Thursday, January 10, 2013

Imran Khan Buckle Up in 2013 for Political Victory

2013 for Imran Khan

Imran Khan, the founder of Pakistani political party Tehreek-E-Insaf, is not only famous in Pakistan but also across the globe. He took Pakistan to a new height by bringing Cricket World Cup. Until 1992, when Pakistan won World Cup, nobody considered the cricket team of Pakistan an active part of race. It was only the guidance of Imran Khan that motivated an ordinary team of Pakistan to compete with other powerful teams and bring the world cup home.

After taking the cricket team of Pakistan to new heights, Imran Khan founded the new political party named Tehreek-E-Insaf in 1996. In spite of being famous, the result of his efforts didn’t come out with flying colors. Elections are going to be held in Pakistan in 2013. Now, let’s see whether or not the stars are in favor of Tehreek-E-Insaaf.

Many conjunctions are reflecting from this Kundali. The significator of courage- Mars,  is the Lord of ascendant and Sun is in the Ascendant, which is the significator of energy. Both are giving  Imran Khan a courageous as well as an energetic personality. Exaltation of the Lord of Ascendant, Mars and its position in third house is giving enormous strength to the Kundali. Mars and third house is of great importance when it comes to the success in sports. Exalted Mars with Rahu in third house signifies the Kundali of an eminent sports person. Along with this, saturn- Lord of the third house and Lord of the fourth house, results in powerful Rajyoga, if being exalted and Vargottam. Saturn in twelfth house brings victory over enemies. Planet Mars made him a player and Saturn made him victor. On the other hand, Mars always kept him inspired and Saturn taught him to inspire the team.

Sun is the king of the solar system and its position over ascendant made Imran the captain of the Pakistani team. He was Pakistan’s most successful cricket captain, making him incomparable to anyone else. This was possible because of his Lord of the ascendant, Mars. Undoubtedly, Imran is the most successful captain ever in the history of Pakistan cricket. Due to the powerful position of Mars and Sun, he collected the scattered team of Pakistan and made them world champions.

Sun also signifies Government. Being posited in Ascendant, Sun brings him closer to Government. Sometimes this position of sun also makes him egoistic, which is not good for political success. Otherwise, the position is very positive. Being Lord of the ninth house and situated in fourth house, his Moon is also making Parashariya Yoga.

Certain troubles are always present in one’s kundali. Everybody has to face the good as well as bad results of the planets. For example, the significator of marriage, Venus is also the Lord of the house of marriage in Kundali. Venus in this condition not only belongs to debilitated Navamasa, but also posited in the mid of the negative planets, which means that Imran is suffering from Paapkartari Dosha. Along with this, Saturn is also aspecting Venus. Hence, not surprisingly, Imran Khan had to suffer in his married life. Venus is also the Lord of the twelfth house of abroad and aspected by the Saturn posited in twelfth house. That is why Imran got married to a lady of other caste and nation. Due to the weakness of Venus, this marriage could not last long. Well, the time of 2013 is very important for both Pakistan and Imran Khan. Pakistan has witnessed its worst time with its current Government and people of Pakistan have high hopes from Imran khan. Let us now see what destiny has in store for Imran from the angle of politics. Imran’s party did not get even a single seat in 1997. According to movable zodiac signs, it was the period of Aries. Aries is sitting in the sixth house and Jupiter is also posited there. Being aspected from two negative planets Saturn and Mars, Jupiter is very weak. Unsurprisingly, his party did not get even a single seat at that time. Sub-period of Libra was also running that time, which is posited in twelfth house.

He had high hopes in second elections of 2002, but it was the time of zodiac sign Pisces. Not being supported by any planet, Pisces is quite weak and the Lord of Pisces is also very weak. In 2002, his party won only one seat, that too his own seat.

Now, at the time of 2013 elections, he is going through the period of Aquarius. Zodiac sign Aquarius is posited in fourth house and Moon is also present there. Lord of Aquarius, Saturn is not only exalted, but also Vargottama. Such a powerful Kundali is indicating toward the victory of Imran Khan as well as Tehreek-E-Insaf. Due to Saturn, he will get immense support of public. The crowd and public support will be unexpected to the entire Pakistan. Planets are indicating that Imran Khan is the most powerful candidate for the position of President.

2013 is one of the most favourable years for Imran Khan. However, Imran’s troubles will keep on increasing as the end of the year will be close. But this is the beginning of the year that is why we will not discuss about what will happen later.

While closing this article, I would like to say that Imran Khan can be the future President of Pakistan. Imran would be the first choice of Pakistani people in 2013 and this will create a new history for Pakistan. I would like to give my best wishes to Imran Khan and his party Tehreek-E-Insaf. With this, I hope he will pull Pakistan on the track of success and work on strengthening Indo-Pak relations.

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indranee said...

What birthtime and birthdata are you using for him? What I have does not yield a Scorpio Lagna and a Purbabhadrpada nakshatra (chandra)?