Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Horoscope 2016 (September 12 - 18)

Now, take a sneak peek into the future. We present you the predictions of weekly horoscope from September 12 to 18, 2016. Which is analysed by our expert astrologers. Now, read them and get ready to take a step forward in your life.

Now, read the predictions of upcoming week


Arians, this week, an amazing power of making decisions will improve which will direct you towards the success. With many favorable changes, you will be encouraged. Success shall kiss your kiss feet. The projects which were pending, will now be completed. Happiness will be received through achievements. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good for you in matters of love, however, it will be important to take care of your partner’s health and feelings. You might find it difficult to take out time for your partner due to work pressure at the start of the week, the end of the week will be positive. During this time, you must make up for all the lost love. The end of the week might be a little low. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: You are advised to avoid travelling at night.


Taureans, the starting of this week will be surrounded with positivity. You might choose some unique way to handle things. This way will also be appreciated by people around you. You will observe a calm nature in yourself, that might help you to go through a tough situation. Taureans, who are housewives might start some new work. Time is good for students and competitors. They might gain desired results. 

Love Predictions: This week will present you with mixed results in love matters. Don’t let your home issues affect your love life. If possible, take a trip with your partner. However, you might have to face some difficulties at the start. Mid-week will be positive for you, you will be able to maintain a balance between your work and love. The end of the week will bring in more positivity, love will prosper from every aspect.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Don’t waste your energy in wrong direction.


Geminis, starting of the week will going to be in your favor. People who are close to your heart might demand your precious time. Others will maintain good relation with you. With all this, one thing that should be kept in mind is, to keep a check on your health. You might get ill due to seasonal problems. It is advisable to maintain a balance professional and personal life. Also, do not let people to take decisions for you. 

Love Predictions: This week has mixed results in store for you. Don’t do things which might make your partner lose trust on you. The start of the week will be good. If you are married, this week might prove to be better for you. Mid-week looks a little low, maintain your decency. The end of the week will be better, however, you father might doubt you. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid intake of milk at night.


Cancerians, this week you might work on your skills to attain the positive outcomes. An enthusiasm and motivation will be observed. This hard work will going to be very helpful in future. You are recommended to spend most of your time with friends and family. You might get deviated from your aim. Thus, focus is important. Also, do not let the gap grow, between you and your soulmate. 

Love Predictions: This week will present you with mixed results. You will face opportunities of both kinds in matters of love, you might take a memorable trip with your partner or you might even have some arguments with them. The chances of an argument will increase at the start of the week. However, there will be no loss in love. Mid-week will be positive, while the end of the week looks low, maintain decency.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Try to avoid all kinds of distractions.


Lions, a lovable memories will be maintained with dear ones. You might plan a sudden trip with family and friends. This is a perfect week for entertainment and an enjoyable week is ahead. The key message for you that should be noted down is; at workplace, do not get distracted, just stick to your plans. Drive safe, follow all the traffic rules and avoid alcohol. 

Love Predictions: This week is positive for you in terms of love. During this time, you can pour your heart out to someone. You can take the vow for life with someone. However, you must also keep a check on your words. Don’t make a promise which you will not be able to fulfil. The start of the week will be good. There might be some minor arguments during mid-week. The end of the week might be low.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Try not to delay your important projects at workplace.


Virgonians, the whole week is the sum of mix outcomes for you. With your increased efficiency and decision making abilities. You shall receive success in business. Natives, if you relate with the fields like politics and social work. You might be able to turn things in your favor. The suggestion for you is, to have control on your speech. Words once spoken can’t be taken back. Thus, try avoiding arrogance attitude. 

Love Predictions: Overall, this week will be positive for love matters. This week will be helpful for the individuals who are planning on spending their life together. The start of the week will be good. You will be successful in your attempts to meet. There might be minor ordinary arguments during mid-week, but harmony will also prevail. The end of the week will be positive.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva for gaining auspiciousness.


Librans, you might become weak, it is very important to have control on your emotion. You might spend your week, thinking about the ongoing situations in personal life. This overthinking might put you in troublesome. Thus, it is important to increase your concentration at workplace. Also, avoid negative thoughts enter your mind. Try avoiding any kind of stressful situations. 

