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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (March 14 - March 20)

Weekly horoscope & weekly love horoscope from March 14 to March 20, 2016 is here. These predictions are based on Vedic astrology. See how this week will surprise you...

Weekly Horoscope or this week is here


You might spend money on spiritual activities or any religious place. You will have great time with family and might buy a vehicle or property. Your social identity will be respected and you will enjoy luxuries of life. The conjugal life is going to be blissful. Love birds are also having full support in their love life. New ways to earn will be there in your life but it does not commit more income. 

Love Predictions: Arians, this week will be delightful for you to fulfill your personal desires with spouse. But, avoid being egoistic for a successful realtionship. The starting and mid of the week will be spent in lovey-dovey talks. In the last days, be careful of neigbours as they might suspect you for no reason. Lastly, you will enjoy uncoditional love.

Remedy: Offer gift to your mother or any equivalent woman.

Love Rating: 3/5


This week wants you to take care of your health. People who are not happy with your achievements, might try to harm your reputation. Those who are preparing for competitive exams have to work a little harder. You will earn more but your expenses will also be high. You have to handle your relationship calmly. Stay alert and don’t cancel your trips. 

Love Predictions: Taureans, start replacing your negative thoughts with the good one and this week will turn in your favor. With this, it is advisable for you not to hype on unecessary things. In the starting days, love will reach infinity and your feelings will be respected. The mid-week is also very cool, many fun loving things will be there in your life. Whereas, in the weekend, some tensions might bother you. But do not worry as great things happen unexpectedly. 

Remedy: Worship Saturn and perform Rudrabhishek with mustard oil.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Natives who are associated with social and political background are getting full favors. However, the personal life might be a little boring. Do not go near water as this week is not indicating good sign for you. You will be successful in making new plans and even getting them done. Keep control on your expenses. 

Love Predictions: Geminis, this week might prove to be a little challenging. Therefore, trust your love and act wisely. Although, in the starting of this week, it is foreseen that distance will not become a barrier in your relationship, infact it will prove to be a reason for closeness. You will get good results out of love. Moreover, it will be good, if you can delay meeting on weekends. Lastly, be careful from suspicious people, they might take you wrong.

Remedy: Stay away from addiction.

Love Rating: 2.5/5 


Lovers are getting full support of this week. Students have to work a little harder to get good results. Be focused and work more to get what you want. You have to keep yourself away from unhygienic food. New plans will get green signal if executed during this week. You will now live more luxurious life and will be respected by people. 

Love Predictions: Cancerians, a wonderful week is here. The time is very auspicious to ask your love for marriage. In the midweek, you might get less oppurtunities to meet. But, an assured chance to meet is also there in this week. The predictions suggests you to beware of getting into any blather talks and avoid being an argumenter. 

Remedy: Avoid oily food and warm milk at night. Worship Maa Saraswati for goodness.

Love Rating:3/5


If the period (Dasha) or sub-period (Antar-Dasha) of Ketu is going on, you have to be more alert about your health. Beware of getting closer to deep water and fire. You have to ignore getting into any argument and take care of your instruments. You will feel a little stressed during this week. Expenses will increase and money will come but not from right place, so avoid it. 

Love Predictions: True happiness comes from the joy of deeds. With this, your week will start in a positive manner. However, some tensions might keep you distracted. Your love can go woo, if you fall in love with a colleague. In the midweek, you might get less chance to meet. Lastly, be careful of what you are saying. Since, words once spoken can’t be taken back. 

Remedy: Perform the vedic ritual of Ketu or ritual of Mahamrityunjay Mantra.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Take care of your partner’s health and be independent of luck. Stress might disturb you, so it will be good to avoid taking any risk. You might go on a trip unexpectedly but do not make friends on the way as you might get fooled. Businessmen have to maintain good relation with partners else they might have to face the consequences. 

Love Predictions: Virgonians, this week is for sensuous love. While you have to remember, you can get emotional in love but do not get into agruementation. Starting days might be average for you, so go out and enjoy. In midweek, by balancing personal and proffesional life, you will be able to win your lover’s heart. Whereas in the weekend, you might get less chance to fix up a date. 

