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April 2017 Horoscope, Navratri Day 5 - Worship Maa Skandamata

The month of April heralds happiness for you! Know what mysteries would the month unfold for you, as the planets move and conspire. April monthly Horoscope is here to help you with the remedies and lucky dates! With this we’re also providing you a glimpse into the Navratri Day 5 of Maa Skandamata.

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign, to calculate your moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator


The time looks favorable for your love life. You’ll be in perfect sync with your partner. Relations with kin would be cordial. Father’s health might dwindle a bit; give proper attention to what you eat and in what proportions. This month will keep you in high spirits, throughout. Read more.. 


As the time unfolds, you’ll be in the pink of your health. Some natives might consider purchasing any property or a vehicle. Gains from foreign sources are probable. Childless couples will be blessed with a bundle of joy; You’ll be in high spirits and full of glee. Your health although would be perfectly fine, you are still advised to go for regular jogs and walks to remain in shape. Read more..


Your stars will shine bright for you in this period. You’ll feel what it is to be serendipitous in this month. You’ll garner huge profits with much less efforts. You’ll be happy and energetic; your good mood would affect everyone around you in a positive way. Every task that you take upon yourself would be completed on time, without any errors. The time is favorable for love affairs. Read more..


This period might bother you with eye related illnesses. You’ll have too much work pressure, due to which you might have to stay away from home. The month advises you to stay cautious in monetary issues. You are prone to health problems this month, so make sure that you maintain a healthy diet. There’s a probability that you might get a chance to dip your feet in foreign waters.Read more..


A promotion can be expected in this period. Business deals would give you lucrative profits. You’ll get financial aid from your spouse. Kith and kin will be supportive; you are advised to invest your money smartly. Do not indulge in gambling or lottery; these activities are potent of bringing defamation to you. This month is not a good time for love affairs.Read more..


This month will grace your life with a successful period of profitable business. You are advised to keep tabs on your health. You will spend good time with your family; cherishing and reminiscing all the memories that you’ve spent with them. A reunion with friends is on the cards. This month you would shell out on decorating your home. With the correct wit and intellect, you’ll be able to achieve all your goals.Read more..


This month your siblings might go for a foreign trip. A promotion is on the cards for you. Your philanthropist nature would garner you respect and love amongst the masses. Going for an investment for the future might turn out to be your brightest idea till date. Spouse’s health might dwindle in this duration. Your behaviour and personality would attract the opposite sex this month.Read more..


This month you’ll get financial support from your siblings and friends. A transfer or a change of job is on the cards for some natives. An auspicious ceremony at home will keep you occupied, despite that you’ll be high spirited. Some difference with mother might bother you. Chances are that you might buy a new vehicle or a new home. You’ll have a buzzing social life. Only piece of advice for you is to be cautious about money related frauds.Read more..


Your life partner will be icky this month. Their irritation might trigger your anger, but you are advised to keep it under wraps. The time advises you to be in the good books of your father. For all the unmarried natives, the time is brilliant for getting married. You’ll be social this month and will befriend new people. The friendships that you make in this duration will be for the long run.Read more..


This month will be great for the students as they’ll do every possible thing to achieve great results. Sudden losses and gains are probable. You might get a chance to go for a long trip. This travel would be for business purpose. Your family would be supportive in all your matters. A good position at work could be expected. Father will provide you financial aid. Chances of going on a romantic trip are high.Read more..


This month will be financially strong for you. You’ll benefit from multiple sources of income. You are advised to refrain from getting hot under the collar. Your anger could be the sole reason of you lashing out on people. You’ll taste success at vocation. Although, this month doesn’t look much promising for married life. Avoid all possible arguments with partner. You must pay heed to your ways in order to save your love life.Read more..


This month looks promising for a possible job change. Although, businessmen might have to incur some losses. Your spouse will experience and enjoy spirituality and meditation in this period. You’ll have a strong finance situation going on. Children will have a great time, as their education would pace out smoothly. For the unmarried ones waiting for an auspicious time, marriage proposals will get an affirmative reply this month. You’ll enjoy going out with friends in this period.Read more..

