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Palmistry: Discover the Health Secrets of Your Life

Know secrets to your health on your Palm lines! With the help of Palmistry, know what is there on your palms that unveils all the things that you want to know about your health.

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Palmistry or Palm reading, also known as Hast Rekha Vigyan in Hindi, is a gift of Indian Culture and Heritage. It has evolved from Samudrika Shastra, an ancient scripture to study Human body analysis. Palmistry is all about studying special signs and lines formed on palm and fingers. One can retrieve information about one’s past, present and future through palm reading. 
According to Hast Rekha Vigyan, it is believed that planets reside in different areas of the palm. By analysing the signs formed on them, good or bad times are identified. Primarily, life line, heart line, mind line, fate line and marriage line are found on one’s palm. Health line is also one of them, though, it is generally not found on everyone’s palm. However, it is not a bad thing if a line is not present on your hand, i.e. if health line is not there on your palm, you don’t have to worry about it.

Health Line

Information about one’s health can be obtained by analysing the health Line on their palm. Also, what diseases might occur to them can also be known through palm reading. For those people who don’t have health line on their hand, they can also acquire health related information with the help of other signs and lines on their hand.

Line extended from Venus mount (the base of palm) to Mercury mount (below little finger) is the Health line of a person. With the help of this line, one can learn about their health and energy, and also about their stomach and liver health. Health line can emerge on any place on the base of palm, and on the basis of that, information about the health of a person is obtained. Furthermore, it provides more auspicious results, if located on a distance from Life line or Fate line.

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Know Your Health With Health Line

A person with a thick and clear Health line has a good digestive system. Such people are internally very strong and have firm immunity to fight diseases. They also have good memory and mental strength.

If the Health line is being intersected by criss - crossed lines on one’s palm, health issues occur as they age. If the line is chained, a person suffers from stomach related issues. If there is an island on the line over Mercury mount, it may cause serious problems and might lead to intestines related diseases.

If Health line on Mercury mount is wavy, such individuals may have problems related to Liver or Gallbladder. Also, diseases like malaria, fever or jaundice may affect their health. If the line is more yellowish, it means that a person has high chances of contracting jaundice or venereal diseases.

If a person's health line is clean, but Life line is thin, crossed or cut at some place, this indicates improvement in health. Similarly, if Head line is weak and health line is strong, this also imply positive results for mind related problems. However, its opposite signifies poor health, especially problems related to head and stomach may increase.

In the same manner, if a person’s Heart line is clean, but Health line is crossed or cut, this means that they may suffer from heart and liver problems. However, its opposite hints towards improvement in such problems.

In Palmistry, different planets are associated with the lines on your hand. You can also find about how your health will be in future or what diseases may affect you later by analysing their position on your palm. Let’s take a look at what health issues may arise from different signs, lines or symbols:
  • A cross sign on Health line means that a person may suffer from indigestion.
  • If there is a triangle on the line over Mercury mount, it indicate perfect health.
  • If Mars mount has more lines on it, there are chances of stomach or blood related ailments.
  • If lines emerging from Mercury mount reach Saturn mount while intersecting Life line, a person might suffer from an injury or accident.
  • If lines emerging from Mercury mount reach Saturn mount while crossing Head line and Life line, there are increased chances of catching grave diseases.
  • If upward Mars mount has a Mole on it, a person may suffer from eye problems.
  • If Head line reaches Moon mount and is slimmer than other lines, high blood pressure or stomach issues are likely.
  • If Saturn mount has cut or crossed lines on it, diseases related to teeth like Pyoria or gas related problems may occur.
  • If chained lines are present on Saturn mount and more lines are there on Mars mount, a person may suffer from Arthritis problem.
  • Cross sign on Mars mount may cause Piles problem. If the same sign is also on Saturn mount, it might add to your health problems.
  • If Life line and Head line are meeting with each other and Jupiter mount is developing, a person may have throat problems.
  • If Star symbol is on Health line of your palm, it might create problems with childbirth.
  • If both Head line and Health line are clean to read, it indicates that a person has good memory.
  • If multiple lines emerge upwards from Health line, people with such lines enjoys good health and well-being. However, if these lines are in downward direction, a person suffers from health problem.

  • If a woman’s Life line is cut or crossed, she is more likely to have menstrual and Uterus related issues.
  • Cross sign on Saturn mount may lead to problems like accident during a fight or dispute, mental illness or infertility. A web symbol composed of many short lines on the mount increases suicidal tendencies in a person. Furthermore, if there is a circle symbol on this mount, there are increased chances of pain from poison or snake bites.
  • Web symbol of small lines on Apollo (Sun) mount offers mental development as well as defamation.
  • Star symbol on Mercury mount represents good health. On the other hand, cross sign on the mount indicates skin diseases. Webbed lines or mole can also cause skin related problems. Island on this mount is a bad omen for health, but if there is a circle symbol on it, that means a person has a long life.
  • Cross sign on Moon mount indicates danger from water or unknown, or urinary related diseases.
  • Web of small lines on Moon mount may cause Epilepsy or arise suicidal tendency, fear and pessimism in a person.
  • Circle over Moon mount on the palm causes cough related health issues, whereas island symbol on it gives birth to problems such as Psychopathy or mental illness, sleep walking, depression, etc.
  • Cross on the mount of Mars signifies physical injury, whereas web symbol of multiple short lines indicates mental illness and suicide tendencies. Furthermore, Mole symbol on Mars mount causes problems such as irregular blood pressure, physical disability, injury during a fight, etc.
  • Symbols on the mount of Venus give birth to various health issues like cross causes venereal diseases, webbed lines lead to health declinition, Mole indicates Gonorrhea, venereal diseases, danger from water; Circle causes physical disability due to an accident, Venus related diseases or chronic issues.
  • Cross sign over the mount of Rahu on your palm causes long - term diseases, webbed symbol gives birth to madness, mental illness or hallucinations. Mole symbol on this mount leads to blood disorder in a person.
  • Symbols on Ketu mount such as Cross creates health problems in childhood, web symbol causes different types of diseases, Mole represents Smallpox whereas Island indicates physical weakness and diseases.
  • Overly developed Jupiter mount on your palm may result in fat related problems. Health ailments like indigestion and diabetes also occur due to the inauspiciousness of the mount of Jupiter. Apart from this, the problem of swelling in one’s body can also be assessed with the help of this planet mount.
  • If your nails are clean and clear, it represents good health.
  • If Saturn mount is underdeveloped and the mount of Jupiter is also not elevated, a person may suffer from health issues such as arthritis, joints pain or gas problems.

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Thus, from the above information on Palmistry, you can gain insight on various types of health diseases. Furthermore, by acknowledging them, you can also employ the required remedies necessary to prevent them. We hope that this article based on Palmistry from AstroSage will prove to be helpful for you.

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