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Astrology & Its Usage

By Uday
There are four factors that commonly exist in all creatures, animals and human beings. These are Hunger, Sleep, Sex and Fear. Among all the creatures and animals on Earth human being is different because of his capacity to think & analyze with the help of the brainpower.

The factor of fear and insecurity has inspired him to know about the future happenings.  Since ancient times he has tried to find out the ways to know the future and future occurring.  To know the future happenings, he has invented different ways to know about future. These ways are scientific and customized.  Tarot cards, Palmistry, Astrology are some of the scientific ways to know the future. Plain chat, looking into glass globe and using the food grains like paddy seeds are traditional way to know about future.

Astrology is one of the scientific ways which is developed in due course of evolution. In India, ancient monks known as HRISHIES & MUNIES have invented this method to know the future.  This method is on the basis of transit and movement of stars and planets in the sky.

Astrology comprises of two factors, the first is Mathematics & second is Predictions. From the 3 data information (1) Date of Birth (2) Time of Birth & (3) Place of Birth, with the local time and standard time as well as with detail calculation, they prepare the Horoscope. Preparing Horoscope has become easy with the help of modern computer technology and programming. Before the introduction of computers it used to take minimum 4 to 5 hours to prepare an accurate basic horoscope. And after that, there are many types of Horoscopes that are the support to the main horoscope, so it used to take 24 to 32 man hours to prepare one full fledge horoscope of a person. These support horoscopes are like different medical test reports. The individual horoscope gives answer to all different aspects and questions of life. For example for Luck in general and relations with spouse can be seen from Navamsa Kundali (Horoscope).

As it is known that a horoscope comprises 12 houses. And, these twelve houses give answers to all the questions arise in life.

With the help of these twelve houses, it is possible to derive answers for all questions that arises for all the relations; that is, questions related to Father, Mother, Spouse, Children, Uncles, Aunties and allied people. Different houses are pertaining to different relations. If one wants to know about a person’s nature than 1st house will give answer for that, 7th house is for spouse, 5th house for 1st child and 7th house for 2nd child.  Same ways, there are different type of uncles and aunties. If the questions are related to Maternal Uncles, the answer can be derived from 6th house. If it is paternal uncle then answer can be derived from 12th house. Here, 6th house also gives answer related to health and ailment of the person. Similarly, 12th house gives answer to general losses and wastages, for mother one has to check 4th house and for father one has to check 10th house.

Astrology is considered as a tedious and difficult subject because there are lot of dualities appearing in astrology which may create ambiguity. For example, in astrology Moon has a female gender, but at the same time he is the Father of Mercury. Similarly, Venus is connected to beauty, but at the same time person who’s Venus is appearing powerful in horoscope will have to wear spectacles with power.

There are many short mythological story available to understand astrology, these story are required to apply practically which help to have perfect prediction.  One of the stories is given below.

Once upon a time, a king had 27 daughters. One named Rohini was most beautiful amongst all. Moon had affection for Rohini. King decided to arrange the marriage of Moon and Rohini . After marriage, they started living a happy life. Looking to that, the King decided that he should also get other 26 daughters married to Moon. So he called Moon and proposed for that. Moon agreed happily and got married with other 26 daughters. Hence, he became the husband of 27 wives who are sisters. But since he had affection and attraction only for Rohini, he never used to go and meet any other sister. So, all 26 sisters went to their mother with the complaint and finally the queen mother complained about that to the King, who was also the father of those 27 sisters. King called the MOON and explained him about his equal responsibility toward other 26 daughters.  As it was regular nature of Moon, he agreed and apologized for his behavior and negligence. But after coming back to his house, he behaved in same way and never looked to those 26 sisters other than Rohini. So one day, all 26 sisters got together and gave a Curse (commonly known as SHRAPP) to the Moon that he should meet with a nasty death. This incident came to the ear of the Mother Queen. She called all the 26 daughters and compelled them to burn that curse first, as Moon being the Husband for all 27 sisters. The girls revised the curse that he should get alive after he dies. Because of that we see 12 No Moon (Amawasya) days. After that King, the father of 27 daughters called Moon again and strictly explained about that situation and allotted one day in a month for each daughter.

Now, as the practical application of this mythological story is one can predict the nature of a person whose Moon is located powerfully in his horoscope is they are casual, they agree to everything but will follow seriously only after getting serious blow. Also a person who’s Moon is in Rohini at the time of birth looks very charming & beautiful.

Because of all such duality and ambiguity, prediction is most difficult part of astrology. For perfect prediction and correct forecasting, an astrologer should have wide experience of reading horoscopes. It also requires that the astrologer needs to be pious and selfless in nature with regular meditation and religious approach in life. Because the Sanskrit term for an astrologer is Jyotishi which can be break as Ishwariya Jyot. Ishwar means Almighty and Jyot means flame/ light .  The person who can visualize the God’s light is Jyotishi or astrologer.

There are different streams in astrology

  1. Natal Astrology: This refers to the astrology pertaining to particular person or even particular animal. Questions related to the individual.
  2. Medical Astrology: This refers to the health diseases, which may occur with a person’s solutions to the diseases and ailments.
  3. Horary Astrology: This is commonly known as Prashna Jyotish. From this, one can have answer for only one question. This is quite useful when a person does have his accurate date of birth and time of birth.
  4. Mundane Astrology: With help of this it is possible to predict about major events like Earth Quakes, Tsunamis, Cyclones or major massacres. Here, one can predict about corporate, business and allied questions to know which year is good or bad for the corporate.  Also, problems and litigations can be resolved with the help of solutions available.
  5. Muhurat: This is useful when one wants to start new things after identifying better omen. If the work has been started in this time then it will definitely give a great success and the efforts will never go in vain.  Even in business if one starts the work in identified omen (Muhurath) or even when one want to enter in new business deal, should be started in better omen results in prosperity & success.
Many times it has been asked that what the use of knowing future is.

The answer is that Astrology does not only about knowing the future but it also gives solutions to improve the future. If any negative event is predicted than it can be eradicated with the solutions of Mantra pertaining to that planet.

Also, on the guide line of astrologer, a student can select proper line of study, businessmen can select proper business to avoid hassle and losses.  With the help of Medical astrology one can reduce the pain of diseases.

The negative usage of astrology is when it is seen and identified in horoscope that person is likely to be imprisoned then if he gets admitted to hospital, he can avoid defamation of being imprisonment. This has happened many times among the politicians. Such advises are given by astrologers only.

Astrology is widely accepted means of forecasting which helps in smooth and hassle free living.

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They ensured that husband book will help ( kafi had tak but not full) in knowing abt me n my son

Today i got the book
I have read all carefully i m not satisfied even 1% with this book
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Mrs Juneja