Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mars Transit Into Gemini Today - Discover Your Upcoming Time

Mars will move into zodiac sign Gemini on 16 June, 2015. Mars represents energy while Gemini belongs to air element. This transit will change life of every native. Prepare yourself to deal with this transit with the help of these predictions.

Mars transit in Gemini will change your fate in one or the other way.

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This transit will keep you excited and enthusiastic. Mars is in a mood to bestow you with all goodness. Read more


Quite an average phase for you. Tendency to consume alcohol and relish spicy cuisines will increase. Read more

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If you are dating someone, physical bonding will increase between you two. A kind of dominating attitude will develop. Read more


Internet will not only increase your expenses, but will kill your time as well. Some obstacles will appear in your endeavors. Read more


Be in sync with all and you will successfully complete your work. Stubborn side of your might show up when with friends. Read more


Married couples will enjoy this phase. Keep your anger in control, it will help in keeping work front healthy. Read more


Tendency to learn new things will rise in you. Students who are aspiring for higher studies will have a fortunate time. Read more


Nothing much will come from this transit. Control your habit of losing temper to keep things smooth. Read more


Workfront looks stable; however, other aspects are not that great. Mood swings might create problems. Read more


A great time for you and unlucky one for your enemies. Try to have good tuning with your colleagues. Read more


This transit will make you attractive. Love life will blossom and sweet memories will be carved between you two. Read more


Professional life and love life will do wonders in this phase. Making your home look beautiful will be your priority. Read more

By Acharya Raman

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