Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekly Horoscope - 21st January to 27th January 2019

Horoscope Predictions for January 21 to January 27, 2019. Know which are the zodiac signs who will be lucky and who need to be a bit more cautious.

Team AstroSage once again brings to you Weekly Horoscope for twelve zodiac signs. Find out how your career, health, finances, education, love life and family life will be this week. This week, Virgo and Scorpio sign natives will receive special rewards. They will not only receive benefit at workfront, but also in their love life, and something is going to happen that will spread happiness around you.

The week begins on the day of Purnima or full moon day. This will be the first Purnima of the year and will fall in the month of Paush, hence called Paush Purnima. At 10:47:11, the tithi will change to Pratipada which will continue till 31:06:14 (January 22, 2019, 07:06:14). Pushya nakshatra will remain upto 26:27:31 while Shukla Paksha prevails. Moon will be posited in Cancer during the beginning of the week, while the week ends with Moon being posited in Libra. The tithi on the weekend will be Saptami, nakshatra will be Chitra and Krishna Paksha will be in effect. 

During this period, natives of certain zodiac signs will achieve success at work front and financial gains are also predicted. Other than that, the time is promising for childbirth, transfer and bliss in family life. Let’s now head forward to know how the week will be for your zodiac sign.

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