Navratri Day 5 - Worship Goddess Skand Mata

The fifth day of Chaitra Navratri falls on 01st of April 2017. On this day of Navratri, the fifth manifestation of Goddess Durga i.e. Goddess Skanda Mata is worshiped and venerated. It is believed that one can seek the blessings of Goddess if she is worshiped with all the desired rituals and rites. So, let us ponder over the procedure of worshiping Goddess Skanda Mata.


Muhurat Starts
20:42:52 PM on 31st March 2017
Muhurat Ends
17:51:44 PM on 1st April 2017

Note: The above timing of the Muhurat is according to New Delhi. 

Goddess Skanda Mata

On the fifth day of Navratri, the fifth manifestation of Goddess durga is adored and she is known by the name Skanda Mata because her son Kartiya is also known by the name of Shri Skanda. It is believed that if someone worships Goddess Skanda Mata with utmost devotion then the Goddess effectuated each and every desire of her devotees.

Astrological Significance

According to the Vedic Astrology, Goddess Skanda Mata governs the planet Mercury. So, worshiping Goddess Skanda Mata can eliminate the malefic effects of the Planet Mercury from your life.

We, at AstroSage wish that Goddess Skandamata bestow upon you happiness and prosperity.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Navratri Day 4 - Worship Maa Kushmanda and annihilate darkness from your life

Chaitra Navratri is a festival of venerating and extolling Goddess Durga which is commemorated in several parts of the Indian subcontinent. The fourth day of Navratri falls on 31st of March 2017. On this day, Goddess Kushmanda the fourth manifestation of Goddess Durga is worshipped. It is believed that if Goddess Kushmanda is not reverenced with the required rituals and in the auspicious time then the devotees do not receive the fruitful results of their worship. So, we at MyKundali have come up with all the relevant information regarding the importance of 4th day of Chaitra Navratri festival and the Puja Muhurat.

Muhurat for Navratri Day 4

Muhurat Starts
23:44:30 PM on  30 March 2017
Muhurat Ends
20:42:51 PM on 31st March 2017

Note: The above timing of the Muhurat is according to New Delhi. 

Goddess Kushmanda

Out of all the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga, Goddess Kushmanda is the fourth manifestation. She is also believed to be a form of Goddess Parvati. If we ponder over the literal meaning of the name of Goddess Kushmanda, then it can be inferred that ‘Ku’ means small, ‘Ushma’ means energy and ‘Anda’ means oval. So, it is surmised that Goddess Durga gave the genesis of the universe to be oval shaped and this is the reason she is known by the name Goddess Kushmanda.

Astrological Significance

According to the Vedic Astrology, Goddess Kushmanda ushers Lord Sun. Hence, worshiping Goddess Kushmanda helps in removing the Surya Dosha from the Kundali.

We, at AstroSage wish that Goddess Kushmanda showers blessings upon you and brings prosperity in your life this Chaitra Navratri 2017.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Navratri Day 3 - Get Blessed by Goddess Chandraghanta

The third day of Navratri holds its own importance and is dedicated to the veneration of Goddess Chandraghanta. This year, it will be celebrated on March 30, by the devotees with unfaltering zeal and devotion. 

Goddess Chandraghanta

The third day of Navratri, is devoted to Goddess Chandraghanta, who represents courage and bravery. This form of Goddess Durga is a symbol of ultimate peace. The Goddess adorns her forehead with a crescent moon (chandra), which resembles a bell (Ghanta), and thus, she is ennobled with the name Chandraghanta.

Appearance of Goddess Chandraghanta

The body of Goddess Chandraghanta is as bright as gold and the sound of her bell wards the evil spirits off her devotees. She is very serene, peaceful and calm, and scintillates in her red saree. The Goddess possesses 10 hands and 3 eyes, and mounts a lion. In the four left hands, she holds trident, mace, sword and tendon, while the fifth hand is in the Varada Mudra. In the four right hands, she holds a lotus, arrow, bow and chant, respectively. In the fifth right hand is in Abhaya Mudra, portraying that she is brave, courageous and ready to face any challenge, but along with it, she is a bestower of blessings to mankind. The form of goddess armed with weapons is seen only during the wartime. She blesses her devotees with spiritual bliss, knowledge, peace and prosperity.

