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Weekly Horoscope (1 - 7 October 2018)

3 lucky Zodiac signs of the first week of October! Read weekly horoscope and know how your life will flourish this week.

AstroSage presents horoscope predictions for the first week of October, i.e. from October 1 to October 7. With its help, know how your life will be in these 7 days, and if there are any surprises round the corner. Will you get a new job? Will your gain benefits in business? Will something good happen in your education and career domain? Also read predictions related to your family, marriage and love life. Also know which are the 3 luck signs of this week.

Take a look at below predictions for all 12 signs to know what surprises might be there in store for you this week:

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You may go on a trip this week. Strive to maintain good relations with your siblings as you may enter in an argument with them. Your dominance will be maintained at workplace but, as said before, avoid meaningless disputes with others; otherwise you may get defamed. Tensions in your family life will continue to exist. Decline in your parents’ health may also upset you. Your love for your mother would grow and you would spend great a time with her. You may get transferred to a new place, which would prove to be beneficial for you. Victory in legal matters is presaged. Increase in expenses and normal income are likely. These are progressive period for your children. Students preparing for competitive exams may also find this time useful for them, and should take full advantage of it.

Love Predictions: The week seems normal for love related matters. However, try to make less conversations and meetings with your beloved as this may affect your relationship. Contrary to this, your relation would fair well and get strengthened, if everything goes smoothly. You would also spend a great time and share your feelings with each other. If married, the time will be in your favour. Listen to your spouse and accept them, if they seem appropriate. Overall your marital life will be blissful.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedies: Feed the fishes, and worship Bhairav Baba.


Changes may occur at workplace, and you may face some issues initially to get adjust to them. But, with time, situations will change and you will going to spend quality times in your office. Family life would be peaceful. Postpone any important decisions in this duration, and also avoid taking guarantee of others. Pay attention to your health. Also take care of your father’s health and maintain good relation with him. Income would be normal, but expenses would increase. These are great times for your children, and you would feel satisfied with their activities. Students would get appropriate results for their hard work and feel enthusiastic towards future prospects. Time is indicating positive results for the natives preparing for competitive exams.

Love Predictions: The week seems good for your relationship. Conversations would increase between you and your beloved, and if an existing problem is there, it would end this time. All in all, both of you would spend a great time together. If married, you may experience mixed results. Pay attention to your spouse’s health.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedies: Feed green fodder and pulse to a Black or Brown cow.


You would be quite busy this week. You may face mental stress because of some old relationships. Also be careful to not act against law and order, or you may face the consequences. Family life would be happy and peaceful, and your mother would enjoy good health. You would spend most of your time with your family. Situations at work would also be in your favour, and your work will be appreciated. Increase in income is also likely. You would be able to earn good money with your wisdom and skills. Take care of your health and avoid stale, extra oily and spicy foods. You would be able to repay your debts, this will make you feel peaceful. Monetary gains after sudden money loss is predicted. Your children would feel elated in this duration and would perform well in every activity. Students may also accomplish some great achievements. Their memory power would increase tremendously.

Love Predictions: Your love stars seem happy. You would feel loved and your partner would remain devoted to you. Both of you would spend a great time together and plan about your future. You would also make some important decisions. If married, the time seems unfavourable for you. Ups and downs as well as misunderstanding may occur at home. However, on the bright side, your spouse would achieve some accomplishment and would also gain some good benefits. Also, maintain good relations with your in-laws.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedies: Worship Goddess Durga daily and offer water to Lord Shiva.


Your wish may come true, which would make you happy. You would also gain good financial benefits. These are good times for you at work, and a promotion is also likely. Your income may also increase. Atmosphere at home will be festive, lively and vibrant. Some auspicious task may also takes place. These are good times for your siblings, and they would progress in their respective domains. Sudden increase in income is presaged in mid-week. You would overpower your opponents. If you are in a business partnership, you would gain profits. However, there may occur disputes between you and your business partner. Your children will feel energetic. Students would feel mixed emotions in this duration. They would have to work hard to get good results. Extra efforts are also required in competitive exams.

