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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (July 11 - 17)

Get the answers of all your queries regarding the future of upcoming week with our weekly horoscopes and exclusive love weekly horoscopes. Our astrologers has prepared these horoscopes especially for you, so go ahead and read them.

Weekly Horoscope 2016 for July 11 - 17


Arians, this week you will get positive results from different sources. This is the time when your hard work will pay off. You will be supported by your in-laws & friends. You might get more inclined towards adventurous activities for ex. rafting, swimming etc. This week you will put your heart out in every task you do. 

Love Predictions: This week you will going to get mixed results in terms of courtship. As per your horoscope, you are suggested to avoid mutual suspicion, otherwise you might spoil the fun in love. The initial days of the week look interesting, some jibber-jabber in love might take place. But, not to worry – we fight with the most important people in our life and relationships are worth fighting for. The middle of the week is lovely for married ones. Lastly, the weekend is little weak. Thus, take care. 

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Taureans, a courageous attitude will be seen in you. You might get an opportunity to explore different places and new tastes by traveling to distinct places. Domestic life will observe blissful happiness while mother’s health might bother some. Although this time, is in your favor, you need to spend money wisely. Students will perform well in exams. 

Love Predictions: The week is very beautiful to celebrate love, but restrain your sexual desires this week. You might get bothered by the people around you. So, take care. The week will start in a good manner, new proposals in life might enter your love life. In the middle of the week, love will reach to it’s height, although small disputes might take place resulting in an increase of love. The weekend will going to be spent in more fun. Married couples will cherish more beautiful moments. 

Remedy: Avoid making journeys at night. 

Ratings: 3.5/5


Geminis, singles might hear wedding bells soon. For married couples, the week is beautiful. Some guests might knock your doors this week and an outing might be planned with them. This week has arrived with favorable outcomes in the professional front as well as on domestic. Although, some issues might arise. Overall a good week is there with a full support of colleagues. 

Love Predictions: In general, the week will going to bring an amalgamation of different outcomes. You can enjoy goodness in love by not being a stubborner. In the early days of the week, the bad mood for some reason might be troublesome. The impact of this mood will have on you in the middle of the week as well, but not to worry. Mid-week and the weekend are quite good for love affairs. Moreover, beware from anger. 

Remedy: To avoid health issues, avoid taking the stress.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Cancerians, this week you will receive desired outcomes at domestic as well as professional front. A great time is there for Cancerians, a full support will be received from seniors. With your good behavior, you will be able to influence others. Also, you will be able to tackle every tough situation with ease. This week is in your favor providing you the happiness. 

Love Predictions: This week, a situation of bizarre in love will be seen. A deep love in a relationship will remain, but in such a manner that its disclosure might spoil the mood of the partner. Therefore, you need to tackle this situation intelligently. In the beginning of the week, you might get the lack of chances to meet each other, but whenever you get to make the best use of it. While, midweek, and the weekend will be average.

Remedy: Do not bother others unnecessarily.

Ratings: 3/5


Lions, your presence of mind and fluency will increase this week. People around you will get attracted towards you, especially of opposite sex. At the office, you might fall for someone, may be a colleague that too, for a short period of time. You might get bothered by some distractions but in the end, you will succeed in accomplishing your work. Journey related to work are possible, go for it and enjoy. 

Love Predictions: This week is favorable for love life but you are also advised to avoid speaking harshly. Especially, in the initial days of the week, avoid indulging yourself in any disputes with a partner. Going out for lunch or dinner will make your bond grow stronger. While the middle of the week is relatively better, you will go out and enjoy entertainment activities with a love partner. Over the weekend, if you have any plan to meet, delaying it would be a good decision.

Remedy: Concentrate on your work. 

Ratings: 3.5/5


Virgonians, this week is very favorable to resolve your legal matters. Further, be cautious of legal problems. Sweet is the relation when it comes to father and daughter. Therefore, your father will support you in every tough situation. Although, a little quarrel might be possible with the elder brother. Lastly, take care of your health, seasonal health issues might trouble. 

