Monday, February 6, 2017

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo

The retrogradation of Jupiter is here. It shall begin on the 6th of February, 2017 at 12:12 pm and then, would gradually become progressive on the 09th of June, 2017 at 19:35. The heavenly body would remain in this state of retrogression motion for a total of 124 days, give or take.

The celestial body Jupiter usually remains retrograded for 4 months a year. It is the significator or the molder of the second, fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house. As per the astrologers, Jupiter is believed to be the lord of Puravasa, Vishakha and Purvabhadra nakshatra. To be the most mightiest and dominant of planet’s among the nine planets is something only Jupiter could pull off . It represents opportune-ness, honesty, justice, positive qualities as well as galore of happiness. 


If you do the donkey work, you shall be equally rewarded. All your hard work & perseverance would finally pay off. A legal obstacle might bother you before being finally taken care of, successfully. 


Students would witness a dramatic turnaround in fortunes as far as their academics is concerned. Garnering knowledge would surely be on your agenda as you would be desperately inclined to do so.


Fruitful span for business associations. You will gain harmony, love and strength in your familial relationships. Spouse will do well in their professional endeavour. Progress in your health betterment. 


This span will be in full swing. All departments of life shall be uplifted. There may be a fat chance of hike in earnings. Take care of opponents and competitors, as they could be the one calling the shots. You would most likely have to pull your own weight in order to attain success.


You could be getting some financial aid from your in-laws. Students could see a sharp rise in their results. Overall, happiness & contentment will surround you & your loved ones. 


You would have to be more understanding as far your relationship goes. Try to listen things from their prospective else these pitty tiffs and quarrels would soon consume your relationship. Expenses could rise as well. 


Your expenses would walk hand in hand with your income. You could also be heading towards multiple sources of income. Your health could take a beating so keep good care of yourself. 


Try not to get into altercations with your seniors, or people high up the corporate ladder. Your professional life shall be blazingly awesome as you would witness a meteoric rise. Just remember, you have to stay focused. 


You might go on a long fulfilling trip a lot sooner than you expect. You would be very confident of your things as well as yourself. You will have punch above your weight in order to have a blistering professional life. 


You might wanna give switching your job a shot. Your expenses could rise significantly so in order to avoid bankruptcy, it is advised to keep a tight leash on your expenditures. Health of siblings could increase. 


Spontaneous travel plan will keep you highly engaged as well as occupied. You could get your fingers burned but not in the literal of senses. Health of spouse could keep you bothered. Try to eat healthy & exercise regularly.


Try not to behave like a bear with sore head on matters that require sensitivity & tenderness. You will enjoy an enthralling period in your marital life. You would be quite gregarious as well as you would see your social circle increase. 

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