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Elections 2019: Who Will Wear The Crown Of Victory?

2019 Lok Sabha Elections Biggest Coverage is Here! Know which party will gain the support of stars and planets?

The entire nation is currently witnessing the rage of upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Unending discussions have taken over political circles as well as small lanes of the country. Some are rooting for Narendra Modi to come back into power and others are stating that Rahul Gandhi has better prospects to become the next Prime Minister. However, the political leaders are pushing their edges to win the support of the folks. The opinions of the general and significant public are difficult to acknowledge but we are going to reveal what do the planets and stars state about the impending elections.

Results of Election 2019 in May

The forthcoming elections will be held in seven different phases during the months of April and May 2019. Four sessions will take place in the month of April and three in the month of May respectively. The month of May will be quite crucial as the results will be announced during this month only. Not only the political parties, but the general public will also monitor the election results. Let us have a look at the respective Kundlis of the two primary parties competing against each other in the upcoming elections.

Transit Of Various Planets In The Month Of May 

On 24th April 2019, retrograde Mercury will move in the zodiac sign Scorpio. On 15th May 2019, Sun will reside in Scorpio and provide results accordingly. On 7th May 2019, Mars will be in the zodiac sign Gemini and on 10th May 2019, Venus will be posited in Aries. Meanwhile, on 18th May 2019, Mercury will be placed in the zodiac sign Taurus.

Let us read about Congress and BJP and their important results with the aid of their respective kundlis.

Bharatiya Janata Party 

(6-4-1980: 11:40:00:New Delhi)

Core Points 

  1. The ascendent sign of BJP is Gemini and it’s Moon sign is Scorpio.
  2. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the main planets, are in retrograde motion.
  3. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Mars are residing in the third house of the Kundali, where Leo is posited.
  4. Saturn is in the last phase of its Sade Sati motion.
  5. Ascendent lord Mercury and ketu are posited in the ninth house. 

Planetary Major Periods During The Elections

During the Lok Sabha elections, the following will take place in BJP’s Kundli:

  1. The dasha of Moon-Mars-Rahu will remain effective from 22-03-2019 till 24-04-2019.
  2. After which, the dasha of Moon-Mars-Jupiter will begin on 24-04-2019 and last till 22-05-2019.
  3. And, the dasha of Moon-Mars-Saturn will begin from 22-05-2019 and remain effective till 25-06-2019.

Fate of BJP in the Lok Sabha Elections

In Bharatiya Janata Party’s Kundli, Mars’ sub period (antar dasha) is currently undergoing during Moon’s major period (mahadasha), which will last till the month of October, 2019. Moon, the ruling lord of the second house, is residing in a debilitated state in the sixth house. The last phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati is effective for this party also. Mars, who is the ruling lord of the sixth and eleventh house, has posited in the third house along with Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter. Moon who is currently undergoing a major period, is posited in the tenth house and making BJP a strong contender in this political race. Since Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde motion, some party members may disturb the balance of the party. However, BJP may remain successful in forming a government but compared to the previous tenures, the party may receive less number of seats. After deploying numerous schemes and strategies, BJP may remain successful in coming back to power in 2019. 

Shri Narendra Modi 

(17-09-1950: 11:00:00: Vadangarh, Mehsana, Gujarat)

Core Points :

  1. The ascendent and Moon sign of Narendra Modi is Scorpio.
  2. Mercury and Jupiter are in retrograde motion.
  3. Mercury and Saturn are in combust state. 
  4. Chandra Mangal Yoga is being formed in the first house of kundali.
  5. The combination of Saturn and Venus is in the tenth house, where zodiac sign Leo is placed.
  6. In the eleventh house, where Virgo is placed, Sun, Mercury and Ketu is in conjunction. 
  7. Saturn is in its last phase of its Sade Sati.
  8. Ascendent lord Mars and ninth house’s ruling lord Moon is form an excellent Raj Yoga in his Kundli. 

Planetary Periods During the Elections

  1. During the elections of 2019, Narendra Modi will undergo a period (dasha) of Moon-Ketu-Venus from 11-03-2019 to 17-04-2019.
  2. Moon-Ketu-Sun’s period (dasha) will remain effective from 17-04-2019 till 27-04-2019.
  3. Moon-Ketu-Moon period will be effective from 27-04-2019 and it will last until 14-05-2019.
  4. Moon-Ketu-Mars’ period (dasha) will begin from 14-05-2019 and it will end on 27-05-2019. 

Will The Position Of Stars Favour Narendra Modi?

The current Prime Minister and BJP PM candidate for the upcoming session, Narendra Modi’s kundali suggests that Moon is undergoing a major period during the sub period of Ketu, which will last till the month of September 2019. Moon is the ruling lord of Luck house in Narendra Modi’s Kundali, and placed in the first house along with its ruling lord, Mars. This position is forming an excellent Chandra-Mangal Yoga and Raj Yoga. Ketu is placed in the eleventh house of Virgo along with Sun and Mercury in the nakshatra of Uttara-Phalguni. Because of the combined effect of Sun and Mercury, Ketu posited in the eleventh house of Virgo may bring forward fruitful results. Meanwhile, the ruling lord of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is Sun, who is also the ruling lord of tenth house in Narendra Modi’s Kundali. These placements are indicating that Narendra Modi may regain his current position in the upcoming session. 

