Skanda Sashti in 2019: Mantras To Appease Lord Kartikeya

Appease Lord Kartikeya with Skanda Sashti fast, attain happiness & success! Know the importance of the fast, mythological legend and entire worshipping rituals.

Skand Shashti, also known as Skanda Shashti, is a festival celebrated every year in South India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu. Like other Indian festivals, this festival also symbolizes the victory of good over evil. The natives worship Lord Murugan, Subramanya and Kartikeya, sons of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, on this day. According to the Skanda Purana, fasting on Skanda Sashti holds special significance and this fast is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya.
Skanda Sashti in 2019

As we have told you that the fast of Skanda Sashti is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, the son of Shiva-Parvati, which is celebrated for six days. In the year 2019, this festival begins on Wednesday, 4 September. In North India, Lord Kartikeya is called the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, whereas in South India, natives worship Lord Murugan as their son. Especially in the provincial states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. in South India, there is a provision to worship Lord Kartikeya, which is also known as Skanda Shashti Puja.

The festival of Skanda Sashti celebrates the birth of Lord Murugan and destruction of the Asuras. Hence, anyone who worships the Lord with true devotion gets rid of his/her sufferings and attains happiness and prosperity. Every year on this six-day festival, all the devotees gather in large numbers in the temples of Lord Kartikeya. On this occasion, grand processions are also organized at many places. Apart from this, the famous temples of South India like Thirupparamkunram Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Subramaniam and located at the Udupi and Palani Hills, organize special poojas for six days on this festival. A huge fair is also organized in many places.

Skanda Sashti & Its Religious Significance

Skanda Purana is a sacred scripture like all other eighteen Puranas. According to Skanda Purana, in the mythological time, Tarakasura, Surpadma, and Simhamukha defeated the Devtas with their divine powers and chased them away from Heaven to Earth. By conquering the Heaven, those demons started terrorizing the Earth by torturing the Devtas and humans. 

Of the three demons Tarakasura, Surapadma, Simhamukha, Esurpadma had attained a boon from Lord Mahadeva that no god or man could kill him except the son of Lord Shiva. The terror of the Demons was increasing day by day. On the other hand, Lord Shiva was extremely upset due to Goddess Sati getting engulfed in fire, and as a result, immersed in severe austerity. The demons took full advantage of this situation, as they were aware of the fact that none other than Lord Shiva can stop their deeds.

Troubled by the increasing terror, all the Gods and Goddesses went to Lord Brahma for his help. At their request, Lord Brahma requested Lord Kama Dev to awaken Lord Shiva from his tenacity. However, everyone knew very well that it is not an easy task to wake up Mahadev. There were a lot of risks, as it was difficult for anyone to escape the wrath of Lord Shiva. But to control the worsening situation, Lord Kama decided to go ahead and attained success in his efforts. However, due to the disturbance caused in his tenacity, Lord Shiva's Third Eye got opened wide due to his anger, which consumed Lord Kamdev with its fierce fire.

It is believed that at that time, Lord Shiva's body was dismembered into six parts, which fell into the Ganges River. Then, Goddess Ganga kept those six fractions of Lord Shiva in the jungle. Many years later, Goddess Parvati created six sons of Lord Mahadev, one of them being Lord Murugan.

The Skanda Purana depicts Lord Murugan in many forms. According to it:-

  • Lord Murugan has one face, and two hands.
  • According to the second form, he has four hands and one face.
  • According to the third form, he has six faces and twelve hands.

When Goddess Parvati was creating Lord Murugan, the terror of Demons was increasing day by day. Adding to it, they had held several Devtas and Devis captive. Observing this, Lord Murugan decided to put an end to all of it, and challenged the Demons for a battle, which lasted for days. On the last day, Lord Murugan finally killed the demon Surpadma and saved the world and Gods.

The day the Asuras were terminated was the day of Skanda Sashti, which established the fact about the Good triumphing over Evil. Since then, it is believed that the people of South India celebrate this festival with great reverence every year to celebrate this victory.

Since Lord Murugan is known by many names in many different states like Kartikeya, Murugan Swami and Skanda. Hence, this day is known as Skanda Shashti

Things To Remember During Skanda Sashti

Do not consume meat or alcohol during these six days.
During this time, many people avoid using onion, garlic etc.
Those who fast on Skanda Sashti must recite Lord Murugan, Kanta Shashthi Kavasam and Subramanya Bhujangam Path.
During this time, visit the Lord Murugan's temple in the morning and worship him.
Throughout the fast, nothing should be eaten. However, if this is not possible, then you can have one meal or fruit diet throughout the day.
Fasting for all six days of Skanda Sashti is considered to be auspicious.
Several natives who are fasting drink coconut water for six days.
During this time, the native should avoid lying, fighting and quarreling.

Appease Lord Murugan With These Mantras On Skanda Sashti

According to the scriptures, worshiping Lord Murugan with these mantras during Skanda Sashti is very auspicious. Chanting these mantras brings happiness in married life.

  • ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विधमहे: महा सैन्या धीमहि तन्नो स्कंदा प्रचोदयात। / oṃ tatpuruṣāya vidhamahe: mahā sainyā dhīmahi tanno skaṃdā pracodayāta।
  • ॐ शारवाना-भावाया नम: ज्ञानशक्तिधरा स्कंदा वल्लीईकल्याणा सुंदरा, देवसेना मन: कांता कार्तिकेया नामोस्तुते। / oṃ śāravānā-bhāvāyā nama: jñānaśaktidharā skaṃdā vallīīkalyāṇā suṃdarā, devasenā mana: kāṃtā kārtikeyā nāmostute।

We hope that Lord Murugan gives you immense happiness and prosperity on Skanda Sashti 2019 festival. We wish you a happy future.
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Weekly Horoscope (2 - 8 September 2019)

Read our weekly horoscope of 2-8 September, 2019 to know what the planets and stars have in store for you. Along with providing intricate details about your love, marital and various spheres of your life, this weekly forecast also prescribes vivid remedies to put an end to your existing problems and difficulties.

