Saturday, October 20, 2012

Announcing New

You made us no. 1 Indian astrology portal and we thank from our heart for it. We always appreciate your love and support and that is the reason we try to respond to your requests best of our capacity. Acting on your suggestions, we had made many changes to AstroSage which we hope that you will love them.

Among all the requests, the most popular one was the difficulty in locating something on AstroSage. AstroSage is a large website with lots of tools, utilities, software, articles and features. And hence locating something is always very difficult. We listened and keeping need of simplicity in mind, we have reorganized, restructured and redesigned AstroSage.

With this change, you will be surprised to see richness of You may wonder that you were using this website for years but were not aware of many features. Now all major features are part of top menu and sub-menu -

We have also introduced a search box on the top-right which was not visible earlier. With this search box you can search both of our websites and together.

Earlier, most of the new articles and features used to lost under the heap. So, we have also introduced a section on latest articles that will keep you informed about upcoming features and articles on -

This is not all, we reorganized, reshuffled, restructured and categorized all important items so that you can know what is available and locate them quickly. I hope you will like it and continue to show your support.

Check out and let us know your feedback.

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