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Weekly horoscope, 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2017

Wealth gains in these 5 horoscopes! Read weekly horoscope and find out how favorable circumstances will be in your personal, love, marital and professional life.

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You are likely to receive financial benefits. Although, you may face ups and downs in workspace. You will be honored for your values ​​in society. Your father may have suffer from some sort of physical disorder. Hence, take care of his health. You will successfully clear your competitive exams and conquer your opponents. Younger siblings will fully support you. You will receive the company of your superiors. Your children will enjoy a good time.

Love Predictions: It will be a mixed week for love relationships. Starting will be very good along with the central part, ending with a favorable weekend. You may get a chance to hang out with your lover/partner. However, maintain a decent character. If married, there may be some differences between you and spouse, although you will be fully devoted to him/her.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Feed jaggery and chapati to black cow.


Do not let ego dwell inside of you, as your relationship with others can go hamper. Despite hard work within the workplace, you won’t acquire expected results. You might have to go on a long distance trip. You might actively participate in religious functions and activities. Children are likely to suffer from health issues. Maintain balance between your income and expenses.

Love Predictions: This week will be normal for love matters. Beginning and middle seems generic, but the weekend is showing good signs. Do not get angry about anything from your partner. If you are married, your spouse will receive benefits.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Distribute roasted grams to children on Tuesday. 


There is a possibility you going on long trips. Dad will be healthy. The health of the mother might get a bit weak. There can be some sort of family disputes happening during this time. Take care of your health, as you may suffer from certain illnesses. Children will enjoy this time. For students, it will be the best time. There may be some sense of tension within workplace, but you’ll de dedicated towards your work. You are likely to gain wealth, although your expenses might increase.

Love Predictions: This week shows some good signs for love matters. Beginning will be good, middle better and weekend great. You can give your feelings towards your lover/partner a proper shape. If you’ll try wholeheartedly, you’ll achieve success. If married, you may have to face some difficulties with your partner.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Chant Neel Shani Strot. 

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There will be a lack of peace of mind. You will work hard to gain success and your courage will also increase. You may go on trips of short distances. Family life will be happy. The health of children is likely to decline. Students will study well. You can buy a new property. Your income will increase.

Love Predictions: Your love life will be good this week. This week will start off on a good note, with midweek showing a generic indication along with a wonderful weekend. You will enjoy precious time with your lover. You may have to face certain challenges if married.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Apply a tilak of White Sandalwood.


Partnership in business will be highly beneficial. You will see mixed results in family life and gain success in matters related to property, hence resulting in wealth benefits. You can go on long-distance travel. Mother's health might get weak. On the other hand, this time will be favorable for your father. You might get financially benefited through him. You will participate actively in religious activities. Students may lose their concentration during studies. You might suffer from eye disorder.

Love Predictions: Your love life will thrive his week. Beginning will be good along with the weekend. With your love, you may make plans for the future. You have to be loyal to him/her. Also, you might go on a long distance trip. If married, you will get good results. Sacrifice your ego.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Watch the rising sun with your naked eyes.


Your expenses related to home may increase. Stay away from any kind of controversy. Mother's health may get weak. Siblings may also have to face some problems. Sources of your income income, which is why you will be able to save money. Children may have to suffer from physical problems. Students won’t be able to concentrate on studies. You’ll work very hard, and reap benefits.

Love Predictions: This week will be normal for love matters. You will share your heartiest feelings with your partner and understand their feelings as well. Take special care of your spouse’s health if married and control your anger.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Shami tree and pour water on its roots.


You can travel abroad and to remote locations. You will make good decisions within the workspace and reputation within the society will grow. Do not act in haste. Family life will be full of mixed results. You’ll get wealth gains. Your siblings might face some problems. Your mother's health is also likely to decline. Children will receive benefits of some kind. Students will be successful in their studies.

Love Predictions: For love relationship, this week will be highly diverse. There will be enhanced feelings of love inside you, which you will share with your partner. If married, you’re likely to travel abroad with spouse. Also, for some reason, your spouse’s health might deteriorate. Do not let ego slide into your relation.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Light up a camphor diya inside the house. 

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Avoid showing off and being fake at any point. There will be an increase in your income. You might spend some money on any religious activity, although you’ll be able to save money as well. Mother's health will be good, and you'll gain profits from property. Siblings might suffer from health issues. A trip is also possible. Students can go abroad for studies. It will be the best time for government employees.

Love Predictions: This week will be favofable for love life. Beginning and midweek will be good but weekend might be normal. You'll get to spend a good deal of time with your beloved. Avoid arguments with partner. If you are married, your spouse will be devoted to you. Behave nicely.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Apply a kesar tilak everyday. 


It is possible to go on a short-distance journey. You will receive full support from sisters and brothers and colleagues in the workspace. You are likely to gain benefits from the government. Senior executives will ask you to join their company. Your expenses may be higher than your income. Drive carefully. There may be some tension within family. Avoid speaking bitterly to anyone. There may be some differences with children. Students will work hard to attain success in studies.

Love Predictions: It would be nice week for lovers. The week will start on good note, midweek fine and weekend normal. If you want to get married, this may be the right time. If you are married, you’ll have to create harmony within your marital life. Your spouse you will be loyal and highly devoted.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Offer water stored in a copper vessel to Lord Sun everyday. 


Your interest towards spirituality will increase. Professionally, you'll make the right decision and will be supported by senior officers. Take care of your health. You may suffer from vision-related pain. Children will feel good and students will study well. There will be expenses in case of any dispute or court case. Family life will be joyful. Mother’s health will be good, but dad’s health may deteriorate. There may be changes in the workspace. You will witness the arrival of funds.

Love Predictions: This week will bring in mixed outcomes for lovers. Beginning of the week will be good, midweek normal and weekend is expected to be better. You can make plans with your partner. Do not let ego and self-importance come in between, otherwise it can hamper your relationship. You’ll get support from your partner if you are married.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesh. 


There will be an increase in financial resources. You’ll accomplish every task with full devotion and confidence. Siblings might have to face some problems. Drive your vehicle carefully. Maintain a good relationship with female colleagues at work. Your responsibilities and domination within the workplace might increase. You’ll be more interested in religious activities. You can go on the pilgrimage. Family life will be normal.

Love Predictions: The week will be normal for lovers. You can talk a lot with your partner and share your feelings. Your relationship will strengthen and you both will understand each other. You may plan to hang out with them and go to a party. If you are married, your spouse will help you in your work.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Maa Durga and offer her red flowers.

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Pay attention to your health and eating habits, otherwise you may become overweight. You’ll work really hard to attain good results professionally. Your income will increase. Because of your knowledge and intellect, you will take an appropriate decision and its results will be in your favor. Family life will be balanced. Father may gain some benefit. You’ll get full cooperation of your siblings, and go out with them on a trip. Children can plan to go abroad for studies. Students may have to face some barriers in the studies.

Love Predictions: It will be general week for love couples. You might develop a misunderstanding with your partner, which can affect your relations. If married, keep this thing in mind as during this time, your partner might grow to be aggressive and pressurize you in any way. Hence, try to avoid the disputes.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman regularly and offer saffron laddoos to him.

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