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Transit of Venus In Taurus (June 18, 2014) - How Will It Affect You?

Venus is transiting into zodiac sign, Taurus, on June 18, 2014. This change of sign from Aries to Taurus, will bring changes for all the 12 zodiac signs. Read this article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra and know, whether this transit will prove fortunate or a troublemaker for your sign.

Transit of Venus In Taurus and its effects on all zodiac signs

On June 18, 2014, at 05:58 pm, Venus will transit from Aries to Taurus. This transitory change of Venus will prove favorable not only for the womanhood, but also for the entire nation. The transit will bring boom for the people associated with arts, entertainment etc. This time period seems fortunate for the upcoming movies too. Inflation will be seen in the prices of gold and silver. Items of daily use for women will see hike in their prices. Couples who are facing some problems in their married life, will get relief. The transit will favor film industry and cosmetic business.

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Let’s read effects of Venus transit on all the 12 zodiac signs:

Aries: Arians will get extremely good profits in their business; however, they might spend on themselves. It would be good for you, if you control the habit of spending unnecessarily on beauty products and show off stuffs.

Taurus: Probability of some journeys are foreseen. You may get unexpected money. Benefits in paternal business are assured. In matters related to business, profits are possible from outside sources, as well. This prove to be a good time for job.

Gemini: Due to Venus transit, expenses may increase. This is the time, when taking any sort of risk in business, can lead to loss. Hard work may yield less result. However, this time is good for long distance journeys.

Cancer: Cancerians will get support from their better half. Success in works related to journeys are foreseen. Whether it's a matter related to property or purchase of vehicle, favorable results are assured. Partnerships might also result in financial gains.

Leo: Venus, being the lord of tenth house, will reside in your 10th house, which will strengthen the accomplishment possibilities of pending tasks. Debt related matters will get accomplished. Fruitful results are witnessed for the doctors and lawyers.

Virgo: For the natives of this sign, transit of Venus will bring fortunate results. This time is favorable for the love birds, who are planning for marriage. Venus will produce good results for the students as well.

Libra: This time is favorable for the natives of this sign. However, there may be some financial issues. Avoid lending money to anyone. Refrain from investing in land and property matters. Keep your plans unrevealed or you may not get expected results.

Scorpio: Scorpions will get results, as per their hard work. You will get support and happiness from friends. Works will get accomplished with their support. This time is also good for personal life. Your expected plans will get initiation and you will get good results.

Sagittarius: People associated with share market need to use their intelligence. At this time, avoid getting over excited on any issue and keep a check on your words. This time demands attention toward domestic life.

Capricorn: Venus is transiting in your fifth house, it will yield positive results. Love life will keep you happy. Prosperity will be seen in financial matters. If you are planning to switch your job, it would be good to analyze it carefully before finalizing.

Aquarius: This time period seems good for you; however, some meaningful expenses are possible. Possibilities of getting property or vehicle are foreseen; still, careful investment is necessary. This is the time to enjoy and cherish domestic life.

Pisces: You will see rise in bravery and self confidence. This time is immensely good from business perspectives. You will get favorable results from investments. However, it is suggested to stay calm and have patience. Be careful in everything you do.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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