Welcome to AstroSage once again. Like always, we are back with the weekly horoscope of 2-8 September 2019, which will give you crucial insights about the upcoming days of the week. This astrological forecast will guide you about the various events which are yet to take place in your life and their impending impacts on your mental, social, economic, domestic and professional life. Accurate predictions find place in this horoscope which have been specifically curated by your expert astrologers, so that you are provided with the best foresights of all the seven days to come and you can make the most of this week. The most fascinating fact about this weekly horoscope is that, readers can get access to genuine predictions through this, for free. If you are dealing with any problem or silently suffering because of sadness, then it is highly recommended to go through this horoscope as it will definitely help you in putting an end to your problems. We hope that this weekly report brings rays of light to your life and guides you to move ahead in the correct path of life.

These Zodiac Signs will get Lucky this Week!

After taking a look at the positions taken by various planets and Nakshatra, it can be taken into account that natives belonging to Libra and Capricorn zodiac signs have good probabilities of getting lucky and receiving fruitful outcomes during the time of this week. Such natives have a greater likelihood of achieving the desired results in the undertaken tasks., as compared to the other folks. On the contrary, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn natives are advised to remain extremely cautious, as they may come across certain health problems as well as other difficulties during the time of this week. The remaining other natives can expect to witness an average time period. You can also put an end to your hardships by observing the remedies according to your zodiac sign which are specially prescribed for you in our weekly horoscope. 

Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts of this Week 

As per the calculations of Hindu Panchang, this week will begin with Shukla Paksha’s Chaturthi Tithi and end with Shukla Paksha’s Dashami Tithi. Meanwhile, Chandra Dev or the planet Moon, will remain posited in the VIrgo zodiac sign. It will soon move to make its transit in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius respectively. At around the same time Chandrama will also move through Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Visakha, Anuradha, Jyestha and Moola Nakshatras and its influence will be seen in accordingly. Talking about festivals and fasts which shall be observed during this week, the fast of Ganesh Chaturthi will be kept by devotees on 2nd September, 2019. 

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Share Market Predictions 

This week will prove to be quite volatile for the Share Market. If we talk about specific days of the week, then the market will witness a boom period on 3 and 4 September, 2019 and recession will be seen prevailing on 5 and 6 September, 2019. Items that primarily will see a slowdown in prices are pepper, vivid food items, cotton, bread and gunny bags. However, their pricing will also catch up in between. On September 7 and 8, there will be a spurt in the prices of various commodities. The prices of Gold, Silver and metals will fluctuate, so it is better to invest thoughtfully. During the second half of this week, the rates of Ghee, Oil, Jaggery etc. are expected to increase. 

Celebrity Birthdays This Week 

The most talked about celebrities who will celebrate their birthdays during this week’s time are Vivek Oberoi and Shakti Kapoor, who will blow their birthday candles on 3 September, 2019. On the next day i.e. 4 September 2019, the very talented Rishi Kapoor will celebrate his birthday. On 6 September 2019, famous director and producer Rakesh Roshan and on 7 September 2019, badminton player Jwala Gutta and the extremely versatile Radhika Apte will seen throwing their birthday bashes. Additionally, this week will also host the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli RadhaKrishnan, which is widely celebrated all over the nation as Teacher’s Day. Let us now move on to the predictions of this week. 

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This week, the Moon will be making its transit through the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth houses of your zodiac sign. The Moon, as it enters your sixth house at the beginning of the week, brings an increase in your mental stress levels, which can also affect your health adversely. This time period will be…Read More

Love Predictions:

Aries natives will have a good week concerning love related matters. The position of the Moon will increase the love between couples, and you will get many chances for romance. While the Sun’s position may stop you from moving ahead in your relationship, your love life will remain….Read More


The first week of September will begin with the Moon entering your fifth house. You will need to speed up your efforts because only then will you be able to reap the benefits of your hard work. You can even earn money with the help of your hobby in the meanwhile. Taurus natives in love can look forward to nothing but success…..Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will prove to be slightly better in terms of love matters. Jupiter’s aspect will bring you and your beloved closer while improving the relations between you. Some of you can even think about turning this love relation to a love marriage. You both will remain honest and loyal towards each other, and the understanding in your….Read More


The first week of September will begin for Gemini natives with the Moon’s transit in their fourth house. As a result, you will be more predisposed towards your family, spending time with them, and taking care of your responsibilities towards them. Your mother’s health will improve, adding to the joyous environment. On the one hand, you may spend some money on….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week is pointing towards being more vigilant for Gemini natives in love. There is a possibility of bitterness entering your love relationship, and Saturn’s aspect will only add to that negativity. Hence, care for your relationship while being cautious; otherwise, you may have to….Read More


The first week of September will commence with an increase in your strength and might for Cancer natives as the Moon makes its transit through their third house. This time will be perfect for your siblings as well because your relationship with them will remain pleasant and they will support you. Moreover, they may also receive benefits because of…..Read More

Love Predictions:

This week is typical for love matters. You will remain busy in your daily routine and yet will be seen trying to take out time for your beloved. You will attempt to find the time from your busy schedule to go out and spend time with your lover. Married natives will……Read More