Puja Rituals

  1. Before worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta , worship the Kalash to pay reverence to the gods, goddess, pilgrimage, village and city deities, and the divine kingdom in it.
  2. Now start worshiping Goddess Chandraghanta. First, take a flower in your hand and meditate.
  3. After this, worship Goddess Chandraghanta, and offer red flowers, Akshath, Kumkum and vermilion.
  4. After burning ghee or camphor, perform aarti and pray to the goddess for forgiveness.

Importance of Navratri day 3

Day 3 is the day when the mind of the devotees enters into the Manipura Chakra, thus enabling them to witness empyrean and seraphic things.

Sindoor Tritiya

This day is celebrated as Sindoor Tritiya. It is also known as Sowbhagya Teej or Gauri Teej. This day is widely celebrated by women, as Goddess Chandraghanta represents the married form of Goddess Parvati.

We, here at Astrosage, wish you all a very happy Chaitra Navratri and anticipate that Goddess Durga enriches your life by showering upon you, all her heavenly blessings.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Navratri Day 2: Adore Goddess Brahmacharini and Celebrate Cheti Chand

Today Goddess Brahmacharini would bestow her benediction. So on the second day of Navratri 2017, beseech Goddess Brahmacharini by her invocation and emanating the vile aspect of us.

हिन्दी में जानने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Today on the second day of Navratri, Goddess Brahmacharini is worshiped and reverenced. Venerating Goddess Brahmacharini uproots all the miseries and anguish from the life of the people. Let us cognize the quintessence of worshiping Goddess Brahmacharini.

Maa Brahmacharini

The second day of Navratri festival is instantiated to worship Goddess Brahmacharini. This second manifestation of Goddess Durga is believed to be an unwed form of Mata Parvati. The word Brahmacharini is a Sanskrit word, in which Brahma means austerity and Charini means a generous natured or unselfish in conduct. So, it can be inferred that Brahmacharini epitomizes an idol of goodness or generosity. She is known for her austerity in order to marry Lord Shiva and that is why she is referred to as Brahmacharini. One can achieve success and prosperity by the grace of Goddess Brahmacharini. Worshiping Goddess Brahmacharini induces sacrifice, patience, virtue in the humans and also annihilates the malevolent facet of a person. 

Appearance of Goddess Brahmacharini

The mein of Maa Brahmacharini is passably irradiating and due to the severe austerity she possess an amazing gleam on her face. Goddess Brahmacharini is often delineated in a white attire carrying a jap mala in her right hand and Kamandal in her left hand.

Puja Vidhi

Goddess Brahmacharini must be worshiped in the following way:

  1. Worship Kalash Devta exactly according to the rituals before worshipping Goddess Brahmacharini.
  2. Now holding flowers in your hand, start worshipping Goddess Brahmacharini.
  3. After this, perform Abhishek for Goddess Brahmacharini with Panchamrit (Pour Panchamrit on the idol of the Goddess). After this, offer red flowers, vermilion, and rice to the Goddess.
  4. Lit a camphor or clarified butter lamp and perform ‘Aarti’ for Goddess Brahmacharini and ask for forgiveness to all the sins and mistakes you made in your life.

Cheti Chand

Celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, Cheti Chand marks the beginning of a new year. On this day, the Sindhis community celebrate the festival of Cheti Chand. This festival is celebrated as a birth anniversary of Saint Jhulelal and that is why it is also called as Jhulelal Jayanti. On this day, Sindhis worship deity of water, Varuna Deva to seek happiness and prosperity in their lives. Since, Jhulelal is known to be an incarnation of God of Water so the festival of Cheti Chand is not just limited up to its religious significance, rather, it is a symbol of Sindhi Civilization.

We, at AstroSage wish all our viewers a very Happy Navratri and we hope that you gain prosperity by seeking the blessings of Maa Brahmacharini.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Navratri Ghatasthapana Today - Know Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Chaitra Navratri 2017 is commencing from 28th of March 2017 and this festival of adoration of Goddess Durga would last till 5th of April. The first day of this nine day festival is exemplified to be one of the most significant days because on this day, after doing the Ghatasthapana within the desired auspicious time or muhurat, Goddess Shailputri is worshiped and reverenced. So, get apprised with the Ghatasthapana Muhurat and the procedures of puja in order to seek the blessings of Maa Shailputri.

