Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon Today, Know Its Effects

The Super Blue Moon eclipse and its astrological significance! The big celestial event of the year will take place today on 31st January 2018 which is a trio of three events - Supermoon, Blue Moon and a Blood Moon (Lunar Eclipse). This enthralling event has occurred after 150 years when Moon will pass through Earth’s shadow to make an eclipse. Read more on this and also the astrological facts that may help you avoid the ill-effects of Lunar Eclipse.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Lunar Eclipse has prime significance in Hindu religion and Vedic Astrology. Today, the first lunar eclipse of the year will take place and it will begin at 17:57:56 and will end at 20:41:10. This event will be visible in many countries around the world including India. Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan), scientifically, is a process where Moon gets shaded/covered when it passes behind Earth’s Umbra, and the phenomenon occurs only on the night of a full moon.

Lunar Eclipse - Date, Time and Visibility

Take a look at the timings of Lunar Eclipse occurrence in India and its visibility worldwide, which are mentioned below:

DateTime (IST)Type of EclipseVisibility Zone
31 January 2018From 17:57:56 to 20:41:10Full EclipseIndia, North-East Europe, Asia, Australia, North-West Africa, North America, North-West South America, Pacific/ Atlantic/Indian Ocean, Arctica, Antarctica

As per statistics, there are two full Lunar Eclipses this year out of which the first one is today, 31 January 2018, and the next one will occur on 27 July 2018. Both these full eclipses will be visible in India and various other countries globally.

Astrological Significance of Lunar Eclipse in India

Though Lunar Eclipse is quite enthralling and captivating event for people, but as per astrological point of view, there are no limits to the negative effects that it may reflect on them. This time, the influence of Lunar Eclipse will be seen around the world. In India, people will feel anxious and restless. The incidents like riots or violence may occur during this period. Defence forces may face some messy situation from outsiders. Students and saints may also face some problems. Furthermore, the prices of gold and metal may also rise during Lunar Eclipse.

The event will occur around 05:57 PM in the evening and will end at 08:41 PM in India. It is believed that every time when a Lunar Eclipse takes place, it hits a particular Zodiac sign. As a result, the people under that sign are more prone to its ill-effects. This time it is influencing Cancer sign and Ashlesha Nakshatra (Star). Ashlesha is the Nakshatra of Mercury and so the people who are favoured by this planet will get affected by its presence. So, it is recommended that they should perform all types of remedies to stay safe and avoid malefic effects of Lunar Eclipse.

Remedies to follow during Lunar Eclipse

The timing when the malefic influence of Lunar Eclipse will be higher in India is from 07:07 PM to 08:41 PM. So, one should perform the following remedies to avoid its negative effects on his/her life:
  • Chant Chandra Mantra “ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात् ” to avoid its malefic effects.
  • Put Basil leaves in milk, curd, cooked meals and water.
  • During Eclipse, reciting Gayatri Mantra is beneficial for professionals.
  • Reciting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is also suggested for long-term good health during this event.
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and chanting her mantra like Sri Suktam, Lakshmi Suktam, etc. is good for monetary benefits.
Things to avoid during Total Lunar Eclipse: Since, the effects of Lunar Eclipse are immense, so things like travelling, beginning a new task, eating is avoided. Also, it is believed that pregnant ladies are more prone to its effects, so they are advised to stay inside their home during this period.

Super Blue Blood Moon Phenomenon

Along with a Total Lunar Eclipse, you will also see the first Super Blue Moon of the Year 2018. As per NASA, 31st January 2018 is bringing a trio of Blue Moon, Supermoon and a Blood Moon. It is said to be the event of a lifetime that hasn’t happened in more than 150 years and involves a Blue Moon that will phase into a total Lunar Eclipse. To know more about this captivating event, read the article: Once in a Blue Moon

Thus, the beginning of Year 2018 is quite entertaining, and, we hope that the information provided above by us will help you to appreciate it in a safer way.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Magh Purnima Tomorrow, Know Its Auspicious Timings

Donation of these things will bring you good fortune! Know the importance of holy bath, Puja Vidhi and the divinity of the Vrat performed during Magh Purnima. Also, read the astrological significance of Magh Purnima.