The second week of September brings mixed results for Leo natives as Moon moves through their second, third, fourth, and fifth houses. The presence of the Moon in your second house will bring peace in your family, and you will be seen expressing your goodwill towards others. At this time you will get the full support of your kin, and as a result, you will be….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will continue normally like before, for love related matters of Leo native. You will find your beloved fully dedicated towards you, making you very happy, and you too will be showering them with love. All this will only increase the romance between you two multifold. Married natives also will….Read More


Virgo will host the transit of the Moon, which will move from your first house, to then enter your second, third, and fourth house throughout the week. As a result, the first week of September will be beneficial for you in all aspects except monetary. With the presence of the Moon in your first house, you will spend a lot of your money on yourself, which can cause a slight……Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will be slightly better than usual for Virgo natives in love related matters. However, your lover may be apart from you due to some reason. In such a scenario, support them and help them financially if required. You both will realize each other’s value, which will….Read More

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The first week of September begins for Libra natives with the Moon making its transit through their twelfth house. This can take you on a work-related trip, which can turn out to be quite favourable with enough effort. This time will bring a sudden hike in your income. Keep moving ahead in your endeavours speedily, and you will finally get appreciated for…..Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will be pleasant for love related matters, for Libra natives. The aspect of Sun, Moon, and Mercury will offer you mixed results. The mutual understanding between you and your lover, as well as the spice in your relationship, will increase. On the other hand, the Sun’s position indicates the interference of a third person in your midst, which can lead to….Read More


The first week of September will ring in the transit of Moon, in the eleventh, twelfth, first, and second houses of Scorpio natives. The Moon in the eleventh house brings possibilities of a long-distance trip, which will also bring benefits for you. Additionally, your relations with your elder siblings will improve, and you will gain profits with their support and….Read More

Love Predictions:

There may be some health-related problems for your lover on the cards during the first week of September. Yet, these days will be good for love related matters of Scorpio natives, overall. At the same time, you need to remember and honour your partner; otherwise, arguments….Read More


The transit of Moon will begin with the tenth house of Sagittarius natives due to which they will have to face some ups and downs in their professional life. However, time can be slightly favourable for your family life. You will need to centre your mind and heart in this period; otherwise, you will spend your week in unnecessary worries. On those grounds, you will….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week may not be as favourable for Sagittarius natives in love. Hence, you need to remain patient and give ample importance to your lover, because only then will you be able to resolve the situation. The effects of several planets and their positions are indicating….Read More

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Capricorn natives will ring in the first week of September with the Moon’s transit in their ninth house. It will then continue its transitory motion through their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. At the beginning of the week, married natives may plan a vacation with their spouse with the Moon present in their ninth house. This trip will increase the love between you….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will prove to be rather engaging for love related matters for Capricorn natives. The aspect of Mars can push those in love to take a big decision, along with their lover. If you wish to tie the knot, then you both can talk this out and come to a resolution. While problems are….Read More


The first week of September will begin with some restlessness mentally for Aquarius natives as the Moon transits through their eighth house, bringing possibilities of mental stress with it. If you are under a loan or debt, then you will be seen working towards repaying it. You need to watch out for your opponents because your enemies can….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week is slightly better than usual in love related matters, for Aquarius natives in love. They will get the courage to move ahead in their relationship, and your will power will keep your hope alive. Additionally, some of you can even go on a trip, not far away, with your….Read More


Pisces natives will have a week full of mixed results from the Moon’s transit in their seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth houses of their birth chart. The Moon’s presence in their seventh house will be the cause of success in their love life. Student natives will get good results in the field of education and hence, should….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will be good for Pisces natives, in love related affairs, because the position of the planet Jupiter will bring success in your love life. Some of you can even arrange a meeting between your beloved and your parents. However, the position of Mars can….Read More

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 - Auspicious Muhurat and forbidden Chandra Darshan time

Why is it forbidden to look at the Moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi? Read our special blog on this festival and get to know the glory of this religious occasion. Additionally, discover the mythological facts associated with Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Vinayak Damodar, Lord Ganesha. This auspicious day falls on Shukla Paksha’s Chaturthi Tithi during the month of Bhadrapada every year. In the year of 2019, this Tithi will be observed on 2nd September. Today, through this blog, we will get to know an important fact related to Ganesh Chaturthi. Explanations will be given about why it is considered inauspicious to spectate the Moon on this day. But before moving on, it is necessary to know the auspicious Muhurat of Ganesh Chaturthi and also the forbidden time to view the Moon.

Ganesh Puja Muhurat during the afternoon hours

2 September 2019 (Monday)From 11:04:28 till 13ः37:022 hours 32 minutes

Note: The time period given above is valid for New Delhi only. Click Here to know the Muhurat of your city. 

As per the Shastras, it has been said that Ganesh Ji was born in the afternoon hours on Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha during the month of Bhadrapada. This explains the reason why the auspicious Muhurat of noon time is chosen to commemorate the Ganesh Puja and venerate the Lord. 

Ganesh Chaturthi Fast and Rituals to Follow

  • After showering in the morning, take an idol of Lord Ganesh, made of gold, copper or clay and worship the Siddhivinayak incarnation of Ganesha.
  • Fill water in an empty vessel and cover its mouth with a new piece of cloth. Now, take the idol of Ganesh Ji and place it over there. 
  • Offer vermilion or Durva to Lord Ganesha and also make an oblation of 21 Ladoos. Afterwards, distribute the same amongst Brahmins and poor people. 

Forbidden Time for Chandra Darshan

2 September 2019 (Monday)From 08:54:59 to 21:03:00

Why is it Forbidden to Watch the Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi? 