Love Predictions: This week might be mixed in terms of love. You might face a series of events which may lead to arguments and anger. However, you will also be presented with opportunities to sit and talk them out with your partner. The start of the week is good, you will get opportunities to take a trip or watch a film with your partner. Mid-week might bring some home issue which may affect your love life, but the end of the week will be good.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Try meditation and do things you like.


Scorpions, this time might test your abilities at workplace and at home. Therefore, it is advisable to act calm, control on your speech and anger also. These things will help you to win over every test. You might face some unpleasant changes, but not worry, you will be able surpass them. Since, family members will prove to be very supportive. Also, you will enjoy happy moments in the weekend with spouse and children. 

Love Predictions: This week will be mixed in matters of love. Your partner will respect you feelings, while you might be careless with the situations around you. You will be noticed by everyone around you for the contributions you make. Keep a check on your words at the start of the week. Mid-week will be appropriately positive, while the end of the week looks mixed. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Maintain calm and patience.


Sagittarians, it will be good, if you purchase vehicle, land or property this time. You might plan a visit to a pilgrim or some short journeys. Your colleagues’ and servants’, behaviour towards you will become very supportive. Thus, do not get angry unnecessarily. Mother, the heart of our home will also support. Whereas, a little bickering with siblings might be occur. An excellent performance at workplace is accepted. It is advisable to take care of your health. 

Love Predictions: In a general view, this week looks mixed for you in matters of love. You might be pressurised with work, but you will be successful in maintaining a balance between your personal life and work life. You will be emotional during the start of the week, avoid using bad language. Mid-week will be positive, while the end of the week might be mixed.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t take stress of any kind, otherwise your health will suffer.


Capricorns, a behavioural change might be observed. Your anger level might go up which might reduce your level of peace. This week, you are advised; to keep control on your speech. Your harsh words might hurt other’s sentiment. This week, you might observe a change in attitude of yours. It would be better, if you improve this nature of yours and work on it. Lastly, avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

Love Predictions: This week will be positive for you in love matters, however, stay away from negative thoughts and maintain transparency with your partner. You might have to stay away from your partner during the start of the week, while away there are also chances of getting the opportunity to meet. Mid-week will be good, and the end of the week might bring in mixed results. Spending time with your partner will help you bring warmth in the relationship. 

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid drink & drive.


Aquarians, you be might escape from tasks & challenges at business or workplace this week. But, it is important for you to know that; opportunity knocks the doors from these ways only. If you work hard, no difficult challenge can harm you. This week will be bit hectic. Therefore, it is advisable to break that schedule after completing all the work. And take some break, It will help you to break the monotony in work. 

Love Predictions: Overall, this week will give you positive results. It will be the right time to make a marriage proposal. Married couples will receive good results. The start of the week will be quite good for you. Harmony will be maintained in the relationships. Mid-week looks a little low, but also positive. You will want to spend as much time as you can with your partner. 

Fortune Star: 2/5

Remedy: Try to take good sleep.


Piscean, luck will support you this time. You just have to enhance your skills, in order to improve your financial conditions. Multiple and new source of income coming in your way will be observed. This time you will be succeeded in balancing your budget. The key message for you is to listen your heart rather than listening to others. 

Love Predictions: With the unfavourable health of your partner, you might face a weakness in the love relation with them. However, keeping aside the unfavourable times, the start of the week will be positive. In case of love with a co worker, the positivity will increase. Mid-week will bring along good moments, while the end of the week looks a little low. You will get less opportunities to meet and there might be some arguments. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Avoid showing your weaknesses this time.

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Horoscope 2016 (September 5 - 11)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi today! If you have missed our post on Ganesh Chaturthi, please go to the previous post. Here, get excited to take a sneak peek into the upcoming week and know what our stars have in store for us, this upcoming week. Also, start making plans with the expert’s suggestions and make the best use of it.

Ganesh Chaturthi Today - Know Muhurat & Other Details


Arians, this week you have to put lot of efforts in task you are doing. Making an attempt is more important with this attitude you will surely achieve the success. This week you might not prove to be great help to your friend. As you might not be able to understand their issue. According to the predictions, it is advisable not to travel alone at night. 

Love Predictions: Arians, this week will be good for you in general, however in matters of love, the lack of transparency might deepen the doubts between your love partner and you. The start of the week will give you good results. The chances of your proposal being rejected are low. Married life will be good during this week. The middle of the week does not look good, maintain decency. End of the week, comparatively will give you good results.

