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Sun Transit In Aries Tomorrow, What Will Be Its Effects On You?

Increase in income or government job? Learn what will be the effect of this Sun transit on your zodiac sign.

The Lord of the nine planets and the creator of life, Sun is transiting in Aries on Sunday, 14 April 2019. As per the Hindu religion, Lord Sun is the father of the world as we know it, because aside from being the reason behind life on Earth existing at all, it is also the reason why the planets in our solar system are transient. According to Vedic Astrology, it is the significator of soul, father, our ancestors, government service, and royal prestige, etc. Therefore, where on the one hand, through the Sun’s positive influence, a person can live a regal life by achieving a high rank in all services, on the other side, its negative effects can bring a downfall in their respect as well as cause pain and eye problems to their father. 

The Sun is the ruling lord of the zodiac sign, Leo, as well as the constellations (nakshatras) Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttra Ashadha. It is believed that when Sun transits from one sign to another, that is a very auspicious time for performing religious rites, which is why people organize religious rituals and ceremonies and worship Lord Sun during this time. Its movement through the various signs is also an important factor for the calculations in Hindu Panchang, and for that very reason, many people wear the gemstone Ruby (Manikya) to pacify this celestial body.

Transit Period

The Sun will be transiting into its exalted sign Aries from 14:05 on 14 April 2019, Sunday, where it will remain in its exalted state upto 15 May 2019. Since it is the significator of government job and respect, this transit will impact all 12 zodiac signs. In addition to this, Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti will be celebrated in various parts of the country, including Punjab and Haryana. 


One of the main festivals of Punjab, Baisakhi is the new year celebration for the Sikh community, which according to Hindu Panchang, occurs during the month of Chaitra every year. This year, will be celebrated on 14 April. This festival is also known as the festival of crops, because the Rabi crop gets ready for harvest by this time, and because of that, the farmers rejoice and make merry on this day. In addition to this, in 1699 on this very day, the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, established the pious Khalsa sect, and hence, this occasion is also associated with the faith of the Sikh community.

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Ambedkar Jayanti

Falling on 14th April, every year, Ambedkar Jayanti is a very special day for Indians, because on this very day, in 1891, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution of India, was born. Baba Saheb drafted the outlay of the Indian Constitution, and fought against social discrimination against untouchables and other castes, etc., till his dying breath. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna in April, 1990 for his great contributions to the Indian society. 

Let us discuss about the effects of this Sun Transit on all 12 zodiac signs:

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The Sun’s transit in their own sign’s first house will bring a change in the nature of the Aries natives, due to which, you may lose your temper quickly in this period. However, you need to calm yourself in such a situation in order to…Read more.


This Sun transit can fulfil your wish of an overseas trip, as it transits in your twelfth house, the expenses house, which signifies expenditure, loss, salvation (moksh), foreign trip, and so on. Natives settled or working abroad may also see a rise in…Read more.


Gemini natives will receive financial gains through means like hike in salary or increase in income sources as Sun transits to their eleventh house. According to astrology, this house, pertains to our earnings, achievements in life, friends, elder siblings, etc. During this transit, you’ll be…Read more.

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This transit will be favorable for the Cancer natives as the Sun moves to your tenth house, which signifies your career, father, status, standing, politics, and life’s goals. With your interest in your work developing, you will impress your seniors and receive…Read more.


As the Sun transits in your ninth house, the respect of Leo natives will increase in the society and people will approach you for advice. Your ninth house is also called the destiny house, which represents your fate, teacher, religion, travel, pilgrimage site, and…Read more.


Virgo natives can face some physical problems like fever, headache, and other afflictions with the Sun transiting in your eighth house. You need to look out for your health and consult a doctor as necessary. As per Vedic Astrology, the eighth house is called the life house, which…Read more.

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Married natives need to be careful as Sun will be transiting in your seventh house (marriage house), which represents your married life, spouse, and partners in other areas. You need to strike a perfect balance with your life partner while handling any situation as there are possibilities of…Read more.


As Sun transits in their sixth house, Scorpio natives will become more courageous and won’t hesitate in accepting any challenges put forward. The sixth house or the enemy house signifies our opponents, disease, pain, job, competition, immunity system, detachment in married life, and legal disputes. You will…Read more.


Sagittarius natives can look forward to economic gains as Sun transits to their fifth house. This house of progeny pertains to romance, children, creativity, intellectual abilities, higher education, and new opportunities. During this time, your income along with the modes of income will…Read more.

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Your mother’s health can decline as Sun transits in your fourth house, so take special care of her during this time and get a health check-up done if required. This house, also known as the comfort house, signifies our mother, all kinds of pleasures in life, movable and immovable…Read more.


The Sun’s transit in your third house will directly affect your behaviour, and you will find yourself unafraid of everything and make decisions fearlessly. This house of valor represents our courage, will power, younger brother, curiosity, passion, energy, zeal, and enthusiasm. You will be…Read more.


The Sun’s transit in your second house, will be bringing with it a change in your speech. Consequently, you can use bitter words against others during this time, which will anger or upset them and mainly affect your relationships. Therefore, converse less, but…Read more.

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