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Monthly Horoscope For August 2015

Welcome August with AstroSage’s dose of monthly horoscope. This beautiful month is commencement of festivals coupled with showers & greenery of Savan. So, how much bliss and prosperity is seen in your kitty? Discover it all here…

August horoscope 2015 has come to tell you everything about future.

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Aries Horoscope For August 2015

Time is very favorable for love birds. Time will support those who want to marry their love interest. Your interest will increase in spiritual tasks, expenses or travellings related to it are also possible. There are full chances of getting success or profits from political field, government, gain of ancestral property and profits from father. Take special care of your mother’s health if she is not well from a very long time. Read more…

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Taurus Horoscope For August 2015

This month you will feel new energy, enthusiasm, and courage. Luck will also support a lot, this is a good time for starting new work. You will get ample time for your family. Chances are arsing of getting success in property related matters. You may also buy a new vehicle. Sudden financial profits are possible. You will also get your stuck money back. Father and government will support a lot. Journeys will remain happy and profitable. This month, tensions related to children may arise in your mind. Read more…

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Gemini Horoscope For August 2015

This month is going to be very favorable for love affairs and married life. New love affairs can also begin. You will get happiness from children and success in education and competition. A balance will be there between income and expenses. New opportunities in business and promotion in job are also possible. You may go for work related journeys which will surely benefit you. Parents are advised to take extra care of their small children. Pregnant ladies also advised to stay extra cautious. Believe in your actions more than your fate. Stay away from gambling and investing in stock market, as luck is not favoring this time. Read more…

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Cancer Horoscope For August 2015

Your mind will remain distracted, control your speech. Your income will increase and new work opportunities will also come across, but try to keep a restraint on your words. Everyone will support you whether it's your father, senior officials or life-partner. Favorable journeys are possible. Luck will be in your favor, but you have to remain patient this time. Dissatisfaction can arise from children, or his/her health problem is also possible, so take care. If you are a heart patient, take care of yourself and don’t think excessively. Read more…
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Leo Horoscope For August 2015

Many problems are possible in your married life. Handle your love relationship very carefully, otherwise they may break. So, try to maintain cordial relationship with your life partner and respect his/her feelings. Conflicts are possible with close friends or siblings. There are good chances of getting success in education and competition. Women trying to have their own baby will get their wish fulfilled. Any good news from children is also possible. Expenses will increase and health may also remain a bit weak. Take care of your heart, eyes, and liver. Those who are already having some problem related to these areas, need to stay extra cautious. Don’t go near deep water bodies and drive very carefully. Don’t start any new work this time. Only pilgrimages will give you pleasure, if planning for any other journey, delay it for some time. Despite of all this, you will remain calm and intellect will be very strong, which will help in solving problems. Read more…

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Virgo Horoscope For August 2015

Expenses will increase a lot this month, but flow of income will also be there. You will feel reduction in domestic happiness. You will not feel comfortable at home and a tendency of moving away from home will develop. Reasoning power and intuition will increase a lot, but if you are going to give an examination, make some extra efforts. Disputes with children are also possible. If you are not able to resolve the problems with life-partner, differences will increase further. This is the time to think from heart and stay calm, don’t get angry. You will feel attracted toward opposite sex. Many journeys will take place, but don’t expect any result from them. Take care of your mother’s health. Expenses will occur on the maintenance of home. Read more…

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Libra Horoscope For August 2015

Your might will remain great this time. Relationships will improve with relatives. Siblings and friends will support a lot. Any old resentment will come to an end. There are very good chances of getting success in political field. Those who work for government are likely to gain some great benefits. Income may not remain good, but a balance will stay between income and expenses. You will feel happy about your children’s achievements in studies. You are also likely to gain support and profits from in-laws. Any auspicious event may take place at home. The time is very good for buying new property or vehicle. Domestic happiness will increase. Read more…
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Scorpio Horoscope For August 2015

You will be able to get the solution of most of the problems due to your efforts, hard work, and patience. Support will come from higher officials and government. You will get success in all new works. Money will come in a good amount. Relationships will develop with high class people. Business travels will produce fruitful results. If you were trying to go abroad from a long time, time is favorable for that. Some hurdles may come in your works in the beginning of the month, but everything will go in favor afterwards. This time will give the desired results of your efforts, so keep on trying hard. Read more…
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Sagittarius Horoscope For August 2015

Sagittarians will feel relaxed, especially after the first half of the month. Situations which were going completely out of control will slowly come back in control. You will feel happy because of improvement in health and wealth. You will feel free from levanters. Peace in family, strong luck, respect in society, all these things will give you happiness. You will also be able to make an influence on opponents. Overall, this month is going to be very good for Sagittarians. Read more…

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Capricorn Horoscope For August 2015

Maintain patience, as time is likely to become a little unfavorable. Ideological differences may occur with life-partner, due to change in your behaviour. Keep your impulse under control. If problems of diabetes, thyroid or liver malfunctioning are already there, take special care, as they may likely to increase this time. Decisions making abilities will remain weak, so don’t take any risk. Don’t rush in anything related to financial matters and disputes, but think wisely before taking any decision. Postpone your business trips for some time, if not very important. You are advised to stay away from deep water and heights. Read more…

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Aquarius Horoscope For August 2015

Your thoughts will become unstable, so it would become very difficult for you to take any decision. You may have to go away from home due to some reason. Enemies will try to harm, so stay cautious. Expenses will increase beyond a limit. Extra expenses will take place in hospitals or because of any dispute. We advise you to stay away from unnecessary disputes and try that none of them reaches police or court. If problems of diabetes, thyroid or obesity are there, take special care. Avoid consuming sweets. Differences are possible with life partner, so you are advised to stay calm and composed. Read more…

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Pisces Horoscope For August 2015

Pisceans are required to maintain calm and patience, because time is not very favorable for them. Don’t take any decision in a hurry, because your decision making abilities will decline and it can also create problems. Respect your life-partner’s feelings and maintain a cordial relationship with him/her. Money will come on a normal pace; however, mental stress, failure and unnecessary delay in works will disturb you. Disputes are also possible at workplace. Take care of your health and identify hidden enemies. Delay journeys for some time, if not very important. Read more…

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By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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