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t take any decision in hurry.

Love Rating: 3/5


Taureans, this is a favorable week for you with the goodness adding in business or job. There are chances that someone might misunderstand you. Thus, it would be better if you maintain a sober attitude with others, especially people of opposite sex. It is advisable that you should now focus more on yourself. Lastly, minor health problems might arise. So, keep a watch on your eating habits. 

Love Predictions: : This week looks good in matters of love for you Taureans. If you want to put forward a marriage proposal the time is right. At the start of the week, love will prosper while minor arguments are possible. Mid week also looks positive, however the end of the week will be lesser so, maintaining decency will be important.

Remedy/Treatment: Maintain a distance from unknown people.

Love Rating: 3/5


Geminis, this week you will be spending more time with yourself. The gap that was created with relatives will be over now, due to the social gatherings. This will also help you to boost up your energy as well efficiency. A week is very pleasant to be spent with dear ones. WIth all the good transformation, your personal relationship will get better. 

Love Predictions: Over all, this week will prove to be fruitful for your Geminis. If your partner is not in the mood to go anywhere, don’t force him/her. The start of the week will be good for you. If you are planning on making a proposal, there are chances of receiving average results during mid week. The end of the week will be positive, enjoy during it. 

Remedy/Treatment: Stay restrained and don’t waste much of your time on thinking.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Cancerians, this week is stress free. No issues are foreseen at workplace. Therefore, you will explore many new hobbies in yourself which might persuade you to experiment. It is recommended to avoid sharing good rapport with strangers. They might harm your emotions. But, you can expect a great support from friends. Keep your precious items safe, while travelling. 

Love Predictions: This week will be promising for you and will give you good results. You must keep a watch on your words during this week. Don’t indulge in matters related to money. If you are upset or stressed, love will help in lightening your mood. Mid week will be average for you, while minor tiffs followed by love are possible during the end of the week. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid doing experiments in your business.

Love Rating: 2/5


Lions, this week will keep you busy in mixed emotions and work. recalling old times will make you emotional. The relationship of parents with their children will get better, as your child will support you in every manner. As per the predictions, it is recommended ; Don’t be an emotional fool, people might take an advantage due to that. Illness related to eye are possible. So, be safe. 

Love Predictions: In love matters, this week will be mixed for you. Due to some tension at home, you will not be able to focus on your love life. However, upon trying you will be able to receive the desired results. Take some time out for entertainment at the start of the week. Mid week will be average, while the end of the week will be positive for you Lions.

Remedy/Treatment: Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

Love Rating: 3/5


Virgonians, time is very auspicious if you want to study the occult science. You might get desired research from that. You might visit some beautiful place with friends and family. Although, the tight schedule at work might bother you sometimes. If you face ups and downs, you are advised to give your best at work. Also, avoid taking favors, otherwise they might take your advantage. 

Love Predictions: Generally, this week will be positive for you. If you have someone you would want to spend your life with, you can propose to that person in this week. However, if you want put forward the proposal at the start of the week, make use of words after careful thought. During mid week, a trip together might be possible. If you don’t make an issue out of minor things, the end of the week will be good.

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid taking stress, otherwise it may affect your health.

Love Rating: 3/5 


Librans, this week the keywords of you life is patience and calmness. Be prepare, as unexpected activity or sudden targets might come in your way. It would be good, if you maintained a good rapport with others. This will help you in maintaining good relation. Lastly, it is advisable that you must avoid getting into brawls. Otherwise, it will be the cause of defamation. 

Love Predictions: This week will give you mixed results. However, if your love partner and you stay away there are chances of meeting in this week. The start of the week will bring in positivity. During mid week, avoid talking about anything which might hurt your partner. The end of the week is good, forget the issues of the past and enjoy with your partner. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid driving while drunk.

Love Rating: 3/5


Scorpions, mix results will be obtained. You will be able to grab more attention from dear ones. At office, you have to try hard to achieve target s on time. Otherwise, seniors might take you in charge. The recommendation that this prediction has for you are; Do not express your love to your lover at this time, avoid to show emotional side to others. 

Love Predictions: This week will be mixed in love matters. You will be able to spend enough time with your partner, however unfavorable health might pose problems in love matters. You might have to stay far during the start of the week. Deal with your partner on the basis of their mood during mid week. The end of the week will give you mixed results. 

