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Pitru Paksha Begins Tomorrow, Know Shradh Dates

Read importance of Pind Daan and Puja vidhi. Pitru Paksha are beginning from 24 September. Find out the rituals followed to provide salvation to ancestors.

In Hinduism, parents and ancestors are regarded as deities, and they are worshipped on an equivalent level. Shradh refers to the reverence expressed towards the ancestors. In scriptures, Pitru Paksha holds great importance for devoting peace and moksha to the soul of ancestors and forefathers. Although, Tarpan is done on Amavasya of every month, but the duration of Pitru Paksha is entirely devoted towards these rituals.

The sixteen days period starting from Purnima of Bhadrapada and ending on Amavasya of Ashwin Krishna Paksha, is called Pitru Paksha. In this period, we give donations, perform charity, havana and worship God, so that the souls of their forefathers and ancestors rest in peace.

Please note: This year, Pitru Paksha will begin from 24 September and end on 8 October 2018. It is believed that one should worship their ancestors wholeheartedly during these 16 days. By doing this, the ancestors attain peace and salvation and bless the native with a long and flourishing life.

Importance of Pind Daan and Puja Vidhi

According to the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, a grandson or nephew seems eligible to perform the rituals of Pind Daan, in case the departed have no son.
  • Pind Daan, Tarpan, and Brahman Bhoj holds immense importance in this ritual. Pind Daan is highly significant to carry out, as without performing it, souls of the ancestors cannot attain moksha or salvation. To commence, take a bath early, wear the sacred thread or Janeu on the right shoulder and offer Pind prepared with cow’s milk, honey, sugar and rice to your ancestors.
  • Offer a mixture of water, barley, black sesame seeds and Kusha to your ancestors. It is believed that by offering this, the thirst of forefathers and ancestors gets quenched.
  • Ideally, this ritual must be performed at Prayag or Gaya. In case it is not possible, you can perform it at your home.
  • It is also believed that your ancestors can knock on your door in any form during this period. Hence, do not turn away anyone from your home.
  • Follow the code of Brahmacharya during the period of Pitru Paksha and avoid consuming meat or alcohol.

Importance of 10 Kinds of Donations on Pitru Paksha

By doing 10 types of donations during Pitru Paksha, the ancestors gains absolute peace. One should donate cow, land, clothes, black sesame seeds, gold, ghee or clarified butter, jaggery, rice, silver and salt, etc. In addition, mute animals should also be fed during this period.

When and How to Do Shradh

According to the traditions and puja vidhi, Shradh of the departed kin should be done on the date of his death. If a person dies on Saptami, his Shradh must be done on the same day. In addition, there are some special beliefs which are as follows:
  • Shradh of father is carried out on the eighth day (Ashtami), and shradh of mother is done on the ninth day (Navami).
  • Shradh of a family member who met with an untimely death due to an accident or suicide must be done on the fourteenth day or Chaturdashi.
  • Shradh of saints and monks must be done on Twelfth day or Dwadashi.
  • In case you don’t remember the date of death of any departed ancestor, their shradh must be done on Amavasya. This day is known as Sarva Pitra Shradh.
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