Ghatasthapana Muhurat

   28 MARCH 2017, TUESDAY
    08:28:49 - 10:23:16

Note- The above Muhurat is meant for New Delhi (India).

Significance of Ghatasthapana

According to the Hindu Calendar, Ghatasthapana or Kalash installation is done on the first lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Chaitra month and from this very day the jamboree festival of Navratri commences. So, to please Goddess Durga and to seek her blessings Ghatasthapana Puja should be done within an auspicious time with desired rituals and liturgy.

Navratri Day 1- Maa Shailputri

Goddess Shailputri is the first manifestation of Goddess Durga and being the daughter of Lord Himalaya, she is known by the name Shailputri. Goddess Shailputri mounts on a bull and hence, she is also known as Vrisharudha. She is depicted with a Trishul in her right hand and a lotus flower in her left hand. Moreover, Goddess Shailputri i.e. the first manifestation of Goddess Durga is also known by the name of Sati.

Know how to appease Goddess Shailputri this Navratri

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is most popularly celebrated in Maharashtra as the beginning of the Hindu New Year. According to Panchang, new year sets in with the first day of the Brighter Half (Shukla Paksha), and Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the same day.

Know the Panchang and Muhurat for Gudi Padwa according to your city: Gudi Padwa 2017


India is a land where various cultures coexist in harmony. Different regions in India follow different traditions, customs and beliefs. The new year is welcomed on the first day of Shukla Paksha, and is celebrated with glee as Ugadi in the southern regions of India. It is also known as Telugu New Year.

Know the Panchang and Muhurat for Ugadi according to your city: Ugadi 2017

We, at AstroSage heartily wish you all a very Happy Chaitra Navratri and we yearn that may Goddess Durga brings happiness and prosperity in your life this Navratri.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Planet Mercury Transits in Aries Sign. Know its influence on you

The planet of wit, Mercury will move to the Aries zodiac on the 27th of March, 2017. It will stay there till the 3rd of June, 2017. The planet will retrograde in the same sign on the 10th of April, 2017. On the 3rd of May, the planet will again become progressive.

Know in-depth about Planet Mercury

The movement of Mercury will affect all the signs in a certain way. We’ve come up with the predictions for the Transit of Mercury in Aries, so that you fare well in this period.

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign. To know your moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator

ARIES: The period will make you respect people and their opinion. You’ll be the belle of the ball; indulging in conversations with everyone you see and meet.Read more.

TAURUS: Too much work pressure will exhaust you. You’ll have to pay special attention to your well being to stay at the top of your game. Read more.

GEMINI: Seniors will be supportive. You’ll have an upper hand over your enemies. Make sure that you do not take anything for granted in this period.Read more.

CANCER: Some heated argument might sour your mood. Try to keep things light at both your home and work. Make peace with everyone around you.Read more.

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LEO: In this period, your charitable nature would outshine. You’ll see the silver lining that you’ve been hoping for, since forever.Read more.

VIRGO: The time advises you to keep an eye out for troubles. You must take proper measures so that no harm befalls you.Read more.

LIBRA: Wear rose tinted glasses in this period, to outdo your pessimistic attitude. Love is the need of the hour for you, sprinkle it wherever you go.Read more.

SCORPIO: Keep tabs over your pocket. Extra expenditure might give you bumpy roads in the long term.Read more.

SAGITTARIUS: Students will be brilliant in studies in this duration. You’ll be inclined to learn new things in this duration.Read more.

CAPRICORN: Redecorating your home and making new additions to the decor would bring you joy. You’ll shell out on the luxuries of life.Read more.

AQUARIUS: The single natives will find someone new, who’d pique your interest. Make sure you take your time before settling on anyone.Read more.

PISCES: You might act all icky and irritated towards your family. Keep calm and grace everyone with your serene attitude.Read more.

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We at AstroSage hope that you do great in this transit period! Make sure that you achieve all the bright hued colors and patterns! Shine on!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Horoscope Of The Week (27th March - 02nd April, 2017)

The last week of March is here and so are the Weekly Predictions and love horoscope! Prepare a blueprint and design the layout of your week with them. Enjoy!


