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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time’s Challenge To Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

As we all know that Narendra Modi has been declared as PM candidate from BJP, but would that be an easy going for Narendra Modi? At least astrology denies this. Let’s see what planets are saying about it.

  • Date of Birth: 17/09/1950
  • Time of Birth: 11:00 am IST
  • Place of Birth: Mehsana (Gujarat, India)
Birth Chart

 Year Chart

Scorpio ascendant rising in birth chart and Chandra-Mangal Yoga in 1st house, Moon getting Neech-Bhanga Rajyog here. Mars is the Lord of 1st and 6th house and Moon, the Lord of 9th house (politics, religion, luck, prosperity) are together in 1st house because Mars is also the Lord of 8th house, with Lord of 9th house, this combination indicates that native will get benefitted due to the loss of other people. We have seen this happen after Godhra riots when Modi Ji raised so much after that. In current conditions, Modi Ji will get advantage from failure of Congress in terms of corruption and inflation.

Jupiter is placed in 4th house in Aquarius and aspecting 10th house, Jupiter is the Lord of 2nd and 5th house and it’s aspect on 10th house clearly indicates that Jupiter will bless the native due to his Karma (10th house) and Native will be famous (5th house). Placement of Rahu in 5th house will give political fame and defame to the native.

Saturn, Lord of 3rd and 4th house placed in 10th house with Venus. As we know, Saturn gives slow but stable growth and did the same in case of Modi Ji in Gujarat, as day by day Modi Ji got stability in political career. Because, Saturn is the Lord of 4th house too, so Modi ji got success in his motherland in this state. Lord of the 10th house, Sun is placed in 11th with Mercury creating Budha - Aditya Yoga that is indicating toward a huge gain.

In Dasamsa (D-10) Chart, debilitated Mars is placed in 1st house. Lord of the ascendant, Moon is placed in 3rd house of courage. Jupiter placed in 10th house. Sun is placed with Saturn and Mercury in 11th house. We can see horoscope is very good.

We see in this horoscope, debilitation of Mars and Neecha - Bhanga Moon indicates that native will get success after a lot of hurdles as well as delay.

Let’s discuss about transit. Jupiter transit in 8th house will produce hindrance and defame, but will also give sudden gain. There are possibilities that Jupiter will do something like that Modi Ji will get advantage of other people’s loss like death, communal riots, major loss of apposition, natural calamity and many more. If we see transit of Saturn, Saturn is the Lord of 3rd and 4th houses in birth chart and transiting in 12th house now. Transit of Saturn in 12th house indicates that Saturn will provide help from outside people, but with some conditions and delay.

As per astrology, when transit of Jupiter and Saturn will change that would be a great time for Modi Ji, Jupiter will change from June 2014 and Saturn from November 2014, Saturn will be in the 1st house and Jupiter from 9th house will aspect on 1st house. That would be the great time when Modi Ji will work freely and get success. As of now there are a lot of hindrances in the path. If Modi Ji keeps working hard and carries on with courage, Jupiter and Saturn will take him to a successful height because Saturn is a planet who blesses the native after hard work and Jupiter will definitely bless Modi Ji.