As per religious considerations, one should abstain from looking at the Moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is believed that by observing the Chndrama on this day, a person gets accused of Mithya Kalank(false allegations)for one year. Evidence of Lord Krishna getting accused of Mithya Kalank is also mentioned in our scriptures. If Chandra Darshan is done by mistake, then there is a description of a remedy to eradicate it by chanting the Chandra Darshan Dosha Mantra, mentioned in the religious texts. If this happens, you should recite this mantra 28, 54 or 108 times. Along with this, narrating the 57th chapter of the tenth Skanda of Srimad Bhagavad Gita is also prescribed to put an end to the Chandra Darshan Dosha.

Mantra to lift off the Chandra Darshan Dosha

siṃhaḥ prasenamavadhīt siṃho jāmbavatā hataḥ।
sukumāraka mā rodīstava hyeṣa syamantakaḥ।।

सिंहः प्रसेनमवधीत् सिंहो जाम्बवता हतः। 
सुकुमारक मा रोदीस्तव ह्येष स्यमन्तकः।। 

Mythological legends behind the forbiddance of Chandra Darshan 

According to the legend which finds place in Ganesh Purana, it has been stated that once the Moon or Chandrama started laughing at Ganesh Ji’s trunk, which infuriated the Lord of wisdom to a great extent. He said to the moon, "You are very proud of your beauty, today I curse you that anyone who sees you on the Chaturthi date of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha will get accused of false allegations." From then onwards, it is considered a taboo to spectate the Moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

We hope that you will find this special blog of ours interesting. AstroSage offers the best wishes for Ganesh Chaturthi!!
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September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

What are the major predictions of this month? Read the monthly horoscope of September 2019 and keep track of the changes which are yet to take place in your life.

Today marks the beginning of the September month, which has many special events and occurrences in store for you. After taking a look at the movements of various planets and Nakshatras, it can be said that many planetary transits will take place during the course of this month, which in turn will make its influence apparent in many aspects of your life. The monthly predictions of September 2019 are specially curated for you so that you can have a prior knowledge about the different fields of your life. Keeping our predictions in mind, you will be able to plan the upcoming days of the month in a smooth manner. There are some special zodiac signs who will do very well during this September 2019. The face of success will be seen by them in each and every realm. 

On the contrary, there are some other zodiac signs and the natives associated with them will have to perform rigorous hard work so as to obtain the desired results. To get the latest astrological forecast, read our monthly horoscope for September 2019 and get complete information about your career and fortune. Additionally, find out which major changes will grace your marital and domestic life. Students can also monitor the fate of their academics, with the help of our monthly predictions. During this month’s time, some special astrological situations will also get formed and many festivals will also be celebrated all over the nation. 

From an astrological point of view, this month is going to be very important as it will host the transit of four planets, namely Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The transitory motion adorned by planets is an impressive astronomical phenomenon, which can affect the natives of different zodiac signs in various ways and their impact will be visible in some specific areas of their life. Changes will not only be seen in the lives of human beings, but also in nature. In this month of September, Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury will change their place. All of these planets occupy an important status in Vedic astrology and also have the ability to influence human life in different ways. In order to comprehend, whether the transit of all these planets will have an auspicious or inauspicious effect on your life, let us now have a look at the monthly forecast for this month, but before moving on, read the major monthly predictions. 

Hindu Panchang of this Month 

As per the Hindu Panchang, this month will begin with Bhadrapad’s Shukla Paksha’s Dwitiya Tithi and end with Ashwin month’s Dwitiya Tithi , which falls on Monday. At the beginning of this month, the planets Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus will remain posited in the Leo zodiac sign, which in turn will form the Chatugrahi Yoga. As its makes progress, these planets, in their transitory motion will once again, move to take nest in the Virgo sign. As a result, Chatu Grahi Yoga will get formed once again. The combination of Mercury and Venus in this sign will give birth to a Neech Bhang Raj Yoga. According to Vedic astrology, the Chatur Grahi Yoga getting formed in these two zodiac signs will affect the entire society and country as well. In the last days of the month, Mercury planet will take residence in Libra sign the respective zodiac changes of Venus and Mercury will be able to procure favorable results.

Festivals this Month 

From a religious perspective it can be said that this month begins with Hartalika Teej which falls on Sunday, 1 September 2019. On the next day i.e. 2 September 2019, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated. Moving on, Parivartani Ekadashi , dedicated to Lord Vishnu will be observed on 9 September and Pradosh Vrat(Shukla) will be observed along with Onam on 11 September. Afterwards, on 12 September, Ananat Chaturdashi and on 14 September Bhadrapad Purnima Vrat will be commenced. On 17 September Sankashti Chaturthi and Kanya Sankranti will be celebrated. Whereas, Indira Ekadashi Vrat will be kept on 25 September. On 26 September Pradosh Vrat(Krishna) and on 27 September , Masik Shivratri will be celebrated. During the last days of the month, Ashwin Amavasya will be celebrated, which is also known as Sarv Pitru Amavasya. From 29 September, the auspicious occasion of Sharad Navratri will start and on this day only, Ghat Sthapana will be performed. Apart from this, many more auspicious and Siddha Yoga and Muhurat will also get formed in the month of September. During such a day, fasting and doing charity will be very beneficial and help one to attain the blessings of God.

Planetary Transits and India’s Relations with Neighbouring Countries 

The planets Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury will transit in Virgo, which happens to be the third sign from independent India’s birth sign, Cancer. It states about the traffic system, communication medium and neighboring countries of a particular nation. Therefore, due to this Chatugrahi Yoga, relations with neighbouring countries can become bitter on one hand, while on the other, the effect of Mercury and Venus will improve relations with some other countries. In simple words it can be said that, import-export and other business relations with some countries will get strengthened. At the same time, some harsh reactions can also be reciprocated by some others. 