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t let others take advantage of your emotions.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Sagittarians, this week is perfect for you to enjoy the beautiful time with family & friends. You might even go out with them. Time is very good for sagittarians, if you are ready to get mingle. Misunderstandings between you and friends are possible, therefore avoid sharing something suspicious. Jobseekers, will also enjoy a good time. Chances of positive results are there. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good in love matters. You will be able to get better results if you maintain a balance between work and love. There is the possibility of falling in love with a coworker as well this week. The start of the week will be good. You will receive the happiness love can offer. Mid week will be average, while the end of the week will bring with it a bag full of positivity. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Capricorns, you will get surprise by knowing the hidden values of your partner. Your friends will realise now that your company is awesome. Therefore, they will spend more time with you. Assured success might be received if you are going on a business trip. Whereas, you need to take care of your health, since this issue might become a barrier. Thus, carry your important medicine along with you. 

Love Predictions: This week will be positive for love related matters. In case of falling in love with a coworkers, the positivity will increase during the week. The start of the week will bring a new light in your love. Maintain a proper balance between work and love. Mid week will also be good, while the end of the week might be a little low. 

Remedy/Treatment: Take care of your health and visit a doctor if necessary.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Aquarians, this week an auspicious activity might take place at your home. You might take a long break from work, to break the monotony. Some relatives and old friends might visit you. It is advisable to avoid arguing with neighbour. With all good things happening, some ups and downs might be faced by you. Lastly, a good news will be heard from children’s side. 

Love Predictions: This week may be mixed for love matters. It will be good if you avoid bringing up old issues. You might find less time for love due to a hectic schedule, however you will make good use of the time you get with your partner. During mid week and the end of the week, maintain a proper balance and enjoy the love. 

Remedy/Treatment: Offer water to Lord Sun every morning.

Love Rating: 4/5


Pisceans, you might change your thinking for a particular thing this time. This week, your spendings will going to increase this time but income will remain same. You might develop new interests and hobbies. This is the time to groom yourself, you might spend excess of your money on it. But, as told earlier income will be constant. You have to control this habit, to avoid loss further. 

Love Predictions: This week does not look good for you Pisceans. Stay away from proposals on social media or through a wrong number, this might humiliate you. Maintain decency during the start of the week. Comparatively, mid week will be better, however due to some reason you might not be able to meet your partner. The end of the week will be good, you might start liking a coworker. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid drinking and driving.

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi Tomorrow - Know Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Happy Hartalika Teej Today! If you have missed out the details of Hartalika Teej, check out our previous blog. Here, we are giving information on Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which is beginning from tomorrow. However, some precautions have to be taken today as well. Let’s know everything in this post.

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with the right Muhurat.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Hartalika Teej Today - Know Muhurat & Rituals

Ganesh Chaturthi Muhurat

Moon sighting is strictly prohibited on Ganesh Chaturthi. Know the exact durations of time when you must not watch the Moon below:

  • September 4, 2016 - 18:38 (Sunset) to 20:31 (Moonrise) IST
  • September 5, 2016 - 18:37 (Sunset) to 21:05 (Moonrise) IST

Madhyahan Kaal Puja Muhurat: 11:03 to 13:35 IST

Note: Above Muhurat is for New Delhi, India. Know the Muhurat of your city from here: Panchang For Your City

Astrological Aspect Of Ganesh Chaturthi

Worshiping Lord Ganesha is very important for nullifying malefic effects of Ketu. If you are suffering from Ketu’s major-period or sub-period, or if there are problems related to business, job or health, chant the Mantra “ॐ गं गणपतये नमः” 21000 times on this sacred day. Offer Doob Grass, (also known as Durva) and Motichoor Laddoo to Lord Ganesha. Perform Havan with the one tenth part of the Mantra and offer food to Brahmins. You will be liberated from all problems related to Ketu.

Ganesha Mantra

वक्रतुंड महाकाय कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा॥

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

The grand celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as “Ganesh Utsav” which starts from the establishment of Lord Ganesha idol. Large stalls are imposed in which Ganesha’s idol is established. Devotees worship Lord Ganesha with full devotion and heart. On this special day, variety of sweets are prepared and offered to Lord Ganesha. People from all over the world come together to honor the Lord. To enjoy the day to the fullest, devotees sing traditional songs and dance. People worship Lord Ganesha by reciting the Ganesha Mantra and offer Modak (Ladoo), coconut and other sweets to the Lord.

