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Sun Transit in Scorpio: 17 November 2019

Sun Transit in Scorpio Brings Significant Changes In The Lives Of Natives! Read On To Discover The Impact Of This Sankranti, As Per Astrology!

The Sun is the ruler of the navagraha, the nine planets. Astrologically, it is the significator of leadership, high posts in government and private jobs, respect, name and fame, government jobs, soul, and royal lifestyle. Apart from this, the Sun has a significant import religiously and spiritually as well. This luminary planet has been a visible deity, to be worshipped, since the Vedic Yuga in Hinduism. The Surya Namaskar every morning is a ritual many follow, and the day Sunday of the week is also devoted to the Sun God. 

Astrologically, the Sun is the lord of the zodiac sign Leo, and it remains exalted in the sign of Aries. Simultaneously, it is found in a debilitated state in Libra. Whenever a planet is in its exalted sign, it is strongly posited, and such position allows it to proffer positive outcomes. Whereas, in its debilitated state, a planet generally offers negative results. Although, this scenario can vary for cruel and friendly planets. 

The Sun’s transit is a monthly occurrence, as thirty days is the approximate duration for the luminary planet’s movement from one sign to another. This transit is also known by the name, Sankranti. One such Sankranti, when the Sun enters the zodiac sign Capricorn from Sagittarius, is a significant Hindu festival – Makar Sankranti

Implications of Sun’s Position in One’s Kundli

The Sun’s strong and positive placement in a native’s kundli indicates that such a person will have a lifestyle similar to that of royalty. Such people often gain much respect in society, and the beneficial influence of the luminary planet helps them gain high posts in private or government jobs as well. These natives are leaders of the community. 

On the flip side, if the Sun is weakly placed or negatively influenced by a cruel or inimical planet in one’s kundli; then the native will have to suffer many torments in life. The malefic influence of the planet causes a person to become egoistic, distrustful, jealous, angry, and self-centred. Therefore, one should perform remedies to strengthen and appease the Sun in their kundali in order to evade the negative impacts of the planet. 

Ways To Appease Surya Deva (The Sun)

  • Worship Surya Deva or Lord Sun on Sunday to attain his blessings.
  • Wearing the Belmool (Aegle Marmelos) helps one evade the malefic effects of a weakly placed Sun in the kundali.
  • The gemstone Ruby or Manikya also offers beneficial outcomes to the natives who wear it.
  • One should wear the Three-faced or Teen Mukhi Rudraksha to strengthen the position of the Sun in their kundli.
  • Wear saffron-coloured clothes on Sundays to attain positive results from the luminary planet Sun.
  • Establish the Surya Yantra with proper rituals and worship it regularly. 
  • Chant the Surya Beej Mantra that is given below and gain the blessings of the Sun: 
ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः।/oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ

Transit Period

The Sun transit will take place on Sunday, 17 November 2019, at 00:30 hours as the planet enters Scorpio. It will continue to occupy this position till Monday, 16 December 2019, 15:10 hours.

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