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Weekly Horoscope for the Navratri week

Navratri Week will remain good for all. Read out these predictions and get an idea about circumstances awaiting you the following week.


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Predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign: Moon sign Calculator

ARIES: This week seems a bit stressful for you. The pressure from office might become too difficult for you to handle. You might experience lack of contentment at work and face wealth issues and heavy expenditure. Although after midweek, situations would improve in your favors. This week will be interesting for children but the weekend doesn’t seem to be as approving. Students will perform well. You need to work hard professionally to gain recognition.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: For lovers, this week’s beginning will be a bit down, midweek good and weekend average. You will definitely feel a sense of attraction and love for your partner. There will be a lot of romantic talks. Communication between you two will improve. Avoid arguing on petty issues. Married couples will have a good time bonding with each other. Your spouse will be the source of happiness for you.


REMEDY: Donate mustard oil on Saturday.

TAURUS: It will be a good week for you. Your lifestyle and personality will improve. There will be peace and bliss in your domestic life and family members will be content. You will lead a comfortable life surrounded by exotic luxuries and indulgence. Your mother might face some health issues, so take good care of her. Short trips can prove to be beneficial for you. You will develop a religious perspective and organize events and ceremonies. Students will work hard and their efforts will bring good results. Children will be fine and comfortable throughout this week. Siblings might suffer and face some issues. You will be considered as a powerful figure at workplace.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Avoid ego clashes, and the rest of the week will go smooth for you. Beginning will be fine, midweek and weekend average. Married people might feel a need to run away from each other or even separate. Don’t stretch any issues that might create disturbance in your married life. Your spouse might gain in ranking position at work.


REMEDY: Hoist a black flag inside a temple.

GEMINI: This week seems positive and highly beneficial for you. Your health will drastically improve and you will experience tremendous energy, valor and enthusiasm. You will build a dominating presence and will be a tough competition for your opponents. In case you are stuck in any legal case, there are chances of you winning. You will attain profitable gains from government. Plan a short, good trip with your friends. You will be surrounded by a company of entertaining people. You will show full determination at work and might think of shifting to a new place. Drive carefully. Stay away from firearms, insects and coarse food.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: It will be a good week. You will enjoy long walks and cool breeze. You will form new relationships full of cozy moments. The beginning will be average followed by a great midweek and weekend. Don't let your past affect your present. Married people will be blessed with marital bliss.


REMEDY: Light a Mustard oil Lamp under a Peepal Tree.

CANCER: This week you will feel a slight inclination towards antic artistry, craftsmanship and philosophy. You will find peace and solidarity within your surroundings and would often stay lost in deep thoughts. Your professional life will be smooth and quite profitable. You will help your siblings do well in their life. Children might suffer from low health. Students might face hurdles in studies. Constant efforts will definitely lead to success.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: It will be quite a normal period. Beginning will be low and midweek and weekend will be good. Try to understand your partner and don’t get irritated with their efforts to improve the relationship. For married couples, it can be a tough week. Avoid doubting or arguing and respect your spouse’ viewpoints. Your spouse might face some health issues. So keep that in mind.


REMEDY: Donate black Sesame seeds.

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LEO: This week will highly be in your favor and help you add to your personality and charm. Avoid ego clashes or bringing your ego on the table when in the workplace. Due to lack of contentment and peace, you will face major issues within your domestic life. Your financial conditions will drastically improve. Students will perform very well in studies. Children will enjoy every moment of their life. Siblings will remain supportive throughout this week and help you get through some tough times. Try to spend less money and save more.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love will blossom during this period. The beginning will be good but midweek and weekend will prove to be the best for you and your partner. You might get into a new, soothing relationship. For married couples, there are chances of you two indulging in a fight or heated argument. Avoid such situations and stay peaceful and calm. However, love will be the essence of your relationship and overcome the negativity.


REMEDY: Pour water on the roots of Shwetark Tree.

VIRGO: You might spend too much and exceed your limits. You will lead a comfortable life instilled with leisure and improve your appearance. Your domestic life will be good, and you might plan on purchasing or investing in property. Students will work hard to accomplish their goals. You may be asked to travel for a professional trip. Don't expect any favour from subordinates.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The beginning of the week is nice, midweek is good ending with an average weekend. You might feel certain emotions of separation brewing inside your mind. Avoid such moments of arguments and reignite your passion for each other. Stay loyal to your partner. It will be an ideal time for married couples to bond. Situations will be favourable for your spouse, although s/he might have health issues. There are chances of you going abroad with your partner.


