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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Mercury Transits to Leo, Know Its Impact on Your Life

9 Zodiac signs get lucky, while 3 are out of luck! Read astrological predictions for Mercury transit in Leo and how it will influence the life of natives of all 12 signs.

Significator of wisdom, speech and intellectual, Planet Mercury has already transited in Leo sign on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 09:16 PM. It will remain in this sign until 04:23 AM on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. As Leo is the ruling sign of Sun planet, therefore, Mercury will conjunct with Sun here. And Mars will aspect both these planets. These astrological phenomenon will influence the lives of all 12 Zodiac signs. The natives of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius will find this period quite favourable and lucky for them. Additionally, this transit period would lead to a rise in the prices of Gold and Silver, and banking stocks will also see an upsurge in this duration.

Now, take a look at below astrological predictions to know what this transit has in store for the natives of all 12 signs.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Dual Exchange Of Houses Between Sun, Mars and Mercury

The time period from 17.11.2013 to 28.11.2013 will witness exchange of houses between planets Sun, Mars and Mercury. Some may benefit from this action while some may not. Read on to know the effects these planets will have on your star.

Planets and their effects

Sun is moving out of debilitation (very weak position) on 16/11/13 at 11:48 AM. Sun has experienced debilitation for one complete month. It would be exchanging houses with Mars when it would traverse to Scorpio. Interestingly, Sun would be occupying Scorpio (Mars’ sign) and Mars is currently occupying Leo (Sun’ sign). Mars would traverse to Virgo (Mercury sign) on 28/11/13.

The short period from 17/11/13 to 28/11/13 may experience some good changes. In such a situation, there is a rise in the energy flow. An individual may like to take up some new/fresh initiatives or wind up a pending task. Not to forget that Sun and Mars are natural friends and they complement each other very well in Astrology. An initiative taken up in such a phase would result in success and positive results. Mars would be occupying the powerful and positive energy from the Sun and behave like it; and Sun would get more thoughtful and watchful in actions like Mars in Scorpio. Favors from the government, boss/superiors, people in authority (or something like that) can be expected. There may also be favors from and to your younger siblings.

Though this exchange is happening only for eleven days, yet such conjunction does not happen every year. All the newborns during this period would have this powerful exchange in their horoscopes.

Once Mars moves out of Leo and enters Virgo, it would experience an exchange in houses with Mercury. Even this exchange would be a good one. Mercury would enter Scorpio on 02/12/13; and by this date Mars would already be occupying Virgo. Such a Mars would behave more diligently and intelligently in different situations. Likewise, Mercury would invite the zeal and channelized energy from the Mars to give a final blow to wind up the pending tasks. There would be favors from and to siblings, relatives through the maternal side, favorable results in academics and improved concentration in studies. Likewise, there may also be a rise in probability of number of successful attempts in some activity and improved ability to put forward an idea in your own words to others.

These two conjunctions invite initiative as well as action to wind them up successfully. Make full use of this period recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” to make this period auspicious for yourself. 

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