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Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians: The Astrology Predictions on 6th April (Astrology)

BY Dr. G.K Adith Kasinath
CSK Vs MI: The Astrology Predictions

Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians (6 April 2013) : The Astrology Predictions

The IPL match between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians will be played on the 6th April 2013. Approx time of the play is 9 P.M. Will the Chennai Super Kings be able to win this match against the Mumbai Indians? Let us find out with the help of Astrology.

Horary number given in favor of Chennai Super Kings: 110
Judgment Date: 6.4.2013
Time: 10.18.12 A.M
Place: Salem (11n39 78e12)

CSK’s lagna in Virgo sign:

Lagna Lord Mercury is the Lord of 10 also posited in 6 (victory to CSK).

It is in the star of lord of 7(MI) Jupiter who is in 9 and aspects both 1 and 5(victory to MI). This shows some favor to MI. But Jupiter is in the star of Moon lord of 11 in 5 closed to 6th cusp.

Lord of 8 and 12 occupying 7th cusp is favoring the MI. But all are traveling the star of Mercury the significator of 1,6,10.

Mercury is CSL for 7,5,11:

Mercury is in its own sub and significator of 1,6,10,5,11 does support CSK.

Both the 5th CSL(MI fulfillment of desire) and 11th CSL(CSK’s fulfillment of desire) is Mercury , hence it favors CSK.
6th CSL: (CSK’s victory): Moon: lord of 11 in 5. It is in the star of Mars lord of 8 in 7. All these factors favor the MI. But Mars is the star of Mercury (1, 6, 10).
Moon is in the sub of Mercury itself.
Hence though some supports to MI seen, ultimately it favors CSK.
12 CSL: (MI’s victory): RAHU:
Rahu is in the star of 2. Conjoined with Lord of 5 and 6 Saturn who is in the star of Rahu itself and sub of Venus who is in the star of Mercury (1,6,10).
Saturn aspects 11th cusp.
Rahu is in the sub of Mercury itself.

The running DBAS: Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn
All are somehow connected to Mercury the strong significator of 1,6,10 and also 11.


Though there are favorable significations are seen for both the teams, there could be a win-win situation and a tough battle. But considering the influence of Mercury (favoring CSK) connected to most of the planets, it could favor CSK at the end. Therefore, I come to this conclusion that the Chennai Super Kings will win the match against the Mumbai Indians. Let’s see if my prediction is proven right or it turns out to be a mistake.

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