Love Predictions: This week will going to be mixed with romance in love life. If the partner is living far away then chances to meet him/her are strong. Married couples are likely to get better results than bachelors. Although the starting days of the week might look pleasing to you, you are suggested not to get become emotional and impractical. Mid-week will be spent ordinarily. And, the weekend will provide you with different upshots. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva to fetch good results. 

Ratings: 3.5/5


Librans, this week you need control your anger. Your harsh speech might put someone's smile down, otherwise, it might lead you in defamation. In the mid part of this week, you might be occupied with heavy loads of work. Lastly, in the weekend, a relief will be observed from work. Chances of a friend visiting your house is possible. 

Love Predictions: This week, you will get mixed results in terms of sexual life. It will be good to keep your professional life and problems related to it outside the home only. By doing this better results can be gained. At the beginning of the week, you can get a chance to meet your love partner. While, you may stay a little emotional in the middle of the week. Your voice may become abominable. Therefore, it is advisable to do things with patience.

Remedy: Keep a control on your anger.

Ratings: 3/5


Scorpions, this week you will make many wise decisions. People will seek you for your advice and suggestions. The personality will also be developed this week including your communication skills. You might be rewarded with fame and promotions as your seniors are already impressed by you. This week is auspicious for you to take some bold decisions about life. For love birds, time is favorable to confess their love in front parents. 

Love Predictions: Week is going to be mixed in terms of love. If you are unable to restrain your emotions, try hard to get the hold on them, otherwise, people can create fuss out of it. Beginning of the week is favorable. Enjoy this time in love to the fullest, since the middle of the week you may get less time for love. Over the weekend, as per your horoscope – protect yourself from getting into the emotional flow.

Remedy: Do not make traveling plans at night. 

Ratings: 3/5


Sagittarians, the week has arrived giving you the advice to act mature in a relationship otherwise disputes might occur. This week a full support from children will be gained. For the service class people, time is average and people who are involved in business will be rewarded with profits. Lastly, the week will be of mixed results. 

Love Predictions: In general, the week will provide you with wonderful results. A trip with partner far away from home is possible or at some religious place. In the beginning of the week, your heart may start to beat for a colleague at the office. And, if you are interested in pursuing this love, mid-week is quite friendly. The weekend is less favorable, thus being moralistic will be good. 

Remedy: Avoid doing any commencement in business this week.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Capricorns, this week due to health issues work efficiency might decrease like illness related to head & eyes. You need to take care of your mother’s health whereas some ideological differences with soulmate might arise. This week a relief from work will be taken by you. In your tough time, friends will help you to find the solution accordingly. 

Love Predictions: This week is a mixture of different results from love life. Any kind of tenacity might decrease the power of love. So, it is important to keep calm. In the beginning of the week, ask your partner to go out on a pilgrimage with you. It will be auspicious while in the middle of the week balancing your professional and personal life is important. Lastly, the weekend will be of full enjoyment.

Remedy: Avoid eating unhealthy food. 

Ratings: 4/5


Aquarians, mixed results will be gained this week. Although, the week will be little hectic, happiness will be gained. Your friends will give you a full support which will make your time better. You might get serious this week and will think about future. For natives, who are taking part in the competition will receive success as chances are high. 

Love Predictions: Auspicious results are awaiting this week. If you are interested in someone, the middle of the week is perfect to confess your feeling to him/her. Chances are bright that you will get positive results. Beginning of the week is great, while on a weekend you might find difficulties in balancing love and professional life at the same time.

Remedy: Perform meditation for feeling relaxed.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Pisceans, a favorable week is there for you. You might purchase something big this like a car, property etc. Expenses will going to increase on accessories while income remain constant. You will be appreciated by the people in your surroundings. Time is not favorable, therefore, avoid making investments in the stock market and taking loans. 

Love Predictions: This week will provide you with different types of outcomes in life. A happening week will start, in which you will be able to value partner's emotions. But, in the middle of the week you have to remain moralistic, otherwise, people might gossip. The weekend is comparatively better. This time, you may go on a trip at some sacred place with spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. 

Remedy: Donate food and service cows. 

Ratings: 3/5

Love predictions are exclusively prepared by love & marriage expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

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