The week would kick off on a bright note. You might struggle through some mental agony; post mid week, you will see some improvement. Love life will face some ups and downs, but with calculated measures it’ll see a brighter day. As the week comes to an end, you’ll get some monetary gains, which as the stars predict might come from your mother. A satisfactory professional life will give you moments to cherish. Domestic life would be brimming with peace and harmony; make sure that you keep it that way. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week won’t give you much desired results in love life. Try and refrain from intertwining ego and anger with love. Do not belittle one another. At the beginning of the week you’ll get scarce moments to spend with your partner. So, make sure that you cherish and make every moment your best one. The mid and end will be moderate. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Bhairava regularly.


In the beginning of the week your focus would remain on your work. You’ll make every possible effort to maximise your output. You might go for a long journey or might consider going abroad this week. You would be highly energetic and rejuvenated. At work, you might have some squabbles with your seniors. Health of your spouse will dwindle in this period. You will be in the pink of your health, due to which you’ll spend most of your time outdoors. You are advised to take care of your mother this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be average for love relations. Minor tiffs and squabbles might sour your mood. Do not escalate the matter into somethings huge. You might have to play the pacifier in your relationship. The mid of the week would seldom give you any spare time. The week end advises you to be with your partner as much as you can. 


REMEDY: Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam regularly.


The beginning of the week and the mid would be good. However, end of the week might give you mental stress. You would perform your responsibilities very well personally and professionally. During the mid of the week, your income might increase. Although with an increased income, your expenses are likely to manifold as well. Your love life is expected to flourish till the middle of the week and might get a little drab towards the end. You would enjoy social gatherings and would get to meet and befriend new and influential people. Avoid gossiping in this duration.


The married masses will get amazing results in this period. The beginning of the week would give you multiple reasons to be gleeful about. You will maintain a balance between your love life and work. The mid would be sound; minor bickering would turn into playful banter. 


REMEDY: Feed jaggery to a black cow on Wednesdays.


You would find yourself in high spirits in the beginning of the week. This week would be positive and progressive for you as your luck would favour you. You might indulge in short trips or entertainment. Due to all your exertion, you will spare time for a movie or any amusement park trip. This week you would perform exceptionally well at work. Domestic life would be lavish; you’ll shell out on home decor. Spouse might suffer from minor health issues. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be brilliant for love matters. Although, the work pressure and the will to be better than before, will be there, you’ll make sure to take time out for your partner. If possible, it’s advised that you go for a short trip to any religious place with your partner at the beginning of the week. The weekend promises to make your love sweeter and mushier. 


REMEDY: Perform chaya patra daan on Saturday.


The beginning of the week might bring your morale down. You’ll face a low period, wherein your self esteem might have to face a blow. The middle of the week will change things for the better for you. You would gain recognition and status at work. Despite of this, occasional detachment from work can be expected. Avoid getting in quarrels with women, as this might go against you. Income would increase in this week. Some sudden gains can also be expected by the end of the week. Try to keep stress at bay in your marital life. 


This week would yield you average results. You’ll have to maintain transparency in your relationships to get your love life working smoothly. The beginning of the week advises you to stay modest in your approach. Do not indulge in any activity that might bring defamation your way. The mid would be cheery. You’ll be in high spirits and will enjoy most of your time with your partner. If you’re in love with a colleague, chances are that the results will bring glimmer in your eyes and a smile on your face. 


REMEDY: Water to a Peepal tree on Thursdays regularly.


This week you would be dedicated towards your spouse. You’ll give them priority over other things in your life. Health might decline during this week. Your marital life would be satisfying. Sudden issues at work might arise by the mid of the week. The end of the week would be good, as luck would favour you and would drag you out of toils. Those in partnership or in export and import business would gain this week. You might plan a short journey during the weekend. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be brilliant for the married masses, but the unmarried one’s will have to keep an eye out for defamation. The week would start on a bright note. Although, your health might dwindle by the mid week. A sore throat or an upset stomach might dull your days. So, take proper precautions to refrain from falling sick. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu regularly.