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The Nation’s Fate During This Month 

During the month of September, some turbulent situations will be witnessed in the country. In the beginning, the Yoga formed after 4 planets taking residence in Leo zodiac sign will not be much favourable for the nation. There are chances of natural disasters taking place. Some cyclonic storm or any other kind of violent calamity can take place during the course of this month. Other than this, when the same four planets move to take residence in the Virgo zodiac sign, attempts will be made for the betterment of our Transportation and Communication system. At around the same time, some unsocial elements may try to propagate violence with the help of social media and some major vehicle accidents can also occur within the country. 

Importance of this Month: Which Sector will Make Profits? 

During this month, natives primarily associated with the field of Printing, Textile, Media, Writing, Acting, Architecture, Telecommunication, Insurance, and Banking etc. will get very good results.

Share Market Predictions of This Month 

During the month of September, the prices of many commodities will see a rise. The concerned items are Rice, Camphor, Garlic, Emerald, Sandalwood, Gold, Cedar and Kandamul etc. Also, inflation will be seen in the stocks of FMCG, agricultural products, Telecommunications, Insurance, Export, Mobile, Banking, Aviation, Media, Textiles, Finance, Paper, Internet, Cotton, etc. 

The Planet Venus to Launch in Virgo 

The initial days of this month will host the transit of Venus, which will leave the Sun's ruling sign, Leo on Tuesday, 10 September 2019 at 1:24 AM and enter the zodiac sign of its friendly planet Mercury. VIrgo happens to be the debilitated sign of Venus, but since Mercury is also present here in its exalted sign, Venus will give favorable results as its dormant state will get destroyed. This transit of Venus in this zodiac will remain till 4:56 am on Friday, October 4 2019 and after that it will enter its Libra zodiac....Read More about this Transit 

Mercury’s Transit to bring these Changes 

Along with this, during mid September, the planet Mercury will also transit in its exalted sign Virgo on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 04:47 AM and remain placed in the same sign until Sunday, September 29, 2019, at 12:41 PM. Due to this transit, students will get good results and big decisions will be taken regarding transportation and communication system and some new good arrangements will be made in these sectors....Read More: Mercury Transit in Virgo 

Lord Sun to Launch in Leo 

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, at 12:43 PM, the King of all the planets, Surya Dev, will also ride in his chariot and move out from its own sign Leo . it will make its transit in Virgo which comes under the rule of Mercury and remain placed in this zodiac sign until October 18, 2019, Friday 00:41 AM. Due to the transit of Lord Sun, the planets Venus, Mercury and Mars in Virgo will state will become ordinary and they will produce their effects under the governance of the Sun....Read More : Sun Transit in Virgo 

Mars Transit in Virgo 

During the conclusive days of this month, the planet Mars, who is also known as commander of all the planets, will move out from its friendly planet Sun’s zodiac sign Leo and make its transit in its inimical planet Mercury’s zodiac sign, Virgo. The transit will take place on Wednesday, 25 September 2019 at 05:56 AM and it will remain placed in the same sign until Sunday, 10 November 2019 at 13:31 PM. ..Read More : Mars Transit in Virgo 

This prediction is based on your Moon Sign. Click Here to know yours.


Aries natives generally tend to develop a fiery temperament. You are grumpy in nature and its repercussions create adverse circumstances for your professional sphere. Even the smoothly running works could also get spoiled, hence in such crucial situations, you should always prefer working carefully. Try to avoid doing any work in haste as it can fail to generate the fruits of success. You have the ability to….Read Now


In the initial phase of this month, the situations can be a bit stressful. But in the latter half, there are chances of conditions remaining in your favour. If you have been trying to do some work from a very long time and you are not getting success in it, then you can make attempts to accomplish it this month, as you can achieve success in a good amount. In this month, there is a possibility for…..Read Now


You are a wise and intelligent natured person. You have a good ability to not only think and understand things but you also have the prowess to take sensible decisions. But problems can arise if you lose your consciousness because of unwanted excitement. You have to work with courage and enthusiasm, but you do not have to accomplish anything in haste or in anger. There can be a generation of….Read Now


During the time of this month, there is a possibility for your awareness to increase towards some work, in a substantial manner. But due to unnecessary thinking, you can get stuck in problems. Therefore, you should try to do any work with responsibility, so that you can get good outcomes. You can be successful in doing any work with your conviction because your memory power is quite intense. It is your artifice to make….Read Now

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You will exhibit an ambitious nature during this month’s time. You will be responsible towards your duties and try hard to complete your work in time. Confidence will remain a part of your character. You will push your limits when it comes to achieving your goals. Make sure to keep your anger in check, otherwise, you might have to face harsh consequences. Do not perform your tasks…..Read Now


During the month of September, remarkable analytical skills will be possessed by you, which will help you to make the right decisions. However, overthinking might lead to stress and tension that will not only affect your health but also your work performance. Your married life, as well as love life, might be negatively influenced because of the lack of mental peace. It is predicted that if you….Read Now


The September Horoscope 2019 predicts that you will exhibit a sorted behaviour during this month, who will also be able to think well before making a move. Your courage and valour coupled with your determination will help you pave your way to success. Excellent leadership qualities will be possessed which will help you to excel in your field of work. You will get involved in social work and as a result….Read Now


During the month of September 2019, you will be seen displaying a stubborn nature. Do not perform your tasks in haste, otherwise, you will end up degrading the quality of your work. Also, you need to remember that anger will adversely affect your decisions as well as your reputation. You will be a responsible person and you will try to fulfill your duties well. It should be kept in mind that patience will play a key role in determining your success. You will be a….Read Now.