Love Predictions: The week would be normal for the matters of love. Some lucky natives may get married to the love of their life. And if you also wish the same, you may try in this direction as positive results are likely. If already married, you need to act carefully. Avoid any kind of dispute with your spouse. Also, pay attention to their health.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedies: Place a red colored flag on your house’s roof and recite Bajrang Baan regularly.


You would focus in your working domain, and would achieve results accordingly. You would also get complete support of your seniors. Benefits with self-efforts and through government are likely. Siblings will live happily in this duration. Relatives and friends would support you in your endeavours. Good income is presaged, although unwanted expenses are also likely. Family life would be normal despite minor squabbles. Your mother may get angry with you about something. Your father may get a promotion at work. You would also gain success with extreme efforts. Pay attention to your health and drive carefully. Pay attention to your child too as they may face some kind of problems and may feel irritated as well. Students may face some obstacles and challenges while studying. However, success is likely in competitive exams.

Love Predictions: You would feel mixed emotions this week. Where on one hand, love will increase in your relationship, on the other hand, some misunderstandings may also occur between you two. You are advised to avoid them as soon as possible. A new person may enter in your life who would become your close friend in future. You may introduce your beloved to your friends. If married, you may face some problems in this period. Though, you would not get any problems from your spouse but, their bad health may upset you.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedies: Donate Black Sesame seeds on Saturday, and light a Mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree.


Whatever decisions you will make this week, they would prove to be your best decisions, and would pave the way for your success in future. You would get several opportunities on the way, if you grab the right ones, they would be monetary beneficial. Your joint family life would be blissful, and some auspicious task may also occur in the household. However, there may occur some problems in your own family. You may feel mentally restless and may not feel satisfied with your family life. At the same time, you may gain good benefits through property, etc. Keep your children from extreme anger, as they may get physically affected by it. Your performance at work would also be appreciable, and will benefit you later. You may gain benefits through government as well. Senior officials would be in your favour too.

Love Predictions: Your love stars seem unfavourable this week. Think wisely before you proceed. There may occur some kind of argument with your beloved and it might lead to separation. Therefore, if possible, let the time pass by and meet less with him/her. And if you are planning to meet him/her, then speak less and listen more. If married, you would spend a blissful marital life with your spouse this week.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedies: Feed Jaggery (Gur) to a cow, and distribute Jaggery and Gram (Chana) among small boys on Tuesday.


Your advices would help people to get things done and they will appreciate you for it. You would get respect in the society. You may have to go on a long trip due to some important work. Your father may also plan a trip abroad. Ups and downs may occur at home. Make efforts and avoid short-cuts. Unpredicted increase in expenses may also occur. Therefore, it is important to control them. You may also buy a property in this duration, but make sure that it is not disputed. If so, it may cause you mental stress and you may also have to go through legal proceedings. On the bright side, your children would progress in their respective domains. However, family life may become distressful and might upset you. Students would reap high rewards for their hard work.

Love Predictions: The week would be good where the matters of heart are concerned. Love will blossom in your relationship and would make it stable. If married, there may arise some arguments between your spouse and mother. With love and understanding, you can make your marital life happy and peaceful, and your spouse would also support you in this. She/He may also progress in their working domain.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedies: Offer Sandalwood to Lord Vishnu and recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram.


You would relish in various comforts this week and may also spend money over them. However, these spendings would not dishearten you as there would be an increase in your income along with some monetary gains. Your advices would be liked by your senior officials. As a result, your respect would increase and you would get benefits from them. Profits through government sector is also likely. Make cordial relations with your colleagues, and do not get involved in any dispute with them. Take care of your siblings and avoid arguments with them. On weekend, you may go on a trip to a pleasant place or a pilgrimage. Your family life would be blissful. Pay attention to your parents’ health. Your children would feel elated in this duration. Students would also find this time prospering for them. Some natives may also go abroad for further education.