However, Saturn in its last phase of its Sade Sati, which is why PM Modi’s ride will not be smooth. It is quite a possibility that his party members may gang up against him and try to block his path of success. Despite everything, ruling lord of the eighth house, Moon will take him closer to power and authority. Venus, ruling lord of the seventh house, is residing in the tenth house, which is why he will gain public support and his work will be appreciated by them. His adversaries will be seen praising his work. However, compared to the previous times, situations will be topsy turvy and he will have to take many complex decisions. 


(02-01-1978: 11:59:00: New Delhi)

Core Points 
  1. The ascendent and Moon signs of Congress are Pisces and Virgo respectively.
  2. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are the primary planets moving in a retrograde motion.
  3. Venus is in a combusted state and placed along with Sun in the tenth house of Sagittarius.
  4. Mars is in a debilitated position in the fifth house of Cancer.
  5. The combination of Rahu and Moon is also posited in the seventh house. 

Planetary Periods During the Elections

An observation of Congress’ kundali suggests that it is undergoing a major period of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury from 05-03-2019 and it will remain static until 22-07-2019. 

Performance of Congress In The Upcoming Elections

If we observe the kundali of Congress party, it is apparent that Jupiter’s major period is undergoing a Venus’ sub period which will remain effective till September 2019. Jupiter is the ruling lord of the kundali’s first and tenth house and residing in the fourth house in the zodiac sign Gemini in a retrograde state. It is also aspecting the tenth house, and Sun and Venus (in a combusted state). Currently, Saturn is making its transit over Sun, Venus as well as in the fourth house from Moon. 

Considering all the planetary positions, it can be said that there may be internal conflicts in the party and controversial incidents can take place, which can spoil the name of the party. The confiding members of the party may question against its leader. The mighty Gandhi family may also face certain challenges during this time. However, auspicious Jupiter will bring forward favourable results and the ruling lord of third house, Venus’ position in the tenth house is indicating that party will increase its hard work and efforts. 

It is important to note that Venus is the ruling lord of the eighth house in the Kundli and placed along with Sun, who is the ruling lord of sixth house. In such a situation, Congress will probably perform better than the last time in 2014 but the performance will not be good enough to form a government in the centre. Even if it obtains desired results, the party cannot form a government without adhering to a coalition. 

Shri Rahul Gandhi 

(19-06-1970: 14:28:00:New Delhi)

Core points 

  1. The ascendent sign of Rahul Gandhi is Libra and his Moon sign is Sagittarius.
  2. Retrograde Mercury is present in the first house.
  3. Mercury, the ruling lord of luck, is posited in the eighth house in a combusted state. 
  4. Debilitated Saturn is residing in the seventh house.
  5. The combination of Sun and Mars is present in the ninth house, where Gemini is placed.
  6. Saturn is at the peak of its Sade Sati.

Planetary Periods During the Elections

In Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli,

  1. Mars-Moon-Venus will undergo a period from 01-03-2019 and it will last till 05-04-2019.
  2. After which, Mars-Moon-Sun’s period will start from 05-04-2019 and end on 16-04-2019.
  3. Meanwhile, the major period of Rahu-Rahu-Rahu will begin on 16-04-2019 and last till 11-09-2019. 

Performance of Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha Elections 2019

In the recent years, Rahul Gandhi has managed to change his personality to a great extent. He has managed to refine his position as a political leader. If we analyse the kundali of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, it is undergoing a major period of Mars and Rahu in ‘chidra’. Along with this, his kundli will undergo a major period of Rahu from 16th April 2019, which is situated in the fifth house Aquarius in Shatabhisha Nakshatra. The ruling Lord of Rahu’s zodiac sign is Saturn which is placed in a debilitated manner in the seventh house. Considering all these circumstances, it is difficult to say that he will be able to put his best foot forward in the upcoming elections. 

However, Rahu’s presence in its own Nakshatra will bring forward favourable results in the fields associated with the fifth house. Rahul Gandhi will be able to plan certain strategies which will provide some amount of help to the party. In the assembly elections organized recently, Congress had managed to hit the jackpot in states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, which is why some people are expecting his victory in the upcoming elections. In the current time, Saturn’s Sade Sati is at its peak, which will escalate his mental tensions and he will be under pressure to take care of the party’s success in the political race. However, his chances of becoming the PM are quite less. But, he will paint a new picture of himself with his multiple efforts and true colours will shine in front of the general public.


It becomes clear after analyzing the Kundalis of the country’s major parties and their PM candidates that BJP will not only benefit from Narendra Modi but the party will also change its existing image with his help in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. However, compared to the last session in 2014, the party’s performance may be a bit disappointing. Despite this, it will manage to rise and not face a political setback. On the contrary, if we take into account Congress and Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, it can be stated that he will remain dissatisfied with the election results. It is quite interesting to note that Rahul Gandhi’s image has changed in a positive manner which will impact the performance of Congress directly. But, with regards to victory, the party will have to push their edges a little more to reach the top. 

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