The month of Magha holds great importance in Hindu religion as during this month activities like charity, religious tasks and offerings are carried out. Magha is named after Magha Nakshatra and the Purnima that comes in this month is known as Magha or Maghi Purnima. This year Magh Purnima is falling on 31 January 2018. On the same day, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year will also occur. On this day, taking a bath in river like Ganga, Yamuna or any other holy river is considered virtuous. The reason being that a person who takes a holy dip on this day, gains property, offspring, prosperity, happiness and attains salvation. Charity performed on this day also holds great importance in Hinduism.

Magha Purnima and Its Rituals

On the day of Magha Purnima, fasting, bathing in holy river, donating things and worshipping God is of high significance. The person who takes a holy dip in Prayag’s Ganga, his/her all wishes gets fulfilled. If this purnima comes during Pushya Nakshatra, then its importance increases tenfold. Fasting on this day offers virtuous results. Also, donation of black sesame seeds should be done. Furthermore, havana as well as oblation to appease forefathers using black sesame seeds is also performed during Magha Purnima.

Know Puja Vidhi and rules of Magha Purnima Vrat in detail: Vrat and Puja Vidhi

Astrological Significance of Magha Purnima

According to Hinduism and Vedic Astrology, Purnima is believed to be a highly auspicious day. On this day, Moon is in its full majestic form (a Full Moon), and becomes eloquent with its sixteen abilities, that it showers in the form of elixir. These 16 abilities, then get absorbed by trees, rivers, water bodies and flora, thus resulting in properties that heal from all kind of diseases. During Magha Purnima, taking a holy bath and donating things also frees a person from all ill-effects of Sun and Moon.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekly Horoscope (29 January - 4 February 2018)

These 3 lucky Zodiacs will have a prosperous week. Read weekly horoscope to know how your job, business, education, family and married life will flourish this week.

This is Moon Sign based horoscope prediction. Know your Moon Sign: Moon Sign Calculator


You will feel quite energetic in the beginning of the week, however during middle of the week you may face some tensions in your family or your mother’s health may decline. On weekend, you will fulfil your responsibilities towards your children. You will try to learn something new. This is also a good time for showing your capabilities at workplace. Your knowledge of multiple domains will be your advantage. Your work will be appreciated, but try to avoid gossiping at workplace. Few of you may invest your money on a new prospect. Monetary gains will be casual, however future seems quite promising. You may have some differences with your child. This will be a good time for students. Drive carefully and avoid eating oily and roasted food as it may affect your health.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This may be a gloomy week for love related matters. Be patient as you may have small fights with your love partner. If you are married, try to settle your differences with your spouse. Your spouse will also support you at work.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Hanuman.



You will fulfil your responsibilities towards your family. Health of your siblings may decline. Your family life will remain pleasant and peaceful. Planning a trip may be a possibility. Parents may go on a trip or pilgrimage. This week offers better opportunities to students as the ones who are trying for higher education may get success. Some students may go for overseas education as well. This will remain a normal week for work related matters. Wealth gains on charts for you.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a promising week for love matters. You may go on a trip with your beloved or will spend quality time at home. You may also plan a get-together with friends. However, there are chances of some feud with a friend, so be careful. If married, your spouse will be more energetic. However, Mars influence on your Zodiac may arise some problems in your married life.

REMEDY: Offer green bangles to Radha ji on Wednesday.



You may feel anxious in beginning of the week, though with time the situations will improve. Pay attention to your health. There are possibilities of sudden profit or loss, so be careful. You may show interest in learning new prospects and gaining knowledge about them. You may also try to change your work area. Children will feel high-spirited. Students will have to work hard to get success in competitive exams. Your expenses may increase. You may have to go on unwanted trips. Your father will obtain some achievement. Siblings health may decline. Develop healthy eating habits for your good health as well and include Yoga in daily routine.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love matters. You will feel romantic, but behave decently with your love partner. If married, your spouse will gain success at workplace. You may feel some imbalance in your married life, but you will handle it perfectly.

REMEDY: Offer white sandal to Lord Vishnu.


