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How to Identify Real Gemstones?

Are you wearing a real or fake gemstone? It’s difficult to identify the authenticity of a gemstone just by looking through it. Several gemstone merchants in India have stated that the stones available here are of poor quality and treated in synthetic labs in Bangkok, Thailand.

Several labs in Bangkok treat natural, ordinary or synthetic stones or gemstones so as to make them look more realistic and sell it to the buyers at lower rates. The only reliable solution to check its authenticity is by opting for Lab Tests, as they conclude if the stone is treated, enhanced or diffused.

Best quality Ceylon gemstones can be found in the mines of Sri Lanka and Kashmir. Although the lustre quality isn’t that attractive, but they work wonders when worn to pacify the malefic effects of a certain planet or bring positivity in one’s life.
How Bangkok Gemstones Are Treated in Labs?

Three types of gemstones exist-

1. Natural Stones: Occuring due to the compression and heat of Earth

2. Synthetic Stones: Stones composed in labs and treated with chemicals

3. Treated Stones: Natural stones but damaged or fractured. Their cracks are filled with glass to give it a more natural look.

Gemstones are treated so as to improve the clarity and shine, which directly or indirectly affects the value and aesthetics of the stone. Read and understand few treatments given below:

Heat: Heating the gemstones can improve the color as well as its clarity. It is said to be a natural way of enhancing the curves and luster of the stone which is originally formed. This treatment is common for Sapphire, Ruby, and Blue Zircon.

Radiation: In many cases, several gemstones are treated with radiation so as to enhance the quality or change its color. Most commonly treated stone using this process is Topaz, Diamonds and others.

Waxing/Oiling: Several gemstones such as Emeralds and Turquoise contain natural fissures which are filled with wax or oil to hide them. Hereby, the wax or oil is colored in order to enhance the look and create a better appeal and clarity. 

Fracture Filling: Fractured portions of gemstones like Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds are treated with lead glass, hence improving the appearance of the stone with a dramatic effect.

Diffusion: Diffusion treatment involves heating a gemstone with one or more chemicals. Surface diffusion affects mainly the surface of the gem, while lattice diffusion penetrates the crystal lattice. Many star sapphires are diffusion-treated with rutile to improve the star.

Why We, at AstroSage, Sell Only Original Gemstones and Not Bangkok Ones?

The answer must be obvious: to maintain the quality of our products and trust factor of our clients. At AstroSage, we believe in adhering to loyalty towards our customers by giving them what’s the best. As an original gemstone can cost hundreds, people feel more at “profit” when investing in low-range stone with little or no astrological quality. 

Our gemstones are of highest standards, and boast originality at its best. We deliver quality stones with certificates mentioning every detail about the stone, its color, shape, size, cut, gravity etc. At AstroSage, our esteemed astrologers analyse your kundli or birth chart and offer correct remedies along with which gemstone to wear. You can get 100% authentic, real gemstones from our AstroSage Online Store without any duplicacy or imitation. 

Real or Fake: How to identify?

People do not pay heed to the quality, astrological authenticity and certification of a gemstone when buying or investing money. One must know how to differentiate between a real or fake gemstone so as to make the right choice:

1. One important thing to remember is that gemstones have flaws in them due to their natural state, whereas synthetic gems seems more perfect. 

2. These stones, with more shine and lustre, come at cheaper rates, are denser and polished, treated with colored latex and filled with glass all around.

3. When the stones are lab-tested, the certificate with “Comments” section specifies the kind of treatment it has undergone. 

According to the certificate above, the “Comments” section indicates that there might be some traces of thermal enhancement on the gemstone, hence outlining that the stone is fake.

Similarly, the certificate indicates that there has been no traces of any enhancement or radiation on the stone, and that the stone is real and astrologically usable.

4. If in case “Not Specified” is mentioned, it means there has been no testing regarding the authenticity of the stone.

5. On the other hand, due to natural heat and pressure, real stones seems to be worn down but seems to be of more value than the synthetic ones.

Disadvantages of Wearing Fake Gemstones

Real and pure gemstones are associated with different planets of the Solar System. Hereby, when worn, they bring in numerous advantages and energies in one’s life. 

Vedic astrology says that one must not wear fake or synthetic gemstones, as they have an opaque appearance and prevent cosmic lights from entering and benefitting the wearer. Although there are several ways to check its authenticity and originality, but opting for lab-tests seem more reliable and trustworthy.

Join hands with AstroSage and say “NO” to Fake Gemstones.

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