Love Predictions: The week seems promising for love matters. You would share your feeling with each other, which is important for a strong relationship. You may also go on an outing to some pleasant place. The more you understand your beloved, the more they will feel happy and their love for you will deepen. If married, you would make several important decisions with your spouse’s support. And together you would plan for a happy future.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedies: Recite Shri Durga Saptashati or Durga Chalisa devoted to Maa Durga.


You would have lots of things on your mind this week, therefore, save your energy and use it when it is the right time. These are promising times for you at work. You would reap the rewards of your hard work, and a promotion might also be likely. You would also get support from your senior colleagues and elders. Also, pay attention to your health. Avoid being bitter with anyone in family, or it may give birth to fights and arguments. Do not eat spicy and fried foods. Family life would be blissful and you would earn money by renting your property. Your income would also increase tremendously. Several sources of earning would be obtained. You would also accumulate good money by selling an old vehicle or property. Your children would also progress in their respective domains. Students would feel curious to learn new things, and their knowledge will grow.

Love Predictions: Your love stars seem highly favourable upon you. You would feel compassionate towards each other and may progress in the direction of marriage. If you are planning to propose someone at office, now might be the good time for this. If you are already married, your spouse will support you at work. Positive changes would also occur in your lifestyle. All in all, your marital life would be blissful in this duration.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedies: Recite Neel Shani Stotra regularly.


Take care of your health in this 7 days period. Anger and stubbornness may increase in you regarding something, and may affect you adversely. Where on one hand, your declining health may become a matter of concern, on the other hand, tensions may also increase in your relationship. You may also buy a new property or vehicle. Your authority would remain at workplace. Your relations with your father would remain healthy. They would gain respect in society. Overall, family life would be peaceful and satisfying. Monetary gains are on charts for you. Also postpone an important decision for a while. These are good times for your children as well as for students.

Love Predictions: The week seems as usual for love relationships. Due to some work, your beloved may remain away from you for some time. However, it will not affect your relationship, in fact, it will make it more stronger. You might introduce your beloved to your parents in middle of the week or on weekend. If married, the time seems challenging for you. Where on one hand, your egos may clash and affect your relationship, on the other hand, your spouse’s health may upset you.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedies: Regularly recite Shri Gajendra Moksha Stotra.


You may go on a religious trip this week. You may engage in a fight or dispute with your siblings at home or senior officials at work. Despite this, family life would be blissful. Situations would also be in your favour at office. You would give your best in your work and will make feel rejuvenated and energetic. However, following a healthy lifestyle might become challenging during this period. You may get success in court related matters. Also, try to avoid any kind of argument. Though your opponents would not be able to harm you but, it would be better to avoid any activity that may affect you physically. Your income may increase and so might your expenses. These are one of the best times for your children, which they would spend enjoyably. Students will work hard to get good results. Those who are preparing for competitive exams may also get successful.

Love Predictions: Your love stars seem unhappy this week. Be loyal to your partner and try to maintain a healthy relationship with him/her. Right now, mutual understanding is very important for both of you and for a stable relationship. You may go an outing with your beloved or may plan a lunch or dinner date together. Love will blossom in your relationship. If married, you would get the chance to meet your in-laws with your spouse. And your marital relationship would get deepened.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedies: Offer White flowers and worship Maa Saraswati.


You would focus on your family and professional life. But due to your extreme busy schedule, you may spend less time with your family. Take time to relax in middle of the work, otherwise you will be exhausted. You would feel happy with the fulfillment of your wishes. You would also gain some benefits. Work hard at workplace because the efforts made today will help you progress later. Family life would be as usual. Your children’s health may also decline. Students may face some challenges. They may feel lack of concentration while studying or may suffer from some health issue. You may feel spiritually in this period. However, lustful thoughts may also arise in you, which might defame you. Therefore, be careful in this direction.

Love Predictions: This week seems unfavourable for your relationship. Therefore, let the time pass by. Neither try to meet more with your beloved nor call him/her continuously. If it is really necessary, contact him/her via phone only. If married, the time seems in your favour. You may gain some benefits with your spouse’s intelligence and wisdom. All in all, your marital life will be completely blissful.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedies: Offer a cloth (Chola) to Lord Hanuman and recite Shri Bajrang Baan.

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