Friday, February 5, 2021

📞 Phone Consultation @ ₹1

Now talk to premium AstroSage astrologers in just  ₹1 

Premium, Experienced and Qualified Astrologers of the world’s number one trusted astrology website are now available for you 365-days-a-year on call! One of the main features? All astrologers are certified by AstroSage on the parameters of academic and astrological qualifications and experience.

AstroSage, the world’s number one astrological brand, has officially launched its phone calling service “AstroSage Varta” from today. Every astrologer present on this platform has been attested and verified by AstroSage. This means complete freedom from fraud predictions, cheaters and inexperienced astrologers!

All Premium Astrologers certified by AstroSage will always be present to answer your every question. Actually, it’s necessary for people to get rid of fake astrologers preaching their half-baked knowledge in the name of astrology on call. For more than a decade, AstroSage has played a significant role in promoting the true levels of astrology blended with a scientific perspective, and now, AstroSage Varta is here to take over the responsibility. 

Connect With Expert & Experienced Astrologers With AstroSage Varta

With AstroSage Varta, you will get the opportunity of connecting directly with experienced astrologers of AstroSage and get solutions to any of your problems. With easy-to-use AstroSage Varta, you can directly talk to the well-learned astrologers of the country on call and get an accurate answer to your questions.

Best & Verified Astrologers

Through AstroSage Varta, we have made a small effort to not only bring India’s best astrologers together but help you connect personally with astrologers hailing from multiple branches of Astrology prevalent in the country. 

With the help of AstroSage Varta, you will not only come across the Best Astrologers countrywide but also Numerology Experts, Tarot Readers, Vastu Experts, Lal Kitab Experts, Stock Market Experts, Nadi Astrology & KP Astrology Experts, etc. This means you don’t have to wait longer since attaining detailed solutions to doubts or questions without any delay is now just a call away!

As difficult as it was earlier to choose a good astrologer for your problem, this new-found discovery of AstroSage has now made it easier. Yes! Now connecting with any of India’s best astrologers is just a click away! Expert astrologers at AstroSage have been helping people for years and their academic qualifications and experience has been attested by AstroSage itself. That is, none of these astrologers lacks sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of astrology. “AstroSage Verified Astrologer” works as a stamp and helps get rid of fraudulent astrologers lurking around. You can connect with them on call even now and gain astrological guidance regarding your doubts and questions by clicking here.

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What Makes AstroSage Varta Different From The Crowd?

How is the telephonic service “AstroSage Varta”, launched by the world’s most trusted and popular astrology brand, AstroSage, 100% better than other Astro services in the market? Let us know the answer to this question: –

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1.  Premium, AstroSage Verified Astrologers AstroSage Varta comes under the flagship of the world’s most trusted astrological website, AstroSage. This is why every astrologer is thoroughly evaluated on the basis of his/her professional and academic qualifications, after which he/she is given a green flag and certified as “Verified”. This means riddance from fraud astrologers!
2. Selection of Astrologers After Various Discussions and  Interviews With 30 years of experience in astrology, Punit Pandey, the founder of AstroSage, is regarded as one of the country’s renowned astrologers and deeply involved in the selection, recruitment and training process of astrologers. Therefore, AstroSage curbs any chances of deception or fraudulency and focuses on offering the best user experience.
3.  Pay For Minutes Used Now Pay for the time you have used on call without any additional charge! That is, you will be charged the desired amount for those 30 seconds that you have used to consult the astrologer and a full 1-minute fee will not be imposed like other companies. Sounds perfect? Call & Find Now!
4. Simple Payment Mode By signing up, you get a Prepaid Varta Wallet, which works just like your phone’s balance. You can recharge your Varta Wallet using any digital payment method and make calls to any astrologer anytime or from anywhere. The charges will be automatically deducted from your wallet with every call. That is, you will get a break from using your Credit Card again or paying in another way.
5.  AstroSage Promises Its Users Highest Levels Of Privacy Through this unique discovery, AstroSage not only offers its appreciation by providing its most trusted astrology service to all its consumers but also maintains their privacy by keeping every personal information shared safe and secured. So now you know that all your personal information is duly secured within the highest levels of security.

Easy To Use AstroSage Varta

With AstroSage Varta, one can easily avail the features by contacting experienced astrologers directly on the online portal via phone, laptop or computer. The customer has to complete only 3 easy steps in order to connect with their favourite astrologers.

  1. To register yourself, firstly log in or sign up.
  2. In order to connect with any astrologer of your choice, a minimum balance must be there in your wallet. For this, recharge your wallet as desired.
  3. After this, select the astrologer you wish to talk to from the list and call them by clicking on the “Call” sign.

AstroSage Varta: Why Is It Required?

“Trust holds high importance in the field of astrology. Unfortunately, there have been many fraudsters in this field, who prove themselves to be great astrologers by relying only on the propaganda with half-baked information, and people then fall into their trap. I think AstroSage Verified can curb this trend and put a brake on such acts. “- Vinay Pathak

“With lives becoming busier day by day, it’s difficult to say when one can seek the need for astrological counselling and guidance. AstroSage Varta has made sure to offer a 365-Days-A-Year availability, where astrologers are always present. Also, their credibility is well-known and undoubted.”- Chitra Sharma

“There are instances when online astrologers waste a lot of time creating kundli charts just to increase the call duration. But AstroSage has offered a great solution for it, with the help of which the user can create his/her own kundli and share with the astrologers. This saves time, and indicates the fact that the company considers the value of its users’ money as well.” – Gaurav Paliwal

Note: You will be able to talk to the astrologer for one whole minute without any charge.

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What are you waiting for! Avail this facility by clicking on the link given below. Get rid of your life troubles in one go LIVE! Thank you for joining with AstroSage!

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