Sunday, September 6, 2015

Venus Direct In Cancer - Effects On You

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, will direct into Cancer on September 06, 2015. Certain changes will be seen in your life due to this planetary change. Want to know about changes? Read this exclusive horoscope article.

Venus direct in Cancer will change your fate.

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This transit will bring overall goodness in your life. A successful career, blissful love life, stable finances, everything you wanted. Read more..


Students will do well in studies; others will shine at workfront. You will sound intellectual and influential. Read more..


You will eat good, wear good and live a good phase during this transit. Financial gains will remain there. Read more..


You attention will shift toward looking attractive. Friends will be there for you always. You will talk well and impress all. Read more..


Prosperity will fill your life. Sweet moments with beloved will keep you delighted. Purchase of new cell or tab is possible. Read more..


An excellent phase of your life. Love will blossom into your life. Things will go tremendously great at work. Read more..


You will perform excellent at workfront. Improving your personality and looking best will remain your priorities. Read more..


A new chapter of love will begin in your life. If associated with import-export, this transit is going to be your golden period. Read more..


Other than getting benefits from life partner, everything else will remain average. Don’t worry, time will settle all. Read more..


Business will go great and things will be beautiful in love life. However, expenses might exceed limit. Read more..


This phase might slow down your punctuality. You will turn humorous. Keep an eye on your eating habits. Read more..


Get ready to enjoy music, entertainment and joyful activities. Your suggestions will prove helpful to one and all. Read more..

By Acharya Raman

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