After the true devotion of 10 days, comes the day to bid final goodbye to Lord Ganesha, which is known as Anant Chaturdashi. On this day, Lord Ganesha’s idol is submerged in water.

Read in detail about Ganesh Chaturthi here: Ganesh Chaturthi 2016

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hartalika Teej Tomorrow

Know early morning Muhurat, rituals, and other important things about Hartalika Teej and feel blessed. It is one of the ancient festivals of India; make the best of it.

Hartalika Teej is the festival dedicated to women for the longer life of their husband

  • Pratah Kaal Puja Muhurat: 06:01 to 08:32 IST
  • Pradosh Kaal Puja Muhurat: 18:38 to 20:55 IST

Note: Above Muhurat is for New Delhi, India. Know the Muhurat of your city from here: Do Ghati Muhurat For Your City

Rituals Of Hartalika Teej Vrat

On the occasion of Hartalika Teej, women apply Mehendi (Henna) on each other’s hand and sing & dance. Varieties of sweets are prepared in homes. The following are the rituals that are performed by women on this day:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and take a bath.
  2. Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  3. Observe a full day Nirjala (without water) fast.
  4. Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the evening.
  5. Offer clothes and cosmetic items to Mata Parvati like Saree, Kohl (Kajal), vermilion (Kumkum), turmeric (Haldi) and flowers.
  6. Offer Dhoti (lioncloth) and Angocha (Towel) to Lord Shiva.
  7. Donate the cosmetic items to the wife of a saint and Dhoti and Angocha to Brahmin.
  8. Offer 13 varieties of sweets to your mother-in-law and seek blessings.
  9. Recite or listen Teej Vrat Katha and break your fast after sunset.

It is believed that women can get all their wishes fulfilled by observing this Vrat. 

To read more about Hartalika Teej, read our featured article: Hartalika Teej 2016

Happy Hartalika Teej!

Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2016 Horoscope

Know your horoscope for September 2017 along with remedies and make an impeccable plan for the month. These predictions are made through the principles of Vedic Astrology.


Instead of acting in hurry and taking wrong decisions, listen to your elders. Enemies might try to harm you this month. Talking about your role in domestic life, it seems that you will fulfill your responsibilities with all you can. Taking right decisions might become challenging for you. Profits are possible from partnership works. You will focus on improving your confidence, energy level and enthusiasm. 

Remedy: Don’t accept electrical appliances, blue clothes, steel vessels for free.


Auspicious events are possible in family. Being optimistic, you will accomplish your endeavors on time. You might face difficulties in taking decisions. Using your experience you can free yourself from problems related to livelihood. Don’t depend on your luck solely. Partners will help in getting profits in business. Keep your energy and confidence level up in order to successfully accomplish your plans.

Remedy: Avoid rash driving and behavior.


Being bold and brave will help you in overcoming hurdles of professional life. You might go on short journey with your spouse in the beginning of the month. Matters related to debts involving business, need to be handled very carefully. You will try to lower your expenses on daily routine. Take decisions on your own and avoid listening to others. Income is possible from abroad. You will make money from more than one sources. Profits will increase.

Remedy: Wear bracelet made of Ashtadhatu (combination of eight metals) in your right hand.


Working courageously is going to maximise your profits this month. You may remain full of energy and excitement during this period. Avoid any disputes as your official relations may get affected due to this. Your self confidence might help you in waving off problems in your way. You might get rewarded for your previously done works. There are chances of getting new deals signed overseas. You may plan to expand your business this month.

Remedies: Keep Ganesh Shankh (Ganesha conch) at home.


Ups and downs will come in your domestic relationships. It would be better to try for improvement of relationship with father. Suggestions of your friends will help you a lot in business related activities. Buying and selling of land and property will give benefits. You might invest in some risky areas for a better financial situation. You might make some new friends in foreign journeys. If you are trying for a baby, this month might give you some favorable results. 

Remedy: Establish Sarv Karya Siddhi Yantra in temple of your home either on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays in north-east direction.


Analysing yourself is necessary for you. Realising your mistakes and then mending them might prove beneficial. Try to turn situations better both at work and home. Time is crucial for your progress and thus, self evaluation is necessary for you. You might get desired results. Time is good for implementing your strategies. You might use your intellect while doing your work this month. Maintain self confidence in you.