Remedy: Do rituals for the pacification of Ketu and offer water to Sun regularly. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Handle your financial decisions intelligently and avoid taking any risk. The family life of the natives looks good this week. You might spend money on buying furniture or anything for your house. Students, especially those who are preparing for competitive exams, will get success. You will get your desires fulfilled and might go on a trip. 

Love Predictions: Librans, this week is very favorable to start your personal life. The week has arrived with full of happiness and perfectness for the couples who are in the same office. However, in the starting of the week you might feel low. It is advised that you should take some time out and spend your valuable time with your partner. Weekend is as cool as starting days, but do not get fanatic. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Bhagwati and donate for pacifying Venus.

Love Rating: 3/5


Success is assured for those who are preparing for competitive exams. Your intellect will remain great. Pregnant ladies are suggested to take care of their health. Businessmen will enjoy financial benefits but being overconfident might bring losses. Your children or young ones might trouble you. Luck will support you to complete long pending tasks. 

Love Predictions: Scorpions, the week will be very pleasant. There are chances that you might hurt your partner’s feeling due to some tenacity issues. Sometimes, in order to have a peaceful relation, compromises makes a good umbrella. Whereas, still an enjoyable week is ahead. It would be good, if you can control your personal desires and take care of each other. Bond will remain strong.

Remedy: Help the needy and keep your children away from fire.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


You might go on a trip but avoiding it would be better. Those who are going through the period of (Dasha) or sub-period (Antar-Dasha) of Saturn, might relocate. You might face rejection from close people due to different thinking. Benefits are assured for those who are into business of oil, gas or petroleum. 

Love Predictions: Couples will enjoy a very beautiful time but those who are staying away will miss each other. Although, some fights are imperfectly perfect. The week has arrived with awesomness all around. Midweek is very pleasant. Whereas, the weekend is quite boring. Therefore, take descions with confidence and have pateince.

Remedy: Perform the fire-sacrifice with Gayatri Mantra.

Love Rating: 3/5


You will be courageous and your willpower will remain great. You will be easily accomplishing your tasks and will be going in right direction. Singles will enjoy this time a lot. Some of you might get engaged or tie knots. Your family life will be blissful. However, there might be some tensions in your mind. Avoid getting into illegal activities. 

Love Predictions: Capricorns, this week is very relishing, you will get chance to capture some lovable memories. Avoid suspecting your love, othewise it will create a mess. If you are in love and still haven’t confessed then this week is perfect. Go ahead! You will get many oppurtunitues to celebarte your love. Be moralistic as the weekend is foreseen to be a litlle weak.. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and serve the cows.

Love Rating: 4/5


Luck is with you in all stratas except the financial life. Your intellect will remain superb but if you are going through the period of unfavorable planets, you might face some losses. However, these losses will prove to be beneficial in the future. Avoid any kind of money exchange and be careful of what you are saying. 

Love Predictions: Aquarians, the week has arrived and you might plan a meet someone special. So, before you step out, look best. You might even go to relative’s place. Get ready to empty your pockets, a heavy shopping is predicted. The weekend is wonderful for married couples as well as for unmarried. You will become a reason for the peaceful environment at your friend’s place. 

Remedy: Make donations of milk and avoid eating yellow food products. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Check your routine and maintain a healthy regime to avoid health issues. Be careful while handling electricity, fire or even those who envy you. You might behave intense in dealing people, but you have to control it outside your house. Take care of your child’s education and be there to guide him/her. Avoid starting a new business. 

Love Predictions: The starting days of the week will bring lots of happiness for future. You are likely to go out on a picnic or a short trip or watching a movie together is assured. This midweek is very pleasant to cherish some love moments, but domestic affairs might be bothering. Lastly, the weekend will end on good terms. Don’t be a part of silly tiffs. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and make donations for Rahu.

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Hope you enjoyed the predictions for your sign. Love predictions are exclusively analysed by expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Misra.

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