During the time of this month, you will be seen implementing your thoughts. You have a systematic of working by adhering to time and circumstances. Therefore, you are likely to get good profits at this point of time. You come in huff early and due to which you have to suffer losses. You are less likely to trust someone, but people trust you more. Therefore, you also need to place your trust…..Read Now


In this month, you can come into contact with a lot of mental disturbance and stressful situations. Problems associated with finance can bother you, and according to time there are also less possibilities for you to receive assistance from your close relatives. Therefore, in this month, you may feel somewhat tensed. You can see your problems to increase continuously as much as you try to….Read Now


You will exhibit a quite serious behaviour during this month and perform your tasks seriously and will work hard to achieve your goals. Your determination will help you to overcome problems and reach your destination, even in case of adverse situations. You will be able to perform well at your career front. Your business will flourish and you will reap….Read Now


You might feel uneasy and restless during the course of this month. You should try to compose yourself, otherwise, you might end up going through a tough phase because of lack of mental peace. You should not act lazy as it will negatively influence your work. Be punctual and try to complete your tasks on time. This will help you to take the right decisions at the right time. You might be a bit low on….Read Now

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Hartalika Teej Tomorrow!! Know its Puja rituals

Read the importance of this fast which is specially dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and get to know the puja rites and rituals to be followed on this day. Additionally, discover the significance of this Vrat for married women as well as the unmarried ones.

It would not be wrong to say that India is the land of festivals and celebrations. Each and every year, numerous festivals are hosted by our country and every citizen actively participates in them. On these occasions, feelings of joy, happiness, unity, love and faith prevail over the minds of people. Following the Hindu chronological order, the festival of Hartalika Teej will be celebrated on 1 September, 2019. The celebrations of teej are specially observed by married female natives. However, spinsters also keep the Teej fast to get married a worthy and desirable man. 

As per the Hindu Panchang, Hartalika Teej falls on the Shukla Paksha’s Tritiya Tithi of Bhadrapad month, every year. It is considered very significant to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on this day. 

Various religious beliefs of Hinduism followers are associated with this tradition, which we will mention further in this blog. First of all, it is necessary for us to know the auspicious Muhurat of Teej Puja and what will be valid duration.

                                            Hartalika Teej Puja Muhurat 
Muhurat during the morning hoursFrom 05:58:51 AM to 08:31:45 AM
2 hours 32 minutes
    Muhurat during the evening hours
From 18:42:16 PM to 20:58:30 PM

Note: This time period is valid for New Delhi only. Click Here to know your city’s Muhurat

Hartalika Teej Rituals 

  • On the day of Hartalika Teej, sand idols are made of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and worshipped. 
  • The Hartalika Teej fast is should be kept without consuming water and food. 
  • The observation of this fast should be completed successfully. One should not give up in between. 
  • Offerings of fruits are made to Mahadev and Maa Parvati. 
  • Goddess Shiva and Mother Parvati are worshiped while conducting a Jagran during hartalika Teej fast.
  • The fast ends after immersion(Visarjan) of the poojan material in the morning of the next day.
  • Only Satvik food and water should be consumed on the very next day after Hartalika Teej fast is observed.

Hartalika Teej Vrat Katha and its Importance 

According to the mythological beliefs,Goddess Parvati performed deep and difficult austerity to get married to Lord Shiva. Witnessing this state of his daughter, Maa Parvati’s father, Mountain Lord Himalaya’s heart went down. During this while, the sage Narada, presented a proposal, asking Goddess Parvati’s hand in marriage for Lord Vishnu. When she got to know about this, Adi Mata’s heart sank. On being asked about her dejection, Goddess Parvati told that she is performing hard penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. After this Parvati ji's friends took her to the forest. This episode is regarded as Goddess Parvati’s kidnapping(Haran in hindi), after which this festival is named Hartalika Teej. As mentioned above, the word Harat can be deciphered as kidnapping and Alika stands for friends. This is how this festival came to be known as Hartalika Teej. Afterwards, Goddess Parvati went through the deep austeration. In the Bhadrapad month, on the day of Shukla Paksha Tritiya and Hast Nakshatra, Mata Parvati constructed a Shivalinga with sand and immersed herself in the veneration of Bholenath by staying awake in the night. Witnessing the difficult tenacity of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva appeared in front of her and accepted her as his wife as per her wish.

It is believed that Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva bless all those women who observe this fast while adhering to the proper rituals. They are provided with the boon to attain marital bliss and earn some good fortune. Due to this, Hartalika Teej Vrat has special significance for married women as well as spinsters .

AstroSage offers the best wishes for Hartalika Teej!!!
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Mercury Transit in Leo

Mercury in conjunct with Venus, Mars and Sun in Leo brought major changes! Read the predictions for Mercury transiting in Leo as per your zodiac sign and find out how auspicious this planetary event proves to be for you.

A strong Mercury makes a person smart, intellectual and logical, but its adverse placement can make him/her lack good speaking and communication skills. Natives under the influence of Mercury becomes mentally powerful, as they develop a better understanding. Hence, they take less time than others to solve a complicated situation.

Mercury rules over the Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign, Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati Nakshatra and Wednesday. Wearing green colour on this day helps to strengthen the placement of Mercury. Also, to attain its blessings, you are advised to show love and affection to your sisters and gift them green clothes and bangles. To pacify the malefic effects of Mercury or strengthen its placement, one can wear high quality Emerald gemstone or Char Mukhi Rudraksha. Also, chanting the Budh Beej Mantra “ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः / oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ” on Wednesday is considered effective.

