Its effects are not considered good. However, this is not true because no planet can be entirely malefic. Still, as a general perception, Rahu is a negative planet, as it generally gives malefic effects to the natives.

During a day, a particular time span of 1 to 2 hours approximately is dedicated to the planet Rahu and you never know how this time will affect you. So, it would be better not to come in front of the planet Rahu.
Benefit of Rahukaal

Yes, Rahukaal must have sounded quite scary till now to you. However, it is not true. During Rahukaal, if you perform any activity related to Rahukaalam, it will benefit you; for example, worshipping planet Rahu, performing Homa or Yajna for propitiating Rahu and many more.

On the contrary, if you worship any other deity or perform any auspicious activity that is not related to Rahu during Rahukal, planet Rahu interferes.

So, Rahu Kaal is the time that needs your consideration. Use the best of this article and don’t let any of your efforts go in vain.

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