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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mercury Is Transiting To Cancer (4 August 2013) - See Effects On You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Prince of all planets, Mercury is transiting into Cancer on 4th August at 9:28 a.m. It will remain in Cancer till 20th August and will move to Leo on 21st August. As per Astrological scriptures, Mercury brings prosperity and ample food whenever it enters Cancer sign. It means that this transit will ensure a good crop; however, due bad administration there will be dissatisfaction in people. On 7th August, Mercury is going from Punarvashu to Pushya constellation. Therefore, problems related to children will decrease to a good extent. We have recently witnessed a lot of children getting sick or dying due to different reasons. From 7th to 14th August, Mercury will remain in Pushya Constellation. Therefore, this time will not be good for both - people and administration. Our leaders will indulge in useless debates and arguments, which will not be of any consequence for the country. After 14th August, situations will begin to improve. Let us now find out the effects of this transit on different signs.

Aries: During this period your business skills will improve. You will feel happy and prosperous. There will be a general atmosphere of well being. You will spend a lot of money on luxurious products. There will be a celebration at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Taurus: You will get fruitful results for your hard work. Also, you will receive complete support from siblings. There will be a reunion with old friends. This time is also very good for business related issues.

Gemini: The transit of Mercury will bring along a good time for financial issues. Your family will not be very supportive during this time. Your interest in science will increase. Your views will impress people.    

Cancer: During this period you will get positive results on the basis of the hard work and talent. You earn name and fame. You will enjoy good and happy time with your family. Also, you will enjoy good health during this period.

Leo: This time will bring along a good amount of tension and anxiety. Your family atmosphere will not be very positive. Due to this unfavorable environment, you will tilt toward spirituality. It is suggested that do not take any risk during this time.

Virgo: There are good possibilities that you will travel long distances during this period. Friends and dear ones will be supportive, and there will be progress in your business. Further, time is really good for people who are in love as it will strengthen the relationship. You will make many friends during this time.

Libra: The time is very fruitful for all kind of businesses. Your relations with elderly people and people related to governance will improve. There will be happiness and prosperity in the family. There are chances that there will be an auspicious event taking place at home.

Scorpio: You will come in contact with famous people. Due to which your own reputation and name will increase. Owing to your brain, you will reap many benefits. Also, your business will progress during this time. It is likely that you will travel a lot and will get benefitted by it.

Sagittarius: You will have to work really hard. It is likely that you might get involved in controversies that are on petty issues. Do not try to earn a lot of money too soon. Further, take care of your family and avoid travelling during this time.

Capricorn: During this time, you will earn a lot of name and fame. Your business will flourish and your transactions will be fruitful. You will receive a lot of support from your partners. Also, there are high chances that you will succeed in competitive events.

Aquarius: There will be an instant hike in your expenses. You will waste your time in useless activities. Keep your words under check as it might not prove favorable. There will be a tensed atmosphere at home. Avoid traveling during this time.

Pisces: You will get success in new ventures during this time period. This time is good for love and relationships. There will be love and happiness at home. You will get complete support from friends and family. There are chances that you will have memorable journey.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guru Peyarchi Palangal in Midhunam on June 1, 2013

Jupiter’s transit Guru Peyarchi Palangal i.e Jupiter’s transit in zodiac Mercury and Gemini is on 1st June 2013. Gemini signifies dualism and masculinity. Astrologers worldwide will be seeing this transit with great curiosity and interest. Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficial planet. Even when it is in bad houses (6, 8, 12) it plays the role of a protector. This transit is said to bring good results. Let us find out the effects of Guru Peyarchi Palangal on different signs.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Mesham:

Your hard work has finally paid as your work will find appreciation from all quarters. Also, there are chances that your income will increase. You will also make many friends who will be there with you during the times of need. The time is also very good if you are interested to take up a new business.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Rishabam:

The time is going to be fruitful and blissful for you. If there are chances of a surgery, it is going to be successful in this time. Stay away from betting as you might incur huge losses due to it. It is likely that you will visit holy places shortly.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Midhunam:

The stars are in mood to shower blessings of good luck and prosperity at you and your family. The time will improve your health. Jupiter’s transit into the 1st house brings one closer to family and friends. Overall, the time is blissful and prosperous.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Kadagam:

This time will make you really conscious about your health and eating habits. Your relations with your family members will improve and you will get their full support. Your speech will also improve which will help boost your career to a new level. In short, Jupiter’s transit will be fruitful for you.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Simmam:

The time is good and rewarding for you. It is highly likely that you will go on a pilgrimage. You will also spend a good amount of time with your family. Also, you might buy some new and high end gadgets of communication. Your behavior with friends and relatives will be polite and compatible.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Kanni:

It is likely that during this period you will go through a lot of changes. To begin with, you might plan to change your vehicle as the current one is not cost effective for you. There are good chances that you also might change the place where you live. You might move to your own residence shortly. Further you will be inclined toward helping others which will give you immense satisfaction.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Thulam:

Time will be rewarding for you as a new member will be added to your family. Birth of this new child will bring luck and prosperity into the house. the child will be inclined towards reading books. You will see that there will a lot of improvement in your intuitive powers and foresight. It is advised that you should recite Mantras and also take out some time to perform puja. There will an inclination toward reading Holy Scripture. Time is especially good for astrologers, priests and teachers.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Viruchigam:

Go with the flow of life and you will reach your destination. The divine power has decided to help you. Stars are backing you and the people who are conspiring against you will be defeated. People who have been suffering from a long term disease should know that time is good to cure such ailments forever.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Dhanusu:

Good news is coming up for you soon. If you are of marriageable age then there are high chances of you taking the big plunge. Great time for people in love as the time is great for you to get married. Most likely you will visit other countries for both personal and professional reasons. However, people seeking divorce will have to wait a bit as he time is not that favorable for you.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Magaram:

You will develop a new interest in occult sciences. Most of your time will be taken by this new interest. It is likely that you will visit sick people and offer them help. Though the time is not good for you professionally yet it cannot be said that it is all bad.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Kumbam:

The transit shows that your family life will improve. There will be mutual love and respect between you and your elders. Also, you will be inclined toward spirituality. There is possibility that in your search you will end up finding a Guru, who will guide you. it looks like that you might head for a pilgrimage very soon. You also change the place where you live, which will turn out to be good for you.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Rasi Meenam:

This time is great for you in every aspect. You will see new heights in your career and will enjoy your work like never before. All the work issues which troubled you, will be solved. Personally also the time is rewarding and good.