Friday, March 27, 2015

Mercury Transit Into Pisces - How Your Fate Is Related To It?

Mercury will enter in Pisces on March 28, 2015. Till April 12, 2015, it will remain here only. Astrology says that Mercury debilitates in this sign. So, how will it affect you and your life? Will this transit solve your problems or will complicate them further? Read this article and get to know every aspect of this planetary movement. 

Transit of Mercury in Pisces will bring some big changes to your life.


Misunderstanding is possible due to wrong language. Say a big no to online shopping. Cell phone or computer might cheat you. Read more


Lack of concentration will keep you away from working properly. Stomach might give troubles and so will your throat. Read more


Embarrassment is possible at workplace. Short term differences will rise in your personal life. Luck might go against. Read more


Love life looks beautiful in this period. Workplace will remain cool. Take care of your skin, as skin disorders are possible. Read more


Punctuality will degrade, hampering your timings. Talking without realizing things will fetch embarrassment for you. Read more


Jealousy, urge to prove superior and related things will born in you. Your attitude with others will grab attention for all the wrong reasons. Read more


Troubles are possible, if you are expecting a baby. A tendency to change job will remain there in your thoughts. Read more


You will waste your precious time on social networking sites. Stars witness delay in your work or they might even get cancelled. Read more


Confidence will drop down and others might surpass you. Any thing which is against values might get done by you. Read more


Phone and internet will possibly trouble you. Luck might cheat you and your expectations will result in disappointments. Read more


You might spend money in an useless thing. Keep your cell phone carefully, else it might either get stolen or fall in water. Read more


Clouds of confusion will surround you. Keep expenses under control. Stay away from internet for good. Read more

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