Monday, December 17, 2012

Gujarat Elections 2013 Prediction - Predictions for Narendra Modi

Chief Minister Narendra Modi set to be the Chief Minister again

Will the reign of Modi continue?

Mr. Narendra Modi is all set to be the chief minister of Gujarat for the fourth time. Will his wish come true? This can be analyzed through his birth chart. Available information suggests that Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 at 11:00 P.M in Vadnagar, Gujarat.

There are many “Rajyoga” present in the birth chart of Narendra Modi. Some of those “Rajyoga” are Musal Yoga, Kedar Yoga, Ruchak Yoga, Gazkesari Yoga, Varishtha Yoga, Voshi Yoga, Parvat Yoga, Kaahleh yoga, Shankh Yoga, Bheri Yoga, Chandra Mangal Yoga, Neechbhang Rajyoga, Umar Yoga, Kendra Trikon Rajyoga, Akhand Samrajya Yoga etc. The presence of these Yogas is indicating toward Narendra Modi to reach greater heights, indeed.

It is obvious for BJP to get affected, as some of the politicians that were allied to BJP, are now standing against them in elections. The country is looking forward to the elections of legislative assembly right now. Many eminent personalities are taking these elections as the rehearsal of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It is also being said these elections will direct the political direction in the country.

Let’s now study the planetary position for Narendra Modi and know what they have in store for him. Presently, Mr. Narendra Modi is being influenced by the Major period of moon, Antar Dasha of Mars and Pratyantar dasha of Jupiter. Moon in the major period, is also the lord of luck and situated in its own debilitated sign with the lord of ascendant Mars. Moon is the significator of fourth house, Mars is aspecting the fourth house and Jupiter is posited in the fourth house. As the fourth house is of public, these planetary positions indicate that there is something due to which public is dissatisfied from Modi to some extent. Fourth house is also considered as the house of emotions. Therefore, it can be said that Modi is facing annoyance of some seniors in the party.

In present there is also an influence of Sade Sati, which means that Modi might have to struggle in the southern and western regions of Gujarat. Moon and Mars, instead of affecting the fourth house badly, are the fortunate planets for Modi. Mars is the lord of ascendant and Moon is the lord of ninth house (Luck house). That is why these are the planets of luck for Modi. In spite of being amidst many unfavorable situations, Modi will surely be able to obtain the love from people that may help him in becoming the Chief Minister once again. If the birth details of the Narendra Modi are absolutely correct, he might be successful to attain around 128 seats.

It seems that the Antar Dasha of Mars in birth chart of Modi is indicating toward the continuous rule of Modi. The strong planetary positions are indicating toward the uninterrupted rule of Modi.

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