Time of Transit

Mercury, the significator of speech, has transited in the sign Leo on Monday, 26 August 2019, around 13:56 afternoon and will remain placed in this sign only till Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 around 04:47 early morning. Vedic Astrology states that the duration of Mercury transit is small, i.e. only for 14 days, however this planet highly influences various aspects of our lives on a major scale. On this note, let’s read the effects of this planetary event on different signs, nation and share market.

Effects of Mercury Transit on The Country

The transit of Mercury in Leo will bring major changes nationwide as well as around the world. There will be a rise in the currency reserves of India, and reforms can be commenced in the banking sector. In this duration, information about other bank-related scams may also come forward in front of the public. Tax collection will boost the monetary conditions of the country and changes will be initiated in smoothening this process. Meritorious people attain respect within the country.

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Effects of Mercury Transit on The Share Market

As Mercury transits in Leo, a rise in the prices of masoor pulse, jaggery, urad pulse, moong pulse, blanket, oil, linseed, gram, sesame, wool, ghee and coral gemstone can be seen. In particular, an inflation in the share prices of items such as gold, copper, bronze, dangerous weapons, nuclear power, gunpowder, electricity, sulfur, wheat and graphite etc. will also be observed. 

Read the astrological impact of this transit below:

This horoscope is based on Moon Signs. Discover yours here: Moon Sign Calculator


Mercury transit in Leo will majorly affect the natives of Aries sign. In this duration, you’ll gain intellectual profits, and there will be an increase in your knowledge and intelligence. During this time, you’ll become socially active and you’ll come in contact with new people. It is quite possible…..Read More


During this transit, Mercury will get posited in your fourth house. The effects of this Mercury transit will turn out to be positive for your familial life. Peace will prevail in the family and a sense of calmness and positivity will surround the atmosphere. After a long.…..Read More


In this duration, Mercury will transit in the third house of your zodiac sign. As a result, you may gain benefits in your workspace. In this duration, your working capabilities will increase and as a result, you’ll be able to perform well within your professional sphere.…..Read More


With the transit of Mercury in Leo, it will get posited in your second house. During this transit, you can get benefited through foreign sources in the business. If you are leading your business in partnership, then you must remain careful and alert,…..Read More


As Mercury is transiting in your sign itself, hence it will get posited in your first or Lagna house respectively. As this house represents oneself, hence in this duration, your social status and reputation will increase, and your overall personality will improve. There will be a creative touch in your style of communication…..Read More


Mercury will transit in the twelfth sign of your kundli. During this period, you may go on an overseas trip. Although looking from an economic point of view, there can be an increase in your expenses. Hence, spend on things which are necessary. Try your best to save money…..Read More


Eleventh house will be occupied by Mercury during this course of transit. You’ll observe the effect of this transit in Leo on your financial life. During this time, your income can increase, and you can earn from a secret source. In your professional life, you will…..Read More


During the course of this transit, Mercury will enter your kundli’s tenth house. In this period of transit, you can try to improve your work within your professional zone. It is possible that you may dedicate yourself in completing any task assigned to you previously, and…..Read More


For Sagittarius natives, Mercury will enter the ninth house of their kundli. The placement of Mercury in your ninth house can prove to be especially fruitful. In case you have been planning to go on a trip for a long time, then it can come true in this duration…..Read More


Mercury will get posited in your eighth house. As a result, you may have to face several obstacles and challenges in this period. You may suffer from mental stress due to your father’s declining health. Hence, you are required to take proper care of your…..Read More


In this duration, Mercury will get posited in your seventh house. You are required to remain alert in this transitional period. In the meantime, an incident may occur with you, which can prove to be very harmful. Hence, you are advised to be careful…..Read More


With Mercury transiting in Leo, it will enter your sixth house. You may enter a dispute or disagreement during this period. You are seriously advised not to be a part of such situations where there are chances of arguments. In case you…..Read More

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Weekly Horoscope (26 August - 1 Sept 2019)

This week, Mercury conjunct with Sun, Mars & Venus will majorly affect your life! Know its impact on several aspects of your life and find out how the week will overall treat you.

AstroSage welcomes to yet another week filled with promise, challenges and opportunities. This time, we have brought to you weekly horoscope for the week 26 August-1 September. Get a quick insight about your life and various challenges holding your way and find remedies to attain fruitful results. Know how well your love life will be, will there be profits in business or problems in marital life, or how well your family life will go. We have provided love predictions for you to understand how planetary placements are affecting your life and what can be done to eliminate the problems. 

4 Signs Will Get Lucky This Week

After analysing the position of planets this week, it can be said that the natives of four zodiac signs, i.e. Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius will undergo major changes in their life this week. It is also predicted that the Sun and Mars will deliver favourable results for these signs, but other signs may undergo adverse changes and face challenges. Following the remedies given in this horoscope can help these natives minimize the malefic planetary effects.

This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts 

Hindu Panchang says that this week begins on the Dashmi tithi during Krishna Paksha and will end on Dwitiya tithi during Shukla Paksha. Adding to it, planet Moon will remain posited in Gemini sign and then transit in the Cancer, Leo and Virgo signs respectively. Along with that, planet Mercury will move into Leo zodiac sign in its transitory motion on 26 August. Talking about fasts and festivals falling this week, then Aja Ekadashi will fall on 26 August, Masik Shivratri & Pradosh Vrat (Krishna) on 28 August, Shravan Amavasya on 30 August and Hartalika Teej on 1 Sept.