REMEDY: Feed dogs daily with chapati and milk.

LIBRA: A positive week for you, although you might get irritated at times. You need to understand the issues between the family members and try to resolve it. There will be lack of mental peace due to hectic schedule at work. Students will do very well in their studies. This week will prove to be highly profitable for you financially. There will be a subsequent rise in social stature. Also you will enjoy the most with your close friends and family. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: A positive week for you, starting with a slow beginning to a good midweek and ending with an average weekend. You will be thoroughly drowned into the ocean of love, feelings and romance. You might plan an outing, dineout, movie or pleasure trip. Don't force your views on your partner. In case of married couples, you might indulge in extramarital affairs. You need to understand what your spouse is expecting from you in case you want to lead a blissful life.


REMEDY: Worship young girls and take their blessings everyday.

SCORPIO: You will remain slightly confused and experience mental instability. However, you will perform well within your professional boundaries and rise to popularity. Do not expect much favours from your subordinates. You will gain governmental benefits. Avoid spending too much and gossiping within the office, as it can create issues between colleagues. Domestic life will be unstable. Students might plan to go abroad for studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your beginning will be slow, midweek good ending with a progressive weekend. Try to spend some quality time with your partner and work on the rough edges. Avoid any kind of ego clash. It will be a great period for married couples. Presenting your lover with flowers seems like a great idea if you are already in love. If your are willing to enter in a relationship with your colleague, this is an ideal week.


REMEDY: Offer pomegranate fruit to Goddess Durga during Navratri.

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SAGITTARIUS: Your main focus throughout this week will be increasing your profit graphs and finances. Long and multiple journeys would give you mental peace and prosperity. Your father can face some health issues. Your attitude towards work within your workplace will be admired. There are chances of you befriending high-ranking people. There will be an imminent rise in your popularity and status within social, professional and domestic circle. Your siblings might go abroad or distant places.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Positive week for love matters beginning is quite average midweek is very good weekend is good there might be a positive feelings in relationship you might want to marry with your partner relationship would gain strength for married couples this period would be off enjoy and feeling of togetherness you would a few good recognition in society as well as ryzen lock what the effects of your spouse their health might become quite low.


REMEDY: Worship the Sun God and offer vermillion-mixed water (kumkum water) everyday.

CAPRICORN: There are monetary gains and profits awaiting you this week. You will show immense dedication at work. Your domestic life will be peaceful and full of bliss throughout this week. You and your father both could face slight health issues. Avoid eating spicy or street-side food. Weekend will prove to be unstable. Children can irritate at times. Students would be laborious. There are chances of you paying off your bank loans or past debts. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will bring some good vibes to your love life. You will start off with creating good memories. Your weekend will be spent best with your lover. You could, at times, develop a feeling of detachment. If married, there can be misunderstandings between you two. Don’t take hasty decisions.


REMEDY: Donate wheat grains on Tuesday and Sunday.

AQUARIUS: You will be a thorough workaholic this week and might miss out on family occasions, small gatherings and events. This can create some issues within your domestic life. There will be lack of mental peace and you might see a rise in stress levels. Your career graph will improve. Children would be fine and full of energy but can be a hindrance on certain occasions. Students would require proper guidance to act properly. Perform some virtuous deeds. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: An ideal period for lovebirds to strengthen their relationship. The beginning and weekend will be average a good midweek. There are chances of you planning to marry your lover, although you might face some strong opposition. Married people will experience a mixed period. Avoid arguments and enjoy a good time together.


REMEDY: Feed cows with fodder.

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PISCES: There are chances of you going out on a long journey just to clear your head. Your father might face health issues and need to be taken care of. You will earn good and add to your bank balance. You might plan business trips which can prove to be beneficial. Domestic life will be surrounded with arguments and stressful tiffs. You can face some property issues. Avoid debating or arguing. Children can be a bit of a tension during this week. Students will perform well and add to their intellectual skills. There can be some issues with your siblings. You might feel inclined towards spirituality. You have to wait for the work to be done at your workplace and have to remind so as to get it completed.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: There will be an increase in the urge of being together with your partner. Beginning of the week is average, midweek good and the weekend will be best. However; sometimes a feeling of detachment might occur. You might plan a long trip with your partner. If married, spouse's health will be a major concern.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer Kewra perfume.

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