First Super Blue Moon Eclipse of the year 2018. Know about this celestial phenomena in detail.


There may be some unnecessary expenses this week. You may face some kind of inner turmoil. Family life will be peaceful. Your mother will take interest in spiritual activities. Father’s health will also be in good condition. Your siblings will support you. The chances of monetary gains through business or foreign partnership seems a high possibility. Your income will be good this week. Children will also feel high-spirited. Students have to study dedicatedly to achieve good results. Taking wise decisions during investments will give you profitable results. You will dominate your opponents. Students preparing for competitive exams will achieve good results for their hard work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love related matters. People who are already in a relationship, their bond will grow stronger. Singles may get inclined towards their friend. However, don’t be stubborn in your relationship. If you are married, take care of your spouse as their health may decline. Some clashes may also arise in your marital life.

REMEDY: Feed bread (Roti) to a black dog.



There are high possibilities of monetary gains for the natives of Leo. At the same time, you may also gain some property or vehicle. Your mother, however, may feel hot-tempered this week, so it will be advisable to avoid disputes at home. Father’s health may also be a point of concern, so take proper care of him. You will take interest in religious activities as well as participate in many of them. Students may face hardships due to lack of concentration, so performing yoga and meditation will be beneficial. Avoid borrowing more than necessary. Maintain your budget as unnecessary expenses may cause finance related problems. There are also chances of short trips.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a normal week for your relationship, though you may face some ups and downs. Spending some quality time with your partner and valuing their emotions will strengthen your bond. If married, your spouse may achieve some accomplishments. Your married life will be thriving this week. 

REMEDY: Offer water to Sun God on regular basis.



You will focus more on your work this week. But this engagement at work may get you tired, so, take good care of it. You will take interest in learning new skills. Increase in income may be a possibility. You will perform each and every task with enthusiasm and will achieve success. Soft-spoken conversations will sweeten your relationship. Pay attention to your child’s health. Students may face some challenges. You may also consider buying a property.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You may feel mixed emotions this week. Where you may feel romantic on one side, there may also be unnecessary fights on the other hand. Married couple will spend a good time together. Your life partner may also gain some benefits. Your love for your spouse will grow strong.

REMEDY: Burn a mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree.


Find Love Compatibility With Your Partner: Kundli Matching For Marriage


The natives of Libra may have to travel this week. Your knowledge is your virtue and will help you overcome every situation and challenge. Pay attention to your work area. Family life also seems busy this week. Guests may come and go during this period. Avoid bitterness in your speech. Meditation in solitude during mid-week will be advisable. Gaining financial benefits on weekend may be a possibility. Your children will feel elated. You may also spend money on tasks related to them. Students will achieve good results for their hard work. Pay attention to your mother’s health.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This seems a promising week for love relationships. You will spend a good time with each other and your bond will also grow stronger. If married, your spouse will support you and your relationship will also strengthen. 

REMEDY: Worship Basil plant.



You will try to complete your tasks this week. You will also feel inclined towards religious activities and may spend some money on them. Financial gain through siblings, neighbours or friends may be a possibility. You may face hardships at workplace and may not feel interested in work. Pay attention to your siblings health. Family life will be pleasant and peaceful. However, you may feel mentally stressed, so avoid overthinking about unnecessary things. You may also plan a trip this week. This seems a good time for students and they may go overseas for further studies. Your children will also perform well in their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love relationships. Due to some unknown reasons, your beloved may have to go away from you. Starting of a new relationship also seems a possibility. Married people will get support from their spouse. Your life partner will also help you in moving forward. Control your temper as it may affect your relationship.

REMEDY: Offer yellow rice and worship Lord Vishnu.



Natives of Sagittarius must drive their vehicle carefully. Your expenses may increase, though you will get ways to increase your income. Fear of the unknown and tensions will also dissipate. You may get opportunity to meet your in-laws, so respect them and be affectionate. Promotion at workplace will make you happy and contented. You will also support your younger siblings. Students will get good results for their hard work. Your children will also progress and flourish. This week you will be ready to help others.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love matters. Although your partner may have to go away from you due to some unknown reasons, but communications will continue. Your  understanding will grow your bond and give it a new definition. If married, your spouse will remain devoted to you. All in all, your married life will be good. Though, the presence of Jupiter in your Zodiac may arise some differences between you and your partner. So, be patient and pay attention to your relationship.