Planetary Positions This Week

Positions of planets and nakshatras suggest that natives who are working in or associated with the government sector may acquire desired results. Moon will be placed in Gemini in the week’s beginning, and move from Cancer, Leo to Virgo sign. Mercury will remain in transitory motion on the first day of the week, i.e. 26 August 2019 and enter Leo from Cancer, where it will conjunct with Sun, Mars and Venus.

Share Market Predictions

Share Market for the fourth week of this month suggests that the Stock Market Index will go up on the first day of this week and Bulls will be interested in buying the shares of companies related to Aviation, Cables, Telecom and Electrical sectors. The very next day, Bears will remain dominant and sell the shares of Finance, Broking Firms, Logistics and Paper related companies.

Apart from this, investors will show their interest in the shares of the companies related to Domestic Appliances, Packaging Sectors, Machine Tools, etc. On the contrary, shares of Iron, Footwear, Coal, Capital Goods etc. will be sold, but the situation may seem unfavourable. During the last days of the week, the Bears will dominate the market and actively sell the shares of companies related to Broking Firms, Logistics, Finance and Paper Sector.

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Birthday Special

In this section, following personalities will celebrate their special day this week:

To know your Moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


As Aries natives will set foot on the concluding days of the August month, the planet Moon will launch in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth house of your sign. As the week begins, your younger siblings amy encounter problems. You may also have to undertake a….Read More

Love Predictions

In case of love related matters, the week is expected to be normal in the beginning. However, a lover’s spat may arise later. So try to speak minimal during this time instead of fighting over something.…Read More


In the upcoming days of this week, the Moon will take nest in the second, third, fourth and fifth house of natives belonging to the Taurus sign. Due to this position taken by the luminary planet, problems will be witnessed within your family members. Debates between….Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love, this week is expected to remain better than average. The ruling lord of the fifth house, Mars’ position will increase your attraction towards your partner. You will be able to….Read More


The ascendant or lagna, second, third and fourth house of Gemini natives will be occupied by the Moon during the last week of August. The week can begin on a negative note for you since the Moon’s presence in the first bhava can cause mental stress. During this while….Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love, situations will fluctuate throughout the week for which will continue to bother you. Along with this, the position of Sun and Moon will also not be…..Read More


At the week’s beginning, the planet Moon will remain posited in the twelfth house of your sign and then it will eventually make its transit in the first, second, third and fourth house respectively. Considering the planetary positions, the Moon’s state in the twelfth house will bring forth mental…..Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love, this week will prove to be propitious as the positive influence of Mercury and Moon will bring well disposed outcomes for your love life. You will establish long-term….Read More.

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For the natives belonging to Leo zodiac sign, the luminary planet Moon will take position in your eleventh, twelfth, first and second house respectively. Due to the Moon taking residence in the eleventh house, the inflow of income will increase. You will be able to fulfill all the.….Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love and romance, this week is not at all propitious. It is better to observe precautions while moving forward as the planet Saturn will make invincible efforts to create misunderstandings….Read More


For the natives belonging to Virgo sign, the transit of Moon will come to fruition in their tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house. Since, the tenth house is the significator of karma or profession, Moon’s transit in this bhava may generate problems within your workspace. Constant ups and downs.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week’s time is expected to remain better than average for love affairs. The positions occupied by the Moon and Mercury will make your love life better. Also during this week, married natives….Read More


As the week commences, the Moon will be situated in your ninth house. Then after, it will proceed to make its transit in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth house of your sign. The Moon residency in the ninth house is strengthening your prospects of undertaking overseas journeys. During this while...…Read More

Love Predictions

For the aspect of love, the conjunction of Mercury and Moon will not prove to be favourable as there are quite a few chances of Libra natives getting involved in tiffs and arguments with their.….Read More


During the last week of August 2019, the Moon’s transit will occur in your eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house respectively. This is the reason your mental stress will increase when the transit of Moon takes place in the eighth house. During this week’s time, you will also get chances to undertake.….Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love, this week is expected to remain extraordinary. During this week’s time, the depth in your relationship will increase. Love and romance will be all over the air….Read More


The week is expected to remain better than normal for the natives belonging to the Sagittarius sign. As the week starts to begin, the residency of the Moon will be witnessed in your seventh house will generate problems for you. You may fall prey to misunderstandings in your.…Read More

Love Predictions

This week is going to be good for love relationships of Sagittarius natives. At this time, festivals are your near ones, which will deepen the relationship of both of you. This week, you can also plan to go somewhere...Read More


The sixth house of your sign will be occupied by the planet Moon when at the week’s initial phase. Mental stress will affect you and your well being while the Moon is taking residence in your sixth house. It is recommended to stay away from situations which can ignite debates.….Read More

Love Predictions

While talking about love related matters, this week is expected to remain better than before. The status of the positions occupied by various planets and Nakshatras will provide increment….Read More


For the natives belonging to Aquarius sign, the transit of the Moon will take place in your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house. Your children will be the reason for your happiness when the transit of Moon will take place in your fifth house. The time period will also be excellent for your children….Read More

Love Predictions

This week’s time will give positive results in love as compared to before. Because of the positions taken by the Moon and Venus, your love relationship will grow and you can also take a step further.….Read More


The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh houses of Pisceans will be occupied by the son of sage Atri i.e. Moon during this week’s time. While the Moon remains posited in your fourth house, there will be a dearth of happiness in your domestic life. Due to a certain reason..…Read More

Love Predictions

Extreme cautiousness should be observed in love related matters this week. At this time you may have to face many challenges at each and every step, which you should successfully.…Read More

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