Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Venus Transit Beneficial for Film Industry?

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
On 17 March 2013, 3 planets are conjoining in Pisces. Mars is already posited in Pisces since 4 March, whereas Sun has transited there on 14 March. Now, 3 planets will conjoin on 17 March when Venus will enter Pisces on this date.

Each planet has its own features and affect the subject in a unique way. This time, the article is describing the saga of this unique planetary conjunction. Mars, Sun and Venus; all are considered as very strong planets. Impact of these planets affect one’s life in quite a unique way, especially when all 3 of them will combine together. Let’s know what effect this conjunction will put on you and world as well as nation.

Amongst 5 elements of the universe, each planet is associated with one element. Sun and Mars are the planets of element fire, whereas Venus belongs to the element water. Now, we will throw some light on the effects of this conjunction over nation.

If Medini Astrology is taken into consideration, this conjunction (especially position of Sun) is painful for Northern India. Recent terrorist attack on Srinagar has proven this fact correct. In South, some controversial situations may arise. Some international relations might get weaken. Transformation in certain policies and agreements are possible. Situations like fights and wars may arise at some places.

It seems that nation is going through a hard time under this conjunction. Let’s move further to know how this conjunction will affect our environment.

Possibilities of cyclones are there. At some places, it would be a little cold due to rain, but this will not continue for long. Conjunction of 2 fire element planets will make 1 water element planet suffer, hence heat will increase dramatically in weather. It means that weather would be cold in between at times but for a very short span of time, whereas heat will increase rapidly.

Bollywood is a buzzword in India. Everybody is always keen to know about the happenings of Tinsel Town. That is why we have also predicted for Bollywood and Bollywood lovers.

For Film Industry too, this time doesn’t look very positive. Films releasing in this time should not be expected to be providing a huge business. Even after performing well, viewers will feel that artistes are not performing well.

Venus is in conjunction with Mars, therefore people allied with Film Industry should drive carefully. Especially, actresses need to stay more cautious because a film artiste might become the victim of an accident, or life may fall in risk. A film artiste or actress might get trapped in a legal trouble. Controversy may arise due to a film in South India. Therefore, people allied to the film industry should take each step carefully.

Finally, we close the predictions on this conjunction here. Everything seems disturbed. However, it is also good for some. We cannot take this coincidence entirely negative. Everything has its brighter side. Just keep your hopes high and put best efforts, you will come out with flying colors in all facets of life. Even planets support the ones who carve their destiny with hard work.

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