Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lohri: Let The Warmth Of Bonfire Glow Your Life

Today is the beautiful day of Lohri, when Sun will begin its northwards journey. Tonight is the night of bonfire, singing, dancing and yes of course, the night to offer prayers to the holy flames of the sacred fire. Know more about Lohri with this exclusive article.

Here comes January, here comes a brand new year and here comes the first festival of the year, Lohri. Popularly known as the night of bonfire, Lohri is a very famous festival of Punjab. Though this harvest festival is joyful for every Punjabi, it is very special for the families who recently had a marriage or childbirth. Month of Paush ends on this day and Magha starts.

Puja Muhurat: You can perform the rituals of Lohri anytime between 17:44 to 00:00.

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Lohri in 2015 will be celebrated on January 13.

Let us take a quick look at some of the events associated with Lohri:
  1. Lohri is dedicated to fire (Agni Dev). To celebrate this festival, fire is worshiped as a deity and items such as popcorn, Gajak (sweet), peanuts, puffed rice, and Revri (sweet) are offered to it.
  2. This festival is devoted to Lord Sun as well, as from this day the Sun moves toward north (Uttarayan). On this day, people thank Surya Dev for the abundant and healthy harvest.
  3. Traditional dinner of Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Da Saag is prepared and enjoyed on Lohri.
Groove into the festive mood of Lohri with Lohri Songs

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Lohri Is Also Known As?

There is no doubt that Lohri is widely celebrated in Punjab, but people of other states also make celebrations on this day. This day when Punjab and Haryana get into the festive mood to enjoy the warmth of Lohri, Assamese relish the day as Magh Bihu, Tamil Nadu observes Pongal, Andhra Pradesh enjoys Bihu and Kerala celebrates Thai Pongal.

Why Celebrate Lohri?

According to the holy book ‘’Guru Granth Sahib’’, the time of Lohri is very auspicious and one gets blessings if he/she meditates and prays before the fire. If you have been blessed by your baby recently, taking your angel around the bonfire of Lohri will bestow him/her with eternal success and prosperity.

To fetch harmony and happiness throughout the year, make sure to make this day as much bountiful as you can.

So, this was all about the festival Lohri. Enjoy this day with your loved ones, as a day to thank the Lord Sun and fire for showering their blessings on you and your family. Make this Lohri a day of unity, brotherhood, love, and gratitude.

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We wish you a very happy & prosperous Lohri 2015!

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Today is Kalashtami, the day is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav.

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