REMEDY: Perform a fast on Thursday and offer water to banana tree.


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This week your luck is favourable. As a result, any wish that you have dreamed for a long time may get fulfilled. Also any unfinished task will get completed. You will get new ways to boost your income. You may also gain monetary benefits. But, expenses may increase on the other hand. You will proficiently overcome challenges at workplace. Family life will remain happy and peaceful. Siblings will support you at work. You will dominate your opponents this week and they will not be able to harm you. Pay attention to your health as it may get affected.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a week of hardships for love related matters. Your partner loves you dearly, but your lack of affection may impact your relationship. So, spend quality time with your beloved and show your affection. If married, your bond with your spouse will grow strong. Although, avoid unnecessary doubts in your relationship.

REMEDY: Take good care of a cow and feed her flour dough (Aate ka Peda), jaggery and green fodder.



You have to balance your budget this week as there may be an increase in expenses that may result in money related problems. Your responsibilities will increase at workplace and there are also chances of promotion. Though, avoid all type of controversies. You may feel anxious about something, but do not worry too much as the time seems promising for you. You may plan a long trip this week. Some of you may even go on a foreign trip. Siblings will support you at work. You will try to expand your resources and will get success. This seem challenging times for students, but with hard work you will achieve good results in competitive exams. Pay attention to your child’s health. You will also actively participate in religious activities.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will feel mixed feelings this week. Where on one hand you will get happiness, there may also arise some tensions in your relations on the other hand. Married people should pay attention to their spouse’s health and also spend quality time with them.

REMEDY: Offer water to Peepal tree.



There are high chances of increase in your income, and, your thoughts and efforts will play a major role to achieve this. Additionally, you may also gain other types of benefits. During this period, going on short trips may be a possibility. You will work hard in job and business and will reap good rewards. You may buy a property this week, which may also results in, buying of a new house or land. You will also feel inclined towards spiritual activities. Students will also show interest in learning multiple skills. Pay attention to your child’s health. Siblings will also support you. You may attend a wedding or other ceremonies this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love related matters. You may have emotional relationships with more than one person. Do your best to please your beloved. If married, you may gain financial benefits through your spouse. Some of you may get engaged in extramarital relationship. 

REMEDY: Apply Saffron Tilak and offer water to Peepal tree.


Daily Pisces Horoscope

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mercury Transit in Capricorn tomorrow, Know its Effects and Remedies

Know how effective is Mercury transit in Capricorn for you! Mercury, being the planet of wisdom, offers high intellect to humans and make them efficient and practical, so that they could achieve their objectives successfully.
The planet of speech and wisdom, Mercury, will transit in Capricorn on 28 January 2018. Read to know how influential is the transit of Mercury for other Zodiacs.

Find your Moon sign with Moon Sign Calculator


This planetary movement of Mercury may result in your appreciation and recognition at work. Read More...


This transit will be beneficial for the natives of Taurus as, during this period, their income may increase substantially. Read More...


Mercury transit in Capricorn may affect the health of Gemini Natives during this period. Read More...

Know Remedies for Mercury Related problems: Read Budh Puja Vidhi

Gemini Horoscope 2018


A raven from the foreign lands may bring some good news for you. Read More...


This transit may not be beneficial for your financial stability as loss in terms of money can be a possibility. Read More...


Students will find this time to be the most advantageous for them with the transit of Mercury. Read More...

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Virgo Horoscope 2018


This planetary movement will bring peace and balance in your domestic life. Read More...


The natives of this Zodiac will feel more determined and focused towards achieving their goals and creating new milestones for themselves. Read More...


Your performance at work will be noticed and appreciated during this period. Read More...

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The Capricorn natives will achieve prestige, respect and trust among their people with the transit of Mercury in this Zodiac. Read More…


Students will be benefited the most with this transit as they may pursue their further studies abroad. Read More...


The natives of Pisces will gain monetary benefits through their business partner or spouse. Read More...

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