The onset of the week would be quite disrupted. You might get into disputes of sorts. Some may initiate an unintentional journey. The mid of the week would be pleasant for you. Some dullness might creep in by the end of the week. Your expenses would also increase tremendously during this period. Although, improvements would be there in your love life. You’ll perform exceptionally well on the career front. Decision of any legal dispute might not be in your favour. So, try to halt any big decisions that you might take in this duration. Chances are the you might feel a little too aggressive this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks average for love matters. Your partner might have to face some serious health issues. They might stay angry at you for no reason. So, you are advised to keep your patience up for the entire week. By the mid of the week, some bickering is possible. You’ll have to find a way to turn it into playful banter. By the weekend, help your partner in their chores. This way you’ll be able to strengthen your love. 


REMEDY: Distribute jalebis to your known, especially females at home.


You would be in full spirit during the onset of the week. Mid of the week might feel disrupted because of some disputes or certain health issues, which would get resolved by the weekend. You would feel elevated and happy by the end of the week as your love life would be satisfying. This will be a good period for those who are love struck. Father might gain growth in his professional arena. Your earnings would increase in this duration. Chances are that you might plan a weekend getaway with your spouse.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although, this week looks stupendous for love matters, you’ll have to keep your tongue tied in front of your lover. At the beginning of the week, you are advised not take a risk by meeting at an unsafe place. Due to some minor issues, you might dull your mood. The mid and the end would herald love and warmth in your relationship. 


REMEDY: Donate needful things to patients of leprosy on Sundays.

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This week you would spend quality time with your family and will leave ample time for catching up time with partner. You would spend on a lavish weekend getaway with kith and kin. Domestic life would be happening. Your siblings would be supportive. You would perform exceptionally well at work. This week would bring you numerous chances of enjoying financial gains. You can expect presents and surprises form in-laws.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be mellow for your love life. If you haven’t had time to meet your lover and chat with them about life in particular, you need not fret! As this week would give you plenty of options to do just that. The beginning of the week might be dull, due to your sullen mood. The mid and week end promises to treat you good, only if you coax yourself into staying calm. 


REMEDY: Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly. 


You might plan a trip at the onset of the week. The mid of the week would be spent at home, with just chilling around. The weekend would be hit hard with your loved ones. Spiritual inclination is foreseen during this period. The health of your mother might need attention. You would be successful in expressing love to your parents. Younger siblings would be of help. Relationship with younger siblings would improve in this period. Spouse can expect good news this week. Your domestic life would be pleasant and you’ll have a cordial relation with everyone at home. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week promises to give you brilliant results. Although, you are advised to stay out of petty issues. Do not let your ego rule your head. If it’s possible, go for a brunch or a movie date with your partner, to spice things up in your relationship. Stay stress free to live a long and healthy life. The weekend would be more prosperous. In case you are in love with a colleague or a classmate, the chances of it standing true to the test of time are high. 


REMEDY: Feed rotis to a black dog regularly.


Auspicious activities at home can be expected during the beginning of the week. The mid of the week might bring in disrupted relationships with siblings. You’ll be in a tough time with your cousins and siblings. The health of your mother would improve. Domestic life would be satisfying with some occasional tiffs. Health of your partner might keep you worried. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be bitter sweet for your love life. You are advised to keep a check on your voice and tone, otherwise your relationship will have to face the axe. At the beginning of the week refrain from bickerings and keep your focus on strengthening your love bond. The weekend would go perfect if you could spare some time to watch a movie. 


REMEDY: Offer vermilion to Lord Hanuman in a Hanuman temple.


The beginning of the week would be romance induced. You would enjoy good health and might indulge in the fruits of the sea. Chances are that you might visit a place with close proximity to water during the weekend. By the mid of the week, you might feel easily irritated and icky towards everything. Weekend would be brimming with happiness; relations with siblings would blossom. You would invest your time in socialising. Your determination would be on an all time high. Domestic life would be pleasant with your parents understanding and supporting your every action. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is sure to bring your fabulous results. Although at the onset of the week, you might be a bit sappy and emotional. Your emotions will give anyone a whiplash in this period. By the mid of the week plan a dinner date with your partner, to spend quality time with them. You’ll have plenty of time to be with the ‘one’ and make them feel special. 


REMEDY: Offer durva grass to lord Ganesha

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We at AstroSage hope that these predictions proved their purpose for you. Make sure that you stay tuned to our app and get the best out of Astrology!