Remedies: Start wearing Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha.


Beginning of the month will be beneficial for those who are engaged in some business. Luck is on your side and is providing you with benefits. Relations with your mother might turn sour this month. Do not get arbitrary over unnecessary things. You might also gain some mental stress. Behave politely with the people around you at your workplace. Beginning of some new secret relationship is predicted for you. Profits from alternate source of income are also foreseen.

Remedies: Start keeping Feng-Shui at your home.


You might have many new plans for yourself this month. You might also start working for a publishing company. You may also find your interest more inclined toward entertainment and fine arts. You may also raise to fame. You might also plan for getting yourself enrolled for higher studies. You may also plan to go to some other country for your studies. Your self-confidence might also get raised. You might get a chance to do important work this month.

Remedies: Offering black umbrella to an old person may prove beneficial for you.


Work boldly and confidently to increase chances of getting profits this month. It is important to maintain distance from tiffs and professional politics. Hard work invested previously will bring fruitful results now. Businessmen working in partnership can expect this month as one of their best ones. Though workload will increase, but directly or indirectly it will strengthen your finances. It is suggested to take decisions instantly, but smartly.

Remedies: Discard all the useless wooden items from your home.


This month will start with a bang for business people. Luck will support you most of the times. However, differences over minor things will lead to tiff between you and your mother. To get the best from your job work in coordination with everyone. You might get into a serious love relationship in the mid of the month. Unexpected profits will surprise you in the first week of this month. Things between you and your spouse look healthy throughout the month.

Remedies: Visit Lord Hanuman temple and worship the Lord wholeheartedly.


September will push you toward entertainment and media field. You will take out time to serve the needy and do charity. If you are a student, try applying for foreign universities. A tremendous rise will be seen in your confidence and zeal. Name & fame will follow you. It is suggested to stay away from bad company and habits such as drinking & smoking. Females will spend money on beauty products and will concentrate on enhancing their looks. 

Remedies: Help the needy and spend time in service of aged people.


Listening to suggestions of people who are older and experienced will give a new shape to your professional life. You will get support of family and friends throughout this month. You might either sell or buy any property. Avoid taking risks this month. Your friend list will increase rapidly. Long distant journeys are possible in the beginning of the month. Students will get results of their hard work.

Remedy: Establish Sarv Karya Siddhi Yantra in your home to conquer problems of personal as well as professional life.

We hope that this horoscope for September 2017 will prove to be useful for you. Make the best out of it and have a good time ahead.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Surya Grahan Today - Timing & Precautions

Know do’s & don'ts, timings, and other important details about Surya Grahan here and schedule your tasks of the day accordingly. 

Surya Grahan is the time duration of some auspicious as well as inauspicious value.

Date: September 1, 2016
Type of eclipse: Annular Solar Eclipse
Visible in India: No
Areas of visibility: Africa, South Pole, Madagascar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Geban

Time Duration (IST): 
                           Start: 11:43 
                           Peak: 14:37 
                           End: 17:30 

Surya Grahan Rituals

  1. Keep fast 12 hours prior to the Grahan and open it only after the eclipse duration is over.
  2. Avoid eating food, which is cooked in these 12 hours.
  3. Performing remedies for Sun after the solar eclipse is over is considered really good for strengthening internal powers.
  4. Temples are closed during Grahan except Shiva Mandir.
  5. After eclipse, all the idols of gods are cleansed.
  6. Take shower after this duration to wash off all the negativity.
  7. Chanting holy Mantras can become quite powerful in this duration.



  • Avoid eating or drinking anything
  • Avoid urination
  • Avoid sexual intercourse
  • Avoid starting anything important

For Pregnant Women

  • Don’t look at the sky during Grahan.
  • Stay inside home and don’t let the rays touch you.
  • Don’t wear body fit clothes, clips, or anything that ties in the body.
  • Don’t sleep in Grahan duration.
  • Don’t perform cutting and peeling of any type of fruit or vegetable in the eclipse duration.
  • Chant Santana Gopala Stotra in this duration to fetch the auspiciousness from this time.

For detailed information about solar eclipse, please click here: Surya Grahan 2016

We hope that this information will help you in